Man recounts finding boy trapped in rubble of Florida building collapse

Nicholas Balboa, an eyewitness who was walking his dog as the Surfside, Florida, building collapsed, describes getting first responders to a young boy calling out from the rubble.
6:27 | 06/25/21

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Transcript for Man recounts finding boy trapped in rubble of Florida building collapse
That collapse in surf sighting in Miami that Condo collapse we're joined now by Nicholas salvo an eyewitness who was walking his dog early this morning as the building collapsing. How to get first responders to that young boy who's calling out from the rubble. Thank you first of all so much for joining us tonight I imagine in this who was. Difficult to witness that sounds like an understatement but just explain for us what you saw an. And courtesies buildings came down this morning and and how he came to find this boy trapped in the rubble. And that you grammar of the get this morning I was just so what my dog. I I heard what sounded kind of like thunder. And I felt like you know gust of wind storm did all beer that was displaced as the debris fell. You know what kind of gave it away that something wasn't quite right this went bad. You know and even louder you know. Blunder and speed of vibration in the ground delicious it was so strong but just something wasn't right so I brought my dog back upstairs on. Proceeded to come back Aaron that the street and people were already you know coming out of the the other institute and live to see what was going on. I'm so I made my way over to the front side of the building. You know two kind of try and see what was cool boss Bob. How did the back and the backside of the building was just pitch black super dark couldn't she leaking from discrete. But fire and police state sort of you know making McCormack are moving everyone back. So it just kind of take it upon myself to move around one of the north chayet. You know apartment buildings. Nine kind of walk along the beach to see a conflict get a better view of of the building. There were no fire. You know police officers on the back behind the building there which shall people got back there I'll. So I decided to cut a walk up arms along the DOD alleyway between capitol hotel building collapsed and it was super quiet like eerie almost something like Avant like a horror movie. Just side. Don't understand what I call safety emergency vehicles out to be so quiet but I. As I kind of approach the building I can hear someone yelling opted to making noise so I. Proceeded to to get closer investigating Mike you finally make out. You don't deportation and data kind of like a little boys so I do debt. You know myself to 100 other individual who were looking mom you know we just we need to be yet China and pop. So we proceeded to try and make are awaiting Amnon. Who have now that we were there and that we were gonna try to get amount but we would leave them. And we're seeing the video right now above that young boy being rescued what was your reaction when you saw him. A safely getting out from this disaster. I mean it's Kirk did get. But when that video. Was shot is actually was quite a bit of time that had past speech or you know since I had gotten tripped up. You know I got to him and I was able to just signaled a police officer to Kabul for she's dead radio fire to come over. I'm they created a perimeter. So I wasn't actually able to see him get all extracted. But you know having not received the video will lead to Die Welt speier got him out you know look like he got out unscathed then you know I. Extremely happy that he he's okay but you know while I was there with don't you should that is mother would be a good swell. And it's been I had no that they haven't found her yet and my. Sorry my prayers go out to him and I hope that is attractive Jason. And we all have that same hope certainly and as those days gone on we've heard that many people are still unaccounted for. How are people in the community reacting right now as a search and rescue operation continues into the night. I mean at first especially you know people were just horrified and and I can honestly say that. I I think a lot of people were just hold these buildings are designed to stand up to her came. All kinds of at first Webber. Not at random you know in the middle of the night just collapse I mean we expect these buildings bid to keep people safe during during storms. And now I think you know. People are really gonna start thinking about you know spare their homes now are safer they say should be true peace willful act TDs good solid concrete. You know our ability weakening in certain areas where there's structural integrity issues that we need to start brushing. You know I worry for my dad now you know if you keep what's going to be opened just like it. You know it's people the vicious collapses you know what happened. And you'd be described earlier when Nicholas gave you that it was eerily quiet writing you can just hear it the and the little boy's voice. Anything else that you heard beyond then could you see your. Other sheep for it was just that that quiet. You know I I don't. Inaction several times today and I wish I wish that I could should get a good other people but I happen I urge. You know debris fall and you know what stuff that's but what happened impossibly you know that could have done no more survivors. But I couldn't I couldn't hear anyone but I can save I can make out that I was a person other than a little boy and especially given his his position. You know relative to me on the building in everything have a safety is probably up on one of the higher floors. Being Matt you know where rescue cocky and it is more. You towards the surface of the debris and rather being very very keep. How certain where you for your own safety as you were so close and that that last year. Remaining towering that we see they're still standing that was there concern that that could fall at any moment as well. I mean I go I guess I I understood you know that these structural integrity of the building was compromised but I didn't really think about stopped at that time. I just get that I had to get them. And that is certainly admirable. Nicklas salvo an eyewitness on the scene there this morning we're glad that you are safe we thank you so much for your time and sharing what you observed firsthand with us. Thank you I think.

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{"duration":"6:27","description":"Nicholas Balboa, an eyewitness who was walking his dog as the Surfside, Florida, building collapsed, describes getting first responders to a young boy calling out from the rubble.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78478663","title":"Man recounts finding boy trapped in rubble of Florida building collapse","url":"/US/video/man-recounts-finding-boy-trapped-rubble-florida-building-78478663"}