Manhunt for Tennessee double murder suspect intensifies

Tennessee community is on edge as search continues for suspected murderer Kirby Wallace.
2:12 | 10/04/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Manhunt for Tennessee double murder suspect intensifies
One at a Tennessee right now where there is a manhunt underway it has been ten days since the first murder and there's been more violent sense. Police off the had a bead on this guy and all of a sudden it. We are still looking form right now. Police have been briefing and are looking to brief reporters in Tennessee's orange and ABC's Steve o.'s and Sami he's in Clarksville Tennessee. And police seized thought that they they might have a sense of of where the suspect was but. What's going on right now. Brad police here northwest up to ask bill are still looking for 53 year old Kirby Wallace. At one point yesterday it looked like they had closed in on him they had. Move to an area with in their larger search area. And were searching a wooded area were told they'd. Impose state flight restriction. Over the area they weren't letting helicopters. Take pictures and it looked like they were closing in on this accused murderer. They canceled all press conferences but then he's quiet and it looked like this may have been a false alarm. This accused murderer is tied to. An incident that happened over a week ago where a woman was killed in her home her husband was also wounded and then the home was burned down. A little while later this same suspect police say. Tried to carjacker actually carjacked a woman stole her car she was coming home from church and then finally on Monday police say that this same suspect. Killed a man in his driveway stole the man's car and then drove it into some trees as he was running away. From police police have been desperate to find this man. Ever since saying that he is extremely dangerous. They've warned residents there are even escorting residents to their homes there are roadblocks where police are still look gate. And every single car looking and every single truck. Police tell us they have helicopters in the air planes in the air day and night they even looked through caves. Trying to find this man. He knows this area very well in they believe that he is still in the area but they have not found him as of yet. And are still looking. Brad all right Steve thank you very much from Tennessee.

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{"duration":"2:12","description":"Tennessee community is on edge as search continues for suspected murderer Kirby Wallace.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58290085","title":"Manhunt for Tennessee double murder suspect intensifies","url":"/US/video/manhunt-tennessee-double-murder-suspect-intensifies-58290085"}