Massive security measures underway for Super Bowl

Spectators can expect massive security measures for the big game in Minneapolis.
1:34 | 01/31/18

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Transcript for Massive security measures underway for Super Bowl
Obviously due to its size its scope. Is it can be attractive target we don't have any credible or specific threat in town but we will continue to actively monitor channels with her international partners. And being close and Constant Contact with all of the fix he seat behind me. From a federal perspective we have about 17100%. Federal officials that we brought to bear T support our state and local partners. About 700 those are from DH us. We have done a rating from help prepare on the front and will be here during the events and certainly in the unlikely event that something occurs will be here to support. The statement grocery here on the ground so over the past eighteen months DHS has really been involved actually for pretty much two years that the past eighteen months we've conducted over 200 different security assessments. At the critical infrastructure in the surrounding area. We've provided council recommendations on protective measures resulting from this assessments. And we posted about 52 training. In the area and topics ranging from active shooter. Three to cyber bombing any sort of hazard or bent that could Kirk. And in addition to that DHS is also guarding our economic security. See you'll see agents out looking for counterfeit tickets counterfeit merchandise and making sure that our economic interests are secure as well. Last year Len these efforts resulted in the seizure ever for 260000. Counterfeits are related items worth an estimated twenty million dollars that this is also a real threat that we face on days sections. Super ball.

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{"duration":"1:34","description":"Spectators can expect massive security measures for the big game in Minneapolis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"52751189","title":"Massive security measures underway for Super Bowl","url":"/US/video/massive-security-measures-underway-super-bowl-52751189"}