Matt Lauer apologizes in statement

"The View" co-hosts discuss Lauer's statement.
4:02 | 11/30/17

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Transcript for Matt Lauer apologizes in statement
As graphic new sexual misconduct allegations emerge against Matt Lauer he released a statement saying that there are no words to express his sorrow and regret for the pain he's caused others. He knows some of what is being said is untrue or mischaracterized. There's enough truth to make him feel embarrassed or ashamed. So people are saying that's a good apology. He's basically saying some of it happened. That's good enough to indict you. I think he's owning up to it. If you noticed the news cycle every time you refreshed your phone there was a new article coming out. I'm seeing the reason why he might have said some of this is untrue or us interpreted. There are some things -- for example the button they talked about on the desk executives and high level people have that all over his building. Explain -- What the butd ton is it's like when you're in a meeting even tech managers have this. You need it to become a closed door meeting you push a button that closes the door. It doesn't lock it, right? I'm not for sure. The way it was tapped in this article was this button was built for Matt and all this stuff. Every executive had it. It kept you from yelling to a door come in. The allegation is if -- If a door was shut behind me it would make me uncomfortable. In the senator they don't have that. The only button my father has is a button to call the police if something happens. They should maybe reaye ses that as well. They had it at CNN. If you ever met with executives they had to be closed door. A lot of meetings you had were confidential, high level or hr. Maybe they should get rid of that and have a nurse. A nurse? Like the doctor does. These were glass windows too. They're not dark rooms you're shut off. I've seen it in other buildings where that was couched as something disgusting. Everyone has that. They're piling on a detail that you know to be exactly what they're say. I think it's important he did come forward and apologize and say I'm ashamed and at least acknowledging some of this happened. Yeah. A significant amount so much that he was fired by his place of employment. He had been there for 20 years. My question is how do we go forward. 98% of companies have sexual harassment policies. 70% of companies have sexual harassment training. That clearly isn't enough. Get rid of the ndas. The nondisclosure we talked about, that's a big problem. Give accountability. There has to be a zero tolerance policy. Whoopi and I talked about having due process. I saw a big change in schools when there was zero tolerance for bullying. Parents took it more seriously. Teachers took it more seriously. I think it helped a lot. Why can't we do something like that. Because listen -- what needed to happen happened. It's a dangerous thing to do to women. It is now -- that's what you have to make it. You have to make it something that can cost you your lively hood. The accountability. Yeah. In order I think for women to feel like they're being heard, there has to be something that makes somebody pay attention. We haven't had that before. So now there is this thing where, you know, people are going to err on the woman's side now.

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{"id":51490074,"title":"Matt Lauer apologizes in statement","duration":"4:02","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Lauer's statement.","url":"/US/video/matt-lauer-apologizes-statement-51490074","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}