Look into new migrant detention centers in El Paso, TX

New detention center for migrant children believed to be able to accommodate more than 2,400 minors.
3:32 | 10/12/18

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Transcript for Look into new migrant detention centers in El Paso, TX
And I want to head over to the border it has been awhile since the government started separating families. At the border have been allowed since they stop doing that question now is how do those border dent detention facilities look. Right now while our own Mac gunman is actually taking a tour of one of those facilities and El Paso, Texas and Matt what are you expecting to see today. I don't know and one of the things it has also been a wiles. But and that ABC news in other news outlets have been allowed in here we haven't been in one of these detention centers since July. And sue now months later we expected to be much much larger I think just above my head. I can see a concert here wire this wall right here and just beyond that there are tensions this thing here. Growing exponentially over the past several months at first it had. Capacity for about 400 children these are migrant children some of them are unattended miners some of them we. Think might have been separated from Ericsson and back peddling towards it. Oh. Texas at the United States. We have our cameraman. Jim was walking with a camera here. And so we believe from aerial photographs and satellite images that this place has grown. Accommodate over 2400 children we don't know how many kids are actually inside. Because nobody has told us we're not getting this information. And we hope to get that today when we go in there are able to actually. Look at the children try to talk to them ourselves but again no cameras inside that she is what Customs and Border Protection. In Britain is angled it can get it have a better look at this. It's just beyond that sculpture in. It's just for those callers are but again. He it's as if that this is a maximum security prison no cameras no votes nothing electronic games we have been posted. I'm getting the most basic kind of information about the condition of these kids. And at some point after we do this tour. There will be a video release not of our tour today but some video of the conditions inside that camp. And hopefully we'll get some details about the population here. Jim take a walk around. What else is they're sit out one I don't know if you can see you. There's at large white van. On this sort of pitch that is a videotape that is brand new we have good news the past couple months and what lesson before back. Where we are this. Border crossing has been here for over a century there is a bridge right behind me that was built in 1938. There is nothing. Else around here this is west Texas its stance it is. Marion and scrub brush as far as the eye can see for probably 5060 miles in that direction for a thirty miles outside of El Paso. Closer Albuquerque closer to Los Angeles and we are to Houston this is no where's bill taxes and they are all these boys and girls. In that encampment right behind us and don't know when they'll get out who don't know where they'll go and we don't know how long they've been in here and what their future holds. Well Matt we look forward to hearing at least from you what you get to see when you finally go inside this afternoon. Looking forward to that and hopefully getting some more information on what's going on all around it Matt -- their fell paso Texas thanks Matt.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"New detention center for migrant children believed to be able to accommodate more than 2,400 minors.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58463670","title":"Look into new migrant detention centers in El Paso, TX","url":"/US/video/migrant-detention-centers-el-paso-tx-58463670"}