Millennials who won: Connecticut's youngest state senator

Will Haskell, a 22-year-old Democrat, shares what a day in the life of a state lawmaker is like.
7:22 | 05/24/19

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Transcript for Millennials who won: Connecticut's youngest state senator
Wanna turn out to a new series that we're launching here on ABC news the live. We've been talking a lot about young voters who got out in record numbers in 2018. But what about new young candidates. Millennial who ran out actually win broad written talk to someone who's 22 pregnant counts in the millennium let's like xanax just super young. Young men and women who are are so fed up or inspired by this moment in time that they want to get involved in government. Let's take a lesson CEO this new piece that we have about a Connecticut's state senator whose only 22 years old. Ever and this is will Haskell I have the honor represented 26 district and Connecticut State Senate that includes Westport Connecticut my hometown. As well as six other towns I'm starting today just can't start every day which they've really flawed and drive. I love represented in this community in Fairfield County but it's a long way from Hartford's I got a bad. An hour and a half drive to the State Capitol where ominous start my day with a peace committee meetings. Started my day here the capital was early morning gains the pirates made easy. And we're refer to themselves had to do is making sure she backs. We consider that those folks that don't very quickly got ahead of its decision means for governess. Good right now is heading from the legislative office building where. My affidavit where opportunities me they have a lot of it's that over to the actual capital it's a beautiful Celtics he's heading his excuse. If the bulls center the full house. In essence it's we're real estate investments editor we sit tight districts and not minority. BC news. Senator point seven. Cool and pretty old fashioned feel about some of boxer here. Once the season. So is it really. Jimerson nobody else updates here lottery games. Quieter planes. Great now my very first film was happy. You bring out intelligence on your calling don't like. It's raining right thing avenue South Dakota never done this before they start it was named easy and really we're. SB 750. Anything. We as public policy makers too often overlook need mental health crisis that exists among young team. We know that 75% of chronic mental illness developed by the age of 24. Really fast. Graham and very good. Generate news after he freshman depict her life decided to run for office. Headed today pen and paper on the news when they're it's been a mountain lake. June beating case. The people who are really serious posting them. So we're joined now by well Haskell in Connecticut. Well why did you decide to Ryan. So which are after me I. I. Hired an office here is speech you see if you are disappointed in your it's a clip for it. Get signatures and run for office yourself so I took botnets are excited. And what's it like so far I mean do you get strange looks in the hall. It's definitely been a whirlwind I'm. I'm certainly EPA's. Or its merit obsolete but outside it's already been an act on the few months it's our first term. You know the thing is I dog 4000 dollars a 142. It's adding to act. Note not only to exit my community some great ideas. They app that turns out the group to etiquette how it's a clip art and turn to reality so. Learning a lot. And religious bridge project represent. Out. You know well one thing this is John one thing that struck me watching your video and everything is. You're shooting your own self he is right now looks like you're shooting your own interview this really reminds me of like Alexander real cost Joseph Cortez. You know into any of the younger members that are on Capitol Hill have any of them had any sort of influence on how you use social media and how you interact with your constituents. You know I predict Mike or older and there are some of that and that's. But one thing I can't bring into our orchestra and its knowledge of iris the next generation or not it's great. They keep the district that that's who you reach strictly. Some are older constituents and had ordered you. Actually. Contact. Your daughters who are going to be impacted our mid more than anybody else we've got to be where you are where they are and that's. So Apple's answer every city atlas Twitter is. People picture. To what it's actually like to state legislature passed her idea is Casper beat all the time it's really. Scott useful tool. Will Alex found hair I'm just wondering. You're new to politics of what is your advice the best piece of advice do you have to do you know other young people who are interested. In getting involved in politics but C it is too daunting a task see the idea of having to fund raise and they're kind of discouraged by getting in. It's pretty public finance any Connecticut unlucky. And they. Public finance I don't expect to be projects and I ask people for money at a house. Whole lipstick I can't I answer are to get money politics aren't going to be able to afford it's I feel urgent and Eric's aids. One thing I figured out and it took me thousand dollars or actually. This year's isn't set not a liability just because you don't have. Twenty years of government experience doesn't you don't bring it 88 valuable perspective. People who were right now are art sadly at schools. We know what it's like to hear allowed all. And we're wondering where we were hiding in the event at schools the are jittery and any other saddle I student and just triggered it appropriate that their highest debt. In the country so we are very unique perspective and I think. It's important to have that voice to so young people and dignity to the table we. Us well Haskell they youngest state senator in Connecticut thank you so much for joining us appreciate it.

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{"duration":"7:22","description":"Will Haskell, a 22-year-old Democrat, shares what a day in the life of a state lawmaker is like. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63263806","title":"Millennials who won: Connecticut's youngest state senator","url":"/US/video/millennials-won-connecticuts-youngest-state-senator-63263806"}