Missing California sisters found safe

Two young sisters who wandered away from their Northern California home survived 44 hours in the forest.
2:13 | 03/04/19

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Transcript for Missing California sisters found safe
Staying in California we want to check in with will car. Who's bottoming this. Amazing. Story of these two little girls these two sisters who had been missing for two days in the woods but they were found alive and well. One check in with well. Good morning Stephanie this really is an amazing story of survival people here are still trying to wrap their minds around how these two little growth. Could actually survive out in the woods for 44 hours this entire areas surrounded by. Roth on forgiving terrain. Caroline and her sister Aaliyah terrico both. Eight in five years old banished from their home here in bimbo which is a pretty. Rugged area on Friday. They've asked their mom if they could go for a walk in the woods. She said in a couple minutes like a lot of parents do because they're bit the and instead of waiting for their mom they simply walked out together and then got lost Al into the wallet. Now the sheriff says they relied on outdoor survival training that they had from the four H program they ended up. With being water droplets off waves they didn't have any food once they realized. That they were lost that you stayed in one area the sheriff says that could have really helped them survive over the 44 hours that they were lost than those. Vince would. In this area more than 200 people ended up searching for the girl's combing through the forest they had twelve K nine teams and eight Blackhawk. Helicopter. Ultimately to volunteer firefighters actually were able to attract the girl the boot prints and they found them. On Sunday the girls were de hydrated but other than that they were incredibly happy to be founded in. They had an emotional reunion with their parents they are also. Rushed to the hospital where there's a picture of the two girls on one bad there and the hospital their cheeks are red. And their parents. Or it waited that this is the outcome to this story there's also a lot of credit being given. The two men who helped spot now. An amazing ending to that story can imagine what a terrifying time that was for those parents as they waited. To see if they're little girls we're OK thank you very much full Carl.

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"Two young sisters who wandered away from their Northern California home survived 44 hours in the forest. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61459903","title":"Missing California sisters found safe","url":"/US/video/missing-california-sisters-found-safe-61459903"}