Missing Ohio boy found dead in chimney: Police

Harley Dilly, 14, had been missing since Dec. 20.
3:30 | 01/14/20

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Transcript for Missing Ohio boy found dead in chimney: Police
This is not the outcome anyone. Wanted. But thanks to your help and support. We have some closure for the family. We believe Harley dilly was recovered last evening. And a house located at 507. Fulton street. During the investigation. Multiple leads were exhaust. Yesterday afternoon. He repeated campus of the neighborhood. Led investigators to the file the house at 507 full street. The house had previously been checked multiple times. There was no evidence of forced entry. The house's windows were locked. In the doors were secured. In a lockbox on the rear door. So it's a lock box can allow multiple individuals to access a house. In the house was vacant. We pursued entry into the house. The house was entered at 1610 hours. In search. Harley's Coke. Glasses. Were discovered on the second floor of the house. Next to a brick chimney. We were then able to discover what we believe to be Harley. Who was caught the chimney. This family was notified early this morning. In this appears to be an accident. If this time there does not appear to be far any foul play expected. No cause of death has been determined. An autopsy is being conducted this morning by Lucas county coroner's office. It appears at Harley climbed to an antenna tower. To the roof. And entered the chimney. What's in the chimney Harley's jacket. And glasses. Were pushed from the chimney. Through it flew it into the second floor of the house. The chimney was blocked between the second and first floor which tramp Charlie. The chimney is approximately nine inches by thirteen interest. Incites. This is a tragic outcome to the case. In a tough loss to the community. I want to stress. That the investigators in this case were many. In the investigation was thorough. You talk about people coming together in a time of need. That's exactly what we saw throughout the community and beyond. I now ask. For the same compassion. And support. As of fame we forget friends begin degree. I will take questions. However. Please note this this is a pending investigation. As an autopsy is occurring this morning in Lucas county I promised myself not to break down today. As you can tell everybody behind me. We have state local county and for older federal agencies for the last three weeks involved in this investigation. It's not the outcome we want it. The Finley as closure. On. That's optimistic and summit office.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"Harley Dilly, 14, had been missing since Dec. 20.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"68273403","title":"Missing Ohio boy found dead in chimney: Police","url":"/US/video/missing-ohio-boy-found-dead-chimney-police-68273403"}