1-on-1 with Mo Vaughn and Frank Thomas

Mo Vaughn and Frank Thomas talk MVP Collections -- stylish big and tall clothing.
5:14 | 06/13/19

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Transcript for 1-on-1 with Mo Vaughn and Frank Thomas
What's everyone's homers this year for UBC news and we are paying Alan baseball greats for its allies and mobile I'm. They do so what you're doing it's that there was a human that's you know we're I'm so excited happiness today and it's. All kind of coming off what he has been doing off the baseball pitch. You're taking your talents from the baseball field to the streets and wit that your talent for. Fashion these days and US launching this new one car and the key questions. What's all about he'd tell us about it several. The owner we're readers and. Civilians over. Pretty tall guys costs. Bringing public until pulse. Well organized is threatened because disposable fashion. An old fire we reviewed the work was constantly stopped. And we really need to do that is. Funerals for the excuse you I was it was who. Triple. Who's. So of course Serbs who. We want to bring. A decent price point to that was we're faxes. We've gone. You don't just read all wheel drive is so crucial should we be sure all. Cost who wanted. All. Or most first philosophers musical route to a lot of things. And we came back through. Style fashion if it wants what is important. So that's the book club gold colored picture this is what is coming to the usual mold you know old. Problems what everybody else on immutable. Or period won't change. No. My coma on your own. I EU and interleukin lives. Decked out. Your question. What it's supposed to be so our. For me personally gave them over. College. All of the law. Some of all of it repeatedly. The recent let us work as far as what its repurchase rate faster rate personality. We hope we'll have. Paul. All thing for of Famer. All subject you know polls duties. Announced Genesis witness who just a great writer and a friend. He threw him so we're actually. For me is all that style. You know as the Bruins center for a long time until it does it seems that the vast business of route 2007 to go into the big insults or. And Dixon a story and song already moving we don't Malone got to witness this Mo call low value is me. So to solicit quotes we got together but we're of these less than yours and and partners. I was excited because I love bash. A mullah fashion. And give it gas supply and demand is terrible. Are you going to movies also are always happens could be better teachers who shootings issues. He's he's changed yet and she's getting totally and there's a bit bigger and sexy. Don't go. Jason Vega who lives ridiculous questions you're definitely Brittany fashion through these guys. How easy compliment. It has. You clearly out. Both. Percent to style how you adoptees. And bring new ideas you. Rushmore. Some wild and crazy convict Paris the walking billboard. I love about officers it is great conversations are treasured wow you know let's start conversation is always about to close. It's over we have always been a billboard on what was stated that hopefully I was thrown out of sight out of parts of the press yes you have to. And I love that I somehow best. A lot of these out of hasn't noticed that the south where. Indeed he's different land you know policies and ups that you guys are ducking and possibly. How does pitch count on its website. It's. These animals all fathers very. You. Who better than MVP. Live my the bases. Like long true friends those increases. So. Who better you know most specific. Website dedicated filed. I was. Well who. Voters are and know. That will force. You know that you some poker and it's upside break up. As I pleasure thank you very hey we got you yeah. It is all you can assure you. These guys and that's the two got better.

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{"duration":"5:14","description":"Mo Vaughn and Frank Thomas talk MVP Collections -- stylish big and tall clothing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63678261","title":"1-on-1 with Mo Vaughn and Frank Thomas","url":"/US/video/mo-vaughn-frank-thomas-63678261"}