Moment of Silence for Boston Marathon Bombing Victims

Ceremony held exactly one week after the moment of the attack.
6:10 | 04/22/13

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Transcript for Moment of Silence for Boston Marathon Bombing Victims
This is NB BC news special. Now reported. George different. Good afternoon were coming on the air now because the people of Boston are about to observe a moment of silence. For the victims of last Monday's marathon bombings. There's exactly one week ago at 2:15 PM eastern time the two bombs eleven seconds apart exploded near the finish line creating chaos and death. Three were killed more than 200 injured with 48 still recovering in the hospital two in critical condition. Today one suspect in Delhi attack is dead his brother nineteen -- jars and I -- -- in Beth Israel hospital. He was charged there this afternoon and ABC's Chief Justice correspondent is one that Pierre Thomas. -- -- will be tried in civilian court and could face the death penalty. -- -- he's been charged with one count of using a weapon of mass destruction and also destroying property with a bomb as you said the weapon of mass destruction charge. Involves the death penalty if convicted. There were also being toward told George that he is cooperating or -- core operating to some degree not able to speak. But passing information. Two. Special interrogation team which has been asking him questions law enforcement -- will not say. How cooperative he's been -- if if any of the information he's given has checked out. Okay PS thanks commercials during an ABC chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross brown when I was speaking live Boston mayor Menino yesterday he said he was pretty sure. These young men acted alone anything more on that. As of yet there's no indication that they -- -- anybody else. They are certain given the amount of the devices they found that -- that religion that they didn't plan more attacks. But so far no evidence of others -- -- them -- feeling confident that there is no current threat as of this time and what about these other attacks. The other attacks unknown whether -- go over the head of the bombs including one more of those pressured her -- bombs apparently ready to go. And the believe what they plan to attack somewhere else where is not enough. -- go back to Pierre Thomas for a moment as well appear we know that the prosecutors in that officials were using the so called public safety exception. Questioning to -- without reading him his Miranda rights that's still hold. Well now that he's been charged he does have a right to it an attorney. Is what I've been told we're trying to get additional details about that again. This is such a unique situation we want to be precisely what we -- And we have no real idea as -- so we know is communicating. Even though we can't talk we have no solid idea on exactly what he's been telling them. That is the million -- secret everyone is keeping they say these in his supersede says that it what he's been saying. And -- -- to give more details in a statement put out. The attorney general and senior law enforcement official said they're trying to exploit the intelligence. But they will not comment right now on exactly what the suspect is -- and finally -- we also know that his older brother's wife. Has been question -- well do they believe that she had any knowledge of this. So for -- no indication that. She had knowledge and as Brian noted our our information right now is that they believe at -- that this was contained of these two individuals. But. It's early in the investigation and -- leads are being checked out. OK Peter thanks very much is now coming up on 2:50 eastern time that was the moment as we said that one week ago the two. Explosions went off eleven seconds apart what you see right there. Is Boston Mayor Tom Menino mayor for more than twenty years that city. He led the city through this crisis facing threats was off. Good. And a and -- From the state of Massachusetts. Peter Tom you know there are observing a moment of silence for the victims of the Boston -- -- three killed. In the bombings a police officer killed in a firefight. On Thursday night there was also observed privately that President Obama at the White House and on the floor of the senate -- moment of silence as well. We'll have a full report tonight on -- -- world news info listening -- -- -- For -- ABC news I'm George Stephanopoulos in new York and the good.

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{"id":19016900,"title":"Moment of Silence for Boston Marathon Bombing Victims","duration":"6:10","description":"Ceremony held exactly one week after the moment of the attack.","url":"/US/video/moment-silence-boston-marathon-bombing-victims-19016900","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}