It's Morning, America: Friday, Feb. 15, 2019

Trump to announce national emergency to build border wall, the latest on Jussie Smollett and more.
22:08 | 02/15/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Friday, Feb. 15, 2019
Good morning I'm GO Benito. I'm kidding aren't here the top vikings knew this Friday number one president trump is expected to declare a national emergency today. After congress paso border security bill to avoid government chopped out. The president plans to spend eight billion dollars on the border wall by pulling funds from the Pentagon and Treasury Department. Number two right now Chicago police have questioned two persons of interest. In the alleged attack against actor Jesse smallest their lawyer says they're innocent and says both men work what style wet. Investigators are now looking into whether the attack quote. Happened at all. On to number three now forecasters warn of more flash flooding and mudslides are likely today and the West Coast after the season's most destructive storm yet flooding is widespread roads are impassable and people have been forced from their homes. Outside San Francisco a month slide tore home from its foundation and sent it barreling downhill bearing the homeowner. To the temporary. You spoke to lady who was in that house she was in there was you yeah she's just very flustered and I don't think she knows don't know what. Things down for two hours finally pulling her to safety she is expected to be okay. Mudslides and surging floodwaters are also swamping Southern California. Russian water for up for road in the mountains east of Los Angeles leaving a massive hole and cutting off nearby neighborhoods number four now FaceBook is reportedly facing a record fine from the government for privacy violations according to Washington Post the company is negotiating with the Federal Trade Commission. And a fine could total several billion dollars to find cents from Facebook's recent user privacy lapses. And I finally number five in New York Knicks ended their eighteen game losing streak in Atlanta last night against. Cox but these two hawks fans still have fun take a look that former president Jimmy Carter 94 years old. Valentine's Day smooch from his wife Rosalyn. On the kiss camp and we've got much more to talk about coming your way it is. Friday morning America. So which borders yet. They have been married for over. And they have liver problems boots forever and they don't like each other as they love each other and there and I love that they're constantly go and though it on to these are cast and that's. And oh and their loved. Is gritty yet it is it is very seriously of course you're out there right now they don't. There aren't there I think better and the kids get a number of times I mean obviously they issue that wishes. So precious and beloved hot at any notably in 1947 is yes Ares I had my long yet. Impressed. Liberals linens and a woman. Well they started this morning the president about to declare national emerging. NC over border security yell overnight ABC news learned the president's plans. To spend as much as eight billion dollars on a border wall Democrats and many Republicans they're now speaking out against his decision. Which they claim will set a dangerous precedent ABC's verticals are he joins us from Washington and motive break downforce exactly. Why they're concerned that this could set a dangerous president obviously fur president's moving forward. Exactly genetic I think what's important to note is that this executive action he's taking is a seldom used authority. Angela Democrats are fearing right now and even some Republicans that have come out against. The president's decision to declare a national emergency is that they don't want a president may be president trump or any president to come after him. To declare a national emergency or take executive action every time he doesn't get his way. Two overstepped congress another thing is that Democrats do not believe what's happening at the southern border is a dictate considered a national. Emergency and it's important to note also that president trump has waited nearly two months to take action. On what's going on you gonna declare a national emergency back in December when he initially didn't get a five point seven billion for the border while so Nancy Pelosi here are now saying warning that the tables could one day turn. That the president can declare an emergency on something that he has created as an emergency. It and it is it an illusion that he wants second day. Just think of what a president. With different values can present to the American people in my talk and then national emergency let's talk about today the one year anniversary. Of another manifestation. Of the epidemic of gun violence in America. That's a national emergency when you declare that emergency mister president I wish she would. And what's important to note an on to mention dealing today is that. Marco Rubio has sad that something similar to a Nancy Pelosi said so both sides are kind of urging. That president to be cautious about declaring this national emergency absolutely urging him to he cautioned yeah and noted this declaration. It's not without obstacles here I mean he has a tough road. I'll definitely Democrats are. Are ready to jump on this and it challenged. The president's declaration. Now I cannot a breakdown also why he decided to go this route because he requested a five point seven. Billion dollars and Bob Democrats said not a dollar for that on will go towards his wall but they did agree a border barriers so Republicans urged him to take it as a down payment. While he's gonna do that he's gonna take the nearly one point four billion that's going to be in the budget bill. To go towards his border wall and then he's gonna take about 600 million from the Treasury Department. He's gonna take another 2.5 billion from a pentagon programs and then another 3.5. Billion up from Penn that Pentagon's military. Construction budget and all that together included. Adds up to about eight billion dollars that he's getting used to start construction and finish the border while hopeful it. And learn a lot more to watch in this border battle thank you so much go to from Washington now from. And now we turn to the breaking news overnight about the alleged attack. On actor Jesse smaller Chicago police have interviewed two persons of interest. Officials say they're investigating whether those two people played any role in the attack or whether the attack happened at all. This morning new questions about the alleged assault on empire star just east mullet. The actor claimed he was walking back to Chicago apartment two weeks ago when two men assaulted him. Yelling racial and homophobic slurs and putting a noose around his neck. I was crossing. The interception I heard empire. It empire than a me me empire. And I didn't Hanson and kept walking and tired. And pie. Outside turned around and that's it and say to me and I see. He attack her. Masked. And he said this maggot country and punches me right in the face. Smell it has insisted he's telling the truth. How can you doubt that I how do you how do you not believe that it's truth. Investigators have identified two people of interest seen and this surveillance video their attorney says both men work with small let. Police say what appeared on the show and higher and they're now investigating. Whether the two individuals committed the attack. Or whether the attack happened at all ABC's Alex for as is in Chicago where the men are being questioned. Investigators were able to track them down using a camera as transportation records and information provided by just seemed small it himself. Now authorities say they've known about them for some time but we're not able to talk to them. Until they returned from Nigeria and smile at. Discuss a surveillance video with Robin Roberts have you seen that image to men. Do you believe that they could possibly be the attackers and do what is that about their. Decides who what why do you feel that they possibly pay 'cause I was there. For me when that was released I was like okay we're getting some where I don't have any. Doubt in my mind. That. That's very. Never did. The Chicago police are stressing that any media speculation claiming the incident was a hoax remains unconfirmed. And the producers and higher are disputing reports that flawless character is being written off this show. Calling those claims patently ridiculous and thanks while it remains a quote. Core player on the shell. And as for those who people of interest police circle issues in electronic devices from their homes no charges. Have been filed. Obviously so many things coming out after. Jesse smell it did that interview with Robin Roberts so a lot still happening will be following that one. Yeah a lot of questions and and hopefully we'll get some answers pretty soon. Here are some of the other headlines we're following right now nine people have been arrested. In a major hazing case at Louisiana State University. Members of delta kappa Epsilon party charged with acts that sound more like torture they include forcing pledges to lie on broken glass. And kicking them with steel toed boots this comes less than a year after Louisiana passed anti hazing laws. You would think that people would have heeded that warning that the bad things can happen when you folks for Hayes. But it apparently is released by the allegations are so we're going in. Quite dangerous. The new laws went into effect after the hazing related death of a freshman at LSU who died after drinking virtual. Science is a winning the battle against the flu the CDC says a better vaccine has made the flu season this flu season milder. The shots effectiveness is just under 15%. This year. Which is up from about 30% last year. It was such a thing last year it's absolutely not clear how reassuring it is though that it's under 50%. Yeah and it's never doctors are saying that it's never going to be a hundred for because they're sort of guessing break what strain of the flu it's going to be a mean. You might well have one that's like 10% of yeah whereabouts is is not reassured naturally so it's not good. A man who took on a Mountain Lion and one that is now telling his in hazing story take a look Travis coffin he was jog in. Along a mountain trail in Colorado when he heard some rustling behind them. And many began a fight for his life. And turned around and just who is pretty bummed out to see a Mountain Lion chasing after mean. It's. I stops and that Jermaine my hands up in the air and I started shouting that was point it. Grabbed on to my hand and wrist. Bush lands and had tough times swinging it with mind my arms still locked into the cat's jaws and at that point. A stepped on it on its neck with my my right foot. My co workers her first reaction when she Canada's Travis was Yunnan and lock it down. This story is almost unbelievable Kaufman needed more than twenty stitches but his spirit and determination are still. And attacked and he's picked up lots of fans who say he's east superhero. And you say that's especially his wife yeah good at girlfriend there are so I don't crash while they're like it lacked that we're fast forward coming up here's see what the royal couple's differ Valentine's Day. We see whether Harry did but where's vegan. Find out. Let's go across the finality sneezes London bureau or David Wright is keeping an eye on them biggest international news. David good morning house London. Hi Jeanette idea London is gorgeous today found fifty degrees out really sunny boom a rarity. But there we're gonna start today in Haiti where that the of the heat is rising for the president juvenile mowing C. There's pressure for him to resign but he is refusing to do so. Protesters for the past week have taken to the streets in Puerto press and other cities they're calling for him to resign tourists have been trapped in their hotels. It all started with court report alleging widespread government corruption moist -- refusing to step down for now. He's going for talks with the opposition no progress on that yet but he says he won't leave the country quote. In the hands of armed gangs and drug traffickers. I'll turning now to climate change another big protest that's taking place. This one led by school children started by a sixteen year old Norwegian school girl Gretna torn burg. It's now spread to Australia and across the US on Friday school kids are walking out. A trying to call attention to a world leadership that they say is. Acting like spoiled children when it comes to the rising. Oceans and then climate change. In next month march 15. They're hoping for the biggest one yet 150 cities worldwide. Including many over the US so around the world we are seeing kids. Our young people continuing to elevate bear voices and speak up about issues that are important to them absolutely good for them. And David you've also have some mall royal Valentine's. News talk about all the MBG. Indeed and sometimes you know the fairy tale isn't quite what it's cracked up to bill you have a prince and princess happily ever after in the castle. Not so much this year. Food for Prince Harry the newly wed prince duty called he was often Norway at an Arctic. Military installation. Where they've built an igloo they brought it inside this big blue and they built a little shrine there further thought nice royal wedding. It was a nod to his nostrils his bride back home here in London she has blog in the past. About how much he likes Valentine's Day. His brother may not much more romantic he was in back on Valentine's Day. At the barbershop talking to barbour's about depression. It's actually part of an initiative that he started to. To raise awareness of mental health calling on barbers to create basically become medical professionals and intervene on behalf of men that might want to talk about their feelings. But still princess Kate we're told spent Valentine's Day with her forever Valentine her little boy. Hall well you know it's not your typical Valentine's date but still both of them were doing. Very important things so that's the fairy tale to fairy tails different new car right yeah I had absolutely. All right Dana did pay and send that British heat wave when he come back to know Israel went the opposite. Drive. Thank you David. Lots of people are talking about the royal couple's on line let's see what else is trending on social media and check your notifications. Were you messy. Like this little leader Lou. Oh girl or that his or chocolate bars they assert their loss god look where most of that chocolate ended up. Matthew Reynolds Scarlett phase. Calling his thinking it's hilarious dude device you read their army I don't know what it is it is a strawberry made his strawberry Jimmy and straw there aren't just went to what's oh OK let's he can we really and though is that those called so it's probably healthy in all right well that makes this. I don't know how that had a facials a brush kept us a sense. The chocolate casualties figures started around here. Com I love her or words on the screen there yet budget gad yeah. All right Athens in the category. Source probably never thought you'd see twice there is another doorbell liquor off loose. In Lowell pops they're both. This happened electrics will part of the guy goes. Tom first or knows furs were not sure first at a patio doors. Acts then he points at some papers he's holding. Who knows about says before he sorts Lincoln the doorbell again. And remember the other doorbell liquor was in California. He went at it for three hours to get it back unbelievable that people are doing. Andy Murray cable cuts door bells but anyway so here driving down the highway and UC office of fair. On a truck so bear digging and that garbage that's not surprising but a bear who manages to get on top of carpets shark. Impressive little climber hung up I mean and he he got in there is Smart guy yeah he's got plenty to work with there BI I would like it was trash can't hide McDonnell I want all of it you got all of the all of it got all the child up honey pots all in one shot there ago good out of it yet North Carolina and a driver into polling over the bear takes. All right let's go over to Washington where a local magazine headline said at all. A love triangle is broken up DC's favorite bald eagle power couple after a fourteen year relationship an eagle linked justice. Has fled the nest leaving his baby mama named liberty. Heights to nest for egg. With another man. I get this the new guy's name is Aaron Byrd. Experts say the two guys may have had a fight and justice may be recovering somewhere. There's a live camera on their nest above DC's police academy. So we're going to be watch in this major drama going on yeah in the nest. I'm I think I I'm somewhat in my mind around that story about what exactly it is that. We're all the birds Rio. Early some of the birds real that story. You're mastery Dario I don't know what questions that need answers it's it's too early it is still eight other it's totally. Too late for us you late for us too early for you have our mind around. All right if you are. Fan of a grand romantic gesture well it doesn't get much better than sorry that's our senators skirted the rules to celebrate valentines there Capitol Hill. And paid tribute to his wife. Coming up later this morning on ABC news vice president crumple speaks in the Rose Garden where he's expected to cited a funding bill. Passed by congress to avoid a government shutdown is also expected. To declare a national emergency to fund a wall on the southern border we will bring it to you live. Plus don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on all of our top stories and the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headlines in politics. So what war two ended more than seventy years ago so it's not surprising that many of those surviving veterans have now outlive their families. But this morning the passing of one of those orphans vets is showing us. That we each have more family. Then we realize. Here's ABC's David Neal. I and it's the images in sounds from boards Massachusetts hundreds gathering for a World War II veteran. They had never met. Who was laid to rest with full military honors at Bellevue cemetery he served in World War II in five major battles. He landed on Utah Beach in Normandy on. In what he died last week at 97. He had no surviving family members have all gone before him so the call went out. That call was answered this program or this or that does little ruffle up for this country or ABC station WCVB talking to so many veterans. And community members to turbine to be there. My dad was a Second World War bet on the Vietnam vet and I'd hate to see my dad. You know move on without anything and anybody there. Community grateful. As we lose another World War II veteran. He sacrifice. Will not be forgotten. The youngest. World War II veterans right now. 80s90s. These stories are disappearing if there and not being seen. And census status shows that there are roughly about half a millions laughed I mean when you when you think about the numbers that is not very many. I think never show about. 350. Or so die everyday so a lot of history. That is slowly leaving us again we'll finally love means never having to say your sorry. Unless you're US senator who forgot to get his wife a Valentine's Day gift I don't know. North Carolina Republican Thom Tillis took time out from an immigration debate to show some love to have wife Susan. Even risked breaking senate do its. And I know that there are a number out. Wolf thank you just can't go on the floor I determined for example you can't do an ad hoc prop open and say something because it would be a violation of the rule side. Although I thought about putting this hard up and presenting that's insane. I'll up my wife Susan tell us of 32 years I'm not gonna do that because that they could be a violation of the rules. But very smooth with very smooth but you know what though. He forgot last year boom I forgot to give his life a Valentine's. My good it is. I mean you need a little more than a hard ought to be at eight have a dual bet I hope you guys who fly lower half some thin. Threatened effect that's a bet I'll talk with some food and that is it for us today here on it's larger in America. Thanks we'll have a Fred Burton.

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