It's Morning, America: Monday, April 8, 2019

Homeland Security chief forced out, American tourist freed from kidnappers in Uganda and more.
25:41 | 04/08/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Monday, April 8, 2019
Good morning M Kennedy of and I'm Stephanie Ramos here on the top wiping snow this Monday number one. The departure of up Homeland Security secretary Karsten Nielsen she's stepping down amid growing frustration from president trump over the spike in migrants entering the country. And her resignation letter Nelson said they implement it has sort efforts to defend our borders but one source told ABC news Nelson believed the president's request. On the border were getting out of hand a foul much of it to be unreasonable. We're learning this morning that Nelson asked to meet with president trump after traveling with him to the southern border. A source tells ABC news she had planned to discuss a path forward. But the president had already made up his mind that Nelson was to blame for the sharp increase in migrant crossing its number two the American tourist who was kidnapped in Uganda is finally safe authorities in Africa are pursuing those responsible for the kidnapping of Kimberly sue and at cots and her driver. And a cot was on a safari you've gone that when she was abducted and spent five. Days in captivity the FBI stepped in to help with highly sensitive negotiations which were company spokesman tells a BC news. A ransom was paid for the pierce believes it's unclear. Who paid the money. On to number three a WWE hall of fame speech turned into a worldwide. Wrestling moment for the ages spectator tackle Brad. They hit man Hart as he accepted his award in New York City heart is okay. The suspect is identified as a Zachary masks and he is reportedly an aspiring mixed martial arts fighter. He's also awaiting trial in Nebraska for allegedly violating a protection order filed by another enemy fighter number four madness comes to that end who night went new men's national champ. We'll be crowned. It's the Virginia Cavaliers vs the Texas Tech Red Raiders. Neither school has ever won a men's basketball title before meanwhile the Baylor university lady bears are. The new queen of college basketball there title game matchup against Notre Dame went down to the wire the Baylor came out on top 82 to 81. Nicely done and finally number five if you're not fascinates. You may want to look away his record setting rep college recovered in the Florida Everglades. Seventeen foot long 140 pound Burmese python. He you know was also carrying more than six than developing and it's. Officials say it is the heaviest sneak ever removed from the area we've got much more to talk about coming your way this morning America. Sunday they were the die or live it's. The creatures that exist on this planet are just. It's it's unbelievable sometimes that thing was just slithering around who knows for how long. But now it's been captured eaten. Living in the Florida Everglades eating well till I thought that within Australia but that was Florida of course of the Floridians I. Arms so good morning everyone that there Ramos and progeny nor men that Leno and that we got some big news because and then his cabinet level. Secretary is out in the trump administration that is our big story the abrupt resignation of Homeland Security secretary. Pearson notes and forced out after just sixteen months on the job we're hearing that the president. Full Nelson personally responsible for the sharp increase in the number of migrants. Crossing the border. It was his Monaco's are on. Good morning Mona the first looks kind of re wind a little bit and remind everyone what Nielsen was responsible for. And good morning Stephanie good morning Tenet. Well during her tears of the trumpet administration it Nielsen became the feast of the administration's zero tolerance policy which meant that. Any one who cross the border illegally would be criminally prosecuted and that led to the separation. But children from their families. That was eat very controversial there was a lot of public backlash. From that policy and even house Democrats were not holding. Nielsen responsible for supporting and and implementing that policy now behind the scenes it seemed that. The president and Nielsen were on the same page at all times they clashed frequently. But on the public side he wouldn't be able to tell that because just Friday the president Nielsen Wear down at the California Mexico border together. Things looked well she was introducing him to Border Patrol officers. They both attended a roundtable meetings discussing immigration. But then when they came back to the nation's capital. We sources tell ABC news that Nielsen met with the president on Sunday to talk about the path moving forward and that meeting ended with her resigning. Let's what is now a bit more because our white out of work out of folders also some great reporting here about the phone call that were apparently pretty tense when it comes to. Those worsening border numbers the president. Just wasn't happy when it comes to cures and Nelson and nose and also I mean this woman. Let's be honest here when it comes to having a tough stance. For immigration that DHS she set a high bar I mean she this stern tough woman who went to Capitol Hill and when democratic lawmakers. Tried to it really. Questioned her and grow her. It was very combative and the. Of that was really her stance or just her trying to please the wrong is the boss president trump I mean he himself is saying that. And she just wasn't tough enough and is probably looking for some of them may be quote unquote right offer so MO and the. Reaction were seen on Capitol Hill really along partisan. No lines there. Right a lot of Republicans saying that you know she did the job she was in. Ready to move slower but house Democrats are saying that her legacy will be. Being the face of that zero tolerance policy in those images of children being separated from their families and all the controversy that followed. You mentioned in that you know whether she was or was not for the policies. That she definitely made it seem like she was 100% in line with the president. What's interesting in that is behind the scenes part of the clashes that she's had with president from. With the fact that she didn't like hard stance. The hard stance he took on some immigration policies. Along with a some officials on his administration like Stephen Miller. But again in front of the scenes she testified it just. Exactly one month ago with the homeland security committee in the house. With the new lead democratic controlled house and during her testimony she stood buys it administration's policies and defended adamantly yet. And we now know that with Kevin Mack a lean and now taken over who. Over ice and now he's act the DHS secretary of speaking out DHS secretaries whose John Kelly the former White House chief of staff. I'm who we that's pretty much Nelson was handpicked lieutenant it is. And so she took over the reins at DHS when he went to the White House and he covered for her allotted supported her. But when Kelly has left what in December so there was no one there to support her at a high level. And so the president's fury there. Was pretty strong for her. And we're talking about the written a reaction monuments in those Democrats because speaker Nancy Pelosi put out a quick statement saying quote. It is deeply alarming that the trouble administration official who put children in cages. Is reportedly resigning because she is not extreme enough. For the White House's liking so we talk about who's next. It is Kevin Mac only it is the possible or plays with the job we know that he have a better relationship. You know when it comes to the president. Right and that's a big question and let us talk a little bit about Nielsen's departure that was a big thing over the weekend on Sunday. Obviously for months we have heard rumors that she had a rocky relationship with the president so apparently her resignation letter have been drafting for drafted for at least a year. But talk about yesterday and what we know about her going to the White House and what that meeting was about with the president. Yes that meeting was actually supposed to be well according nor sources about moving forward and with the pap is going forward the president has been intensifying his focus. On the US Mexico border he's been. Calling to shut down the border than he called it off that he's been focusing a lot on immigration and what's going on of the US Mexico border so. It seemed that kneels and walked into that meeting to try to get some kind of game plan. But locked out resigning so it seems that during that and over the course of that meeting there was something that they disagreed on but like you said. Iverson's John Kelly left he was on actually he did and pick her as well and winds one of her biggest supporters she did replace him he then went on to become chief of staff and leader was ousted himself. And so ever since he left it seemed that her jobs her job was in certain as well and so that's when we started hearing rumors that she was going to be stepping down at that was a year ago so. This isn't a surprise to anyone but it definitely. Begs the question of what happened in that meeting. Allow the president has been saying you know when he named Harry took back his nomination. For the had advice he said that he wanted to have someone who had a tougher stance on immigration. And is seeing that even four Kristen Nelson he felt that she wasn't tough enough. On immigration is policy. And now as you mentioned so interior. Defense DHS all now have at dean. Secretaries. And these are all departments that have a role play a role and immigration and that border so. Mona we appreciated my friend thanks for breaking helping us break it down. And S Homeland Security transitions to new leadership the government has revealed that it may take two years identify thousands of migrant children who were separated from their families. The new court filing the government says it plans to use statistical analysis and manually sift through cases of children apprehended. As early as July 27 team health and human services inspector general said the precise number of migrant children separated from their families is unknown. And the White House is pushing back against the request for president Hans tax returns calling it a political stunt. The house Ways and Means Committee has given the IRS until Wednesday to turn over six years of the president's personal and business taxes. Basing their demand honey rarely used law. But acting White House chief of staff that mall babies says Democrats will never see those return. It's. On I'll never. Nor nor should they keep in mind that that's an issue that was already litigated during the election. Voters knew the president could have given his tax returns they knew that he didn't and they elected him anyway which of course is what drives Democrats crazy. Attorneys were the president are citing privacy concerns they argued that releasing his tax returns would quote set a dangerous precedent even though. Other presidents have released bears. Republican congressman clay Higgins of Louisiana's among the people calling on those responsible for streak of recent church burnings to turn themselves then. The one congregation held their first service Sundays since their church burned down last week the congregation gathered at a new venue and beefed up security. Authorities are trying to figure out if that fire and three others the also burned historically black churches are connected. Three of the fires took place Louisiana's saint Landry parish the fourth. With the northern Louisiana. Near the Kansas. And Texas borders. And it appears warmer weather brought a spike in gun violence over the weekend in Chicago police say 24 people were shot during a thirty hour period. And the real those victims died from their injuries. Several victims were attending a baby shower Saturday about when he kids were outside when police say gunfire erupted. Detectives say that should it appears to be gang related and no arrests have been made to Michigan high school students and Porter. For spring break will go home as heroes the two worry and assert that Melbourne beach when they heard cried for help. That's when high school juniors sought to its caught any ripped for it. The teens jumped into action despite not having any lifeguard tree. It right now I just I just reacted I just hope that you know bottled water and I don't hit the you know. Talk about being at the right place at the right time when possible was consider themselves hero they said not really. Anyone would have tried to help in that situation thank goodness that they did answer their parents are proud that they did if they are based there goes his client is sure did and coming up prince William S. On her majesty's Secret Service the duke of Cambridge spends some time behind the scenes of British intelligence. Coming up. Welcome back flip go across the pond is now on to ABC news London bureau. We're joined McFarland is have been close side of the biggest international news Chilean good morning thank you for telling us. Good morning guys happy Monday I'm pretty happy to style with a rate imposed a story some good news coming out of Uganda Americans isn't. Ken and to cut and how Ugandan tour guide they have been rescued on a reported by the Ugandan police to be in safe hands just to recap. And to caught and had toe guides on board they were kidnapped by armed gunmen. Whilst they weren't in the Queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda this close to the border with Congo. Now president trump treating every weekend. The playing some golf on Sunday he said pleased to report that the American tourist on tour guide. That were abducted in U guns have been released and god bless them. And that families. Now the FBI got involved in this size two to find the missing two in the Ugandan security forces have been hunting to find them. The gunman that they dim on that a ransom of half a million. Dole is for their safe release at amendment it's unclear if that ransom was paid. It says paid by Hejduk. Mike compared to say last week Ted to found ways that the US has a longstanding tradition of not paying. Ransoms. But they are confronting and say pounds. And his head that's became will be the patriots have seen. I see those images there of that land and you've gotten dates so beautiful tourism is so important that this will really hurt them and people were afraid to go there. And it an end and obviously there are big questions about who paid. And it's almost think you know we have to ask these questions but you all almost don't wanna publicize it because then others who may try to kidnap tourists. Will find out who who paid the money right and then try to you know do the same thing again. It's a really tough situation to be and I mean like this secretary say Mike Pompeo said the US is not paid ransoms and it up so this doesn't happen again but. If you're a family member and you've got someone who has been captured what do you do lets you just the first thing you wanna do is. Do everything possible to get that person brought some really tough situation. I was living and I just to quickly say that one of cannon's relatives. He a little reaction to Mike Pompeo he said that's fine on the sun if and if we don't pay ransoms but Havana at least send in the Navy SEALs do summing it trying got her out so the remains to be seen what effect this has on that tour and tourism industry and I'd say. Men are I'm certain we're gonna move over to Israel look at that goes elections are coming up tomorrow on prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu apparently out making. Some controversial comments with Hussein now. Does send this anti tumor anywhere an interesting election four is around primus and and Yahoo! he has been for a historic fifth time in office that would make him. Israel's longest standing prime minister Abed taking the country's founded David Bangor and so he is up against a form on you chief Benny down its. And the stakes and I really really high for the future of the Israeli Palestinian peace process because Netanyahu said recently in an into the U. If reelected he would annex the West Bank he was ripped firing. Two specific isolated settlements that on part of settlement blocks and he has once why. I am getting to extend Israeli Sullivan tree so seventy and I don't distinguish between settlement blocs and the isolated. Settlements not important thing to know it in Israeli and elections is that it's a crowded race there more than fourteen pot he's getting. No Aponte of the winds and outright majority so it's all about who gets to form a coalition. Netanyahu is known Amy trying to court right wing base from people here are in favor of settlement expansion but also the smaller right wing parties whom he will need. That's support and they're also forget messing up hair is facing indictment charges. He may have to stand trial for corruption charges and if he's elected prime minister. He may not be able to. To absolve himself or not he will also need the support of parties to shield him from those charges as a really instant developments in this album and then Yahoo! of course now what a close ally to president trumpet in the country that there are six point three million registered. Boaters that'll be inch seem to see how this turns out. But finally Prince William led Giuliani got some spying trainee Newton school what do you think to see what its gates to be a double agent. I guess I just have to I just really love the way that the guardian of domestic UK newspapers reporting that's let me just tell you the headline on his grannies secrets this. And the samba says the name is Wales William Wales license to kill Doug Doug thought. Screaming some attachment with Britain spies that were inside that was pretty Brighton out there and forget brings women used a sudden on me. He think how to cook says is that he's got by ground in whacking for the ministry of defense and he's Hispanics. A few weeks with Britain spies MI six known as a secret intelligence service they deal with counterintelligence embassies. And might find that the domestic security apparatus here in the UK and TC HQ which is the government listen listening paced. Outside of London but I have to say guys I mean how all of those is well he's almost fourteen he's still doing intend sets I mean come. In the open. That's pretty cool milk look and and other big red color. Yeah I resent he has a pretty good things to say you know he said that a lot of these people are they what they never got signed publicly for the service they'll have secret identities. And it he said that he was really humbled to watch how they want to keep Britain say. I love that all the work he's doing to prepare for what will be a vary vary major role obviously don't know when it will happen. Because even as bad as muddy thinking gets a couple. We will live to see if thumb. How he handles those duties. We're Monday morning to you hand that his services. One on Nash has his majesty's Secret Service they would they would that's going to be the type of the substance when that I. Who can't before we let you go and they got a favorite James Bond. So they're talking about double 07 things. I'm very strong opinions out of guys I'm sorry I its. Now it's going to be his bus and I think there are slow you have old school because the telescope all of Meyer up parents say that Daniel Craig makes in Britain may makes about spy on because he kind of hearkens back to SPS SAS old omni. Aspects of James bony knees a little more rugged from the show's but I think. It'll be about classical British Tom. Is caught because thousand I think I'm okay I'm a fan of both both of. Osama ha ha I'm gonna say that her upcoming it should be you know other with all that hubbub about aegis outlook. And it's I'm ready to Macon Cora take on the next level with that so and yeah out. Fingers crossed fingers caught a lot of UK feel the same way so let's just see what what what chicks up we'll do it we're gonna ask our folks are watching right now between us and let us know at ABC live. Hoosier Beira bond who do you want to see. And is it prince William May be so thing. Off some other names out there are on his grannies secret service. Center headlines sound very New York hostess by the way yes. It's that I would say again and again neo fans around and evidently do but that's where they were born that the tabloids right. I mean that's one of our best imports exports to you guys really right. But they've you're right that we appreciated so let's check chartered hate and seeing what else this trend being an on line. Including the whoa whoa whoa talents that is it does. Nude dance craze that's sweeping. The nation here. And players here from puts them so they wouldn't world. Move your arms quickly got stopped. Even now I feel like you we could really videos were they doing things but that's. 300 here behind the scenes and I don't see it. They are her tutorial from Andrei varying working behind that looking. I don't know us now they're familiar dance there's Kim Randolph a Maryland and later as she heard her version is my favorite actually. She goes. It will that we deplore it we re very decent this is that what do you do GAAP and buried it. Yeah. You call it the tractor trailer version and then are clearly not there around here can mile and this magical while I don't you I don't mentally I've bagels my cereal time. I think Kidd don't let that my cereal time imperial you don't play cereal and work time and then Jack gets involved that he knows what to do that's right now. I see now there you know yeah. Yeah it's a slower and arson but it's there. Jordan gets involved Tony doesn't happen in the back other producer. Don. Off the evidence there are any. This couple they're doing good challenge but they're doing something else that's pretty challenging so they're big divers and they held this. Underwater. Ceremonies seek to see them there to stop an up. Go and then. Marriage vows exchanged. There's that they okay. I think we're down there firfer quite limited time either witnessed think about two witnesses under there. Definitely a memorable way to get married. Under this the boom boom check out the side in this Easter egg it broke the record. For largest decorated Easter eight you fault. But the design there. I wonder and it didn't find out what's on the scanning the lots of breaking out of but the kid well I'll. Largest decorated easy an army it is on the way it will coming up the nurse who bought her door to motherhood. Had closed. But there with a little girl who needed a home and see how they came together to become a family activists. Welcome back some things to watch out for today of course the big game tonight Texas Tech faces off but Virginia for the NCAA men's basketball championship game after that controversial indeed the Virginia Auburn game in the final four and that jury selection and is set to begin in the next CN trial. New patients at a cult like group in upstate New York turned winning into sects like slaves. Who worked branded in an initiation ritual. But don't forget to tune into the deep report update on all our top stories in the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines. In politics. It's a tough reality for many people just want to start a family but their attempts are unsuccessful. But this morning we are meeting a hospital nurse who found that the child was meant to come into your heart. Could order be read in front of you here's ABC's Tom. Yes two year old hazel Smith just glows with happiness and joy and she should she now lives in a world full of law. Far from the world she was born into Wayne less than two pounds she needed a feeding tube and special care. She was in the custody of the state her birth parents apparently unable to care for her. And for five months not a single person visited this baby in the hospital then a chance encountered changed everything. A little girl ruler. Rob Craig happened I knew it that you're belittling all in the act under our island the moment where. Bent. That's Liz Smith the director of nursing at Franciscan Children's Hospital in Boston. Let's have been trying unsuccessfully to start a family of her own. Or another bud and Lou. Liz knew this could be the second chance at a family that she and Gisele. Both needed so she took in the baby as her Foster daughter knowing it might not be forever. That was hard because there's a lot of unknown when it now it he hurt every ounce load. I had to get her. But then Liz got the news that Sheehan Gisele had been waiting for her adoption. Finalized. Liz getting to hear the one word she always hope for. Eight me not my or my. Wilma I'm not. Opening up. Such agree story there Giselle and lives. And adoptions is so important absolutely such a beautiful story and apparently the baby. She was there on the hospital for five lines and Liz had to feeder to defeat in 1916 hours a day she was going for cocaine withdrawal the baby was. I mean she was there for her now yes. She gets to be there for the rest of that little girls' lives said she didn't know if mother who would be for hurt. To know what is waiting for the right one now art that's that for us every at a tweet us your pick for the real James a five. The great Monday.

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