It’s Morning, America: Monday, Dec. 9, 2019

Democrats say they have a “rock solid case” against Trump, New Zealand volcano erupts, Pensacola shooting investigation and more.
27:27 | 12/09/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Monday, Dec. 9, 2019
For more apt kind of program. And I but it Collins at the top I think snow this Monday number one the impeachment showdown house Democrats are holding another hearing today to present the case for impeaching president Bob. And looking to serve the president use his power betrayed national security using a foreign power the committee vote on articles of impeachment is expected this week. Our coverage on ABC's life begins at 8:30 eastern time this morning. Number two the death toll is rising of the volcano erupted at a popular tourist destination in sealing at least five people are dead and dozens are missing. Up Cano experts are warning rescue crews to stay await. Seeing another eruption. Tourists were seen walking inside their room of the white island volcano just before approval this video was taken by an American from San Francisco the volcano's. You give us most active and it happened showing increased activity recently. Our number three police are on special alert today at Hong Kong amid calls for a general strike overnight protests and wrapped up the largest demonstration. In months with a sea of lights flash from their cell phones. The demonstration marks six months since the pro democracy protests began. The march was largely peaceful with few reports of violence. We have to California for number four where an animal conservation activist is recovering. After she was injured by the tiger at her part patty Perry went into their cage at the sanctuary she found it near Los Angeles during an event for donors the spokesperson says she does that nearly every day. But this time. Big cats got a little to play people. They begin to play with her and the Ben gold. To both was caused raptor under leagues and she fell down another when jumped owner and begin to pull her. Before they got around to end to because lacerations. Luckily the gas included a group of firefighters to help carry the attack and probably number five Steve Harvey at the miss universe to universe pageant. Yes it happen again. I really does seem to come this last night when he announced the winner of the cotton content that's placed on wrong. Are we sent the wrong letter ended was quick to shift the blame. Resolute at the Warner Philippines. It's not philippines' it's Malays CN. OK well look at marriage something I just really didn't tell apartment double we're doing this to me. I can read is that now they try to fix it now she usually do you took me back in 2015. Into any fencing Harvey announcements Columbia was the pageant winner when it was really. Miss Philippines. Asked for this year's letter at what's miss South Africa. Those the he had been two of these she fed the most. Important thing about not being taught to young girls is leadership and she called women the most powerful beings and the world. It's Puerto Rico was the run Iraq. Damn morning ever why at a loss to explain America and I furniture URD you know. This moments in my laps here Monique all of us from our sister network. Yes he NA hearing won't come so you have. ESPN so you really listen sports team New Zealand I don't know what they got the go back to. It goes back to directly from annexing national women's team in his honor and in nineteen. And it just and that I mean that. I loved it and it was the most amazing experience and that's why they know what you do a great job over ESP NI Watson clips because adults that are out. I asked if you don't watch it got that they're nothing about sports flat. I want to UN a little bit for home Hackett the jury out there is tied every penny he's teaching me that we've got in his get here for its morning America that they. Story the fast moving place to impeach president Tom and other public hearing is set for today with. House Democrats poised to make their case to kick president drop out of office the president is refusing to participate but the Democrats work through the weekend rapidly moving to drop. Articles of impeachment ABC's are in a Marshall joins us from Washington Serena good morning. And Tony good morning to both the view we expect Democrats introduced chart against the president later this morning that's likely going to include obstruction of justice. And abuse of power now later this week we do expect those articles and he's been to be drafted and potentially noted on. The second official impeachment hearing underway this morning and this time it's the lawyers testified before congress we're in the process now of focusing that into something that. You hold him accountable Democrats working through the weekend as lawyers from both parties from both the judiciary and Intelligence Committees were present findings of their investigation. And Democrats say there's a shows he was rock solid case. I think the case. We have they've presented to a jury would be a guilty verdict in about three minutes flat not participating though the president's team even as his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani spent the past week in Ukraine. Something even Republicans were uncomfortable less but it is weird but he's over there. I think you want to go people up congress and today and off Doug the attorney general has the department of god did I hear it's about letting. Some Democrats pointing to that as a reason to continue their breakneck pace. Are you moving too quickly that would be about concerns the president wasn't moving quickly to have a lawyer and go over Ukraine and continue to cheat. Our elections. The president meanwhile continues to call the whole thing a sham. We had a perfect job is safe if even as he took to Twitter Sunday firing off nearly 100 tweets and three tweets and just one day most targeting Democrats and the inquiry. Republicans remain united behind him there are no hearings. Currently scheduled for later this week after today is but we do expect the chaired the judiciary committee to introduce those articles of impeachment in the coming days. Kenneth Tony are right Sarah Marshall think you we appreciate it. Now to the other big story this morning the deli shooting spree at a Florida navy base that's now being investigated as an act. Terrorists authorities are focusing on a motive and if the Saudi air man acted alone or was part of a larger network meanwhile Saudi authorities are reportedly trying to determine. If the suspect was radicalized during a trip back home late last year. ABC's cover all test more. Hundreds of federal agents continue to investigate Friday's deadly shooting at naval air station Pensacola which the FBI now resumes was an act of terror. I know that the community is safe and there's not any sort of immediate direct threat that any additional terrorist acts. At this time. The suspected shooter Mohamed Al sham Ronnie a second lieutenant in the royal Saudi air force was in the US has part of a pilot training program. You have foreign. Military personnel coming to our base. They should not be doing that if they hate our country. The gunman Saudi classmates are being kept on base and are cooperating with questioning. Sources telling ABC news investigators are looking into claims by Al Jim Romney's classmates that he watched Matt shooting videos at his home. Days before the attack. Members of the FBI's joint terrorism task force are working tirelessly to discern if any possible ideology. That may have been a factor. In this attack. The FBI is now carefully reviewing surveillance images in cell phone video taken immediately after the Rampage as families mourn the loss of three young lives 23 year old ends in Joshua Watson. Nineteen year old airman Mohammed some may hike them 121 year old airman apprentice Cameron Walters members of the community lining up to pay respects. During a solemn procession returning the fallen to the naval air station. I urge. Any one who feels they need a little extra support. To reach out and get the help they need the two officers injured when they heroically confronted the gunman are now recovering. Cover all ABC news. New York and the FBI says the gun was purchased legally and for a normally it's illegal for non US citizens to obtain a guide however there's a federal law that allows official representatives. From certain foreign governments like Saudi Arabia to obtain a guy. California man accused of planning a mass shooting is due in court today. Investigators say Steve monkey filmed and posted chilling videos on YouTube in which she appeared to be rehearsing a terror attack. The videos show a man pointing assault weapons have people from a hotel window in downtown San Diego. The tipster that police to promote peace saying he had a plan in place. You take every tip seriously because you just don't know. It was going to be real shooter not the atonement shooting out of a window and down on people below. Which is exactly what happened in Las Vegas and so that's why it's so warm. Charges against him include the session of an assault weapon and look he told local TV station that the videos where a miniature art project. Firefighters and Australia's new south wells are prepared for another tough week. Yet temperatures are soaring there and conditions are expected to be even wars tomorrow Kenneth nearly ninety fires are burning and about half of them aren't contained. C a fire tornado in that video there at least six people have died and nearly 700. Homes have been destroyed since the fires began. This year is dead after an avalanche in Colorado dad investigators say between Uygur woman was buried under two to three feet of snow on a mountain about seventy miles north Denver. They're Cameron pass the death is the first caused by an avalanche in Colorado. This season. Nativity scene displayed by a Methodist Church is scared of controversy. Is that opponents weighing Claremont about thirty Nazis in Los Angeles it's just chase is named Justin as Beckett using cages. The meat pastor says the holy family is standing in for family separated bordered. I administration policies she says nurtured opting uses its activity seen to address social issues. Fans and celebrities are mourning the shocking and sudden death of 21 year old rapper Jews for all the artists whose real name was jeered Higgins died Sunday morning reportedly suffering cardiac arrest at a private hangar at Chicago's midway airport. It's hit lucid dreams has been strained a billion times. Up billion. They made him a star. She's world cooperated with fellow rappers tapped Scott. Little yacht EU and tore would keep an odds label says to lose someone so kind of so close our parks is devastating. Now I'm lighter news Red Sox legend that he had a piece has returned to his native Dominican Republic. It was bit but these first public appearance there since he was shot nearly six months ago. Hunt these was greeted with cheers and standing ovation. At a charity based law exhibitions. Good this is the big hopped back they're back home obvious we know that he Zola hit back here stateside here in the US after that shooting. And they love him there and I'm British it was so good for those residents. A Puerto Rico look at the SR a Connecticut Republican to see him back there merger PR's well. They like seeing hockey's you all over the place and adapt all right coming up what happens in a woman 120000. Dollar and head out. Wasn't the victim of an arc Bart I'm art okay. Cabrera is the volcanic. He ruptured in New Zealand will go across the park for the latest incidents. Welcome back now to some breaking news overnight at least one person is dead after a volcano erupted. New Zealand island popular with tourists and officials warn that number is likely to rise the school across the pond to do it pollen in the London bureau for more Juliette. Good morning what's Labor Day. That. Morning well we've I should just had from the police deputy commission that a New Zealand and he has she said that's. They are now at least five people NAND type diet. And that eruption on summing that is very very consenting. Is that ash is still falling from that volcano and that is how I'm praying. And he asked Vista trying get to the area so police were Ross. If so any more people on white island if they knew of anyone in the vicinity and they come ons that question is and we just do not met the conditions. Are too hazardous without falling ash that. But amendment. But that is believed to be a tour group that why net white island at the time a group of less than fifty people more than two dozen. Australians believed to be among the groups. But also that the police deputy commissioner said that several people had been treated with bun injuries amount to numb about what being treated. Add the hospital. Now white island it is a tapes the uninhabited island but it is very very popular with tourists. I'm entrusting me that was a local geological monitoring site that said a few days ago that they had recorded heightened. Bull Connick activity. At the island but they sense that the current levels did not constitute any kind of risk to tourists at that time. That's the thing to know about this is that it can really made out of the blue the volcano. What island it is billed as a top tourist. Destination it is an active volcano but this eruption was in brimming out of the blue I'm Randy violent and was completely unexpected and because it's such. Big tourist destination it is. Frequently. Visited by many to agree it's a lot of to a group's operating day trips to the island so it's a huge huge money consent. For New Zealand and for the tourism industry. Yes images are shocking videos jail let's months of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia which has taken center stage in the impeachment inquiry. Did you that military aid to Ukraine that was withheld. Well now the two countries' leaders are meeting to hold major peace talks is there any hope for an end to this war. And I attended this is a hit a full scale conflicts it's something that's been down for the Los defiant and a half his son 181000. People. How the diet and they lost a few years back. In Easton Ukraine and that new president you crank pres the president of the load and is a landscape he was elected on a campaign promise to bring that conflict. Two and now he is gains being used in Russian president Vladimir Putin for the last time. And Paris. Four and knees to court some leaders of France and Germany what or say getting to be banned they gonna have to help. Both sides franchise that negotiating. 2014. Very potty signs the Minsk agreement that involved some concessions on either side but since Sunday been squabbling. On the prices of how to gain to implement days it's a Mans from I decides about what that taping to agree on today some kind of price us how bad getting. Two and at a final settlement something involving local elections and some special autonomy for southern pops. All of Easton you crank but there is a huge amount. All of a pressure on budget as a Mansfield of course he has promised to bring peace. To Easton in Ukraine but yes today on Sunday though with thousands of protestors and the Ukrainian capital Kiev. They went very very angry about any possible concessions and the Ukraine is my Mehta the Russians people holding signs saying no capitulation. And Jolie we understand that there's a new leader and felt limit got a new prime minister before you OK boomer me. I hear that she's gotten. I want an eight game varying chemed come on now I was gonna say here on the wild downloading in. Finland did not miss is grinning ran into thing because son I'm Myron she is. Sonny four years old. How does that make you feel about your state of like the sequence let's not again back. But she is not going to be the was youngest. Prime minister descend odd and she was elected when she was studying nine and the Ukrainian. President's. Alexi Hun charge he's study find his old. But what's really interesting. Up by the in Finland as son of Meyer and she was transportation minute minister when have a pot to chase to succeed the current premised. When it she stepped down. There last week she has also going to be heads. All of a coalition government of posse is all one bite five women and is going to be a cents a left. A coalition government or anywhere uninteresting stuff I'm very interesting details about son and mine I think we can expect big things from questions raised by a single mom about. Shares of fuss doesn't have somebody to gay teen universities. Say it could issue is a woman with a lot of drive he's just getting stops and. It is age requirement. For prime minister app because I'm the gonna back here at 35 is the threshold for our constitutional requirements of what. I. I'm not much I I'm stimulus but. Unnatural but it is the other members of the natives of the policy. In this coalition there'll quite young in between some of them apple are similar age and between the Fed to use their forties but. You know want just want to play not not Finland consistently as tall along the tables of quantities of life funds. You know I am I the country completely run by women I think you can take something from me at my back. Are you finished now. I was because it. Julia midtown downtown ideally and let me do you know anything about our sister network ESPN. No but just gotten that bad just on earth must on the right let's on the corridor from a parent. Yeah meaning you guys I'll see the thing that's the thing is like we all share like a lot of man caves and buildings. A lot don't know that but yeah you got got a. And until later clothing including the shadow office space cooling us roommate is on an unrelated. There it is seven one pound they are right who is good to see I ran into a lengthening I. Hey let's check out notifications. Now starting with the world's most famous piece of bone. And parent and DN AL had a floor art gallery of banana that tape to a wall art. Hazel Miami with eaten during yesterday's final day of the exhibit. A performance artist from New York City grabbed that eight it that in. Bragged about the move on this event and oppose title hungry artists you post it art performance by me. I really love this installation it's very delicious as an actor that many days. That all was little brown and give it out. I'd still some brown bananas let's see if he can tap my bosom and let them. Madam Clinton. And that that banana and out of banana Pena would be a different story completely different story at our question of the day it's best art. Or destruction of valuable property. It tells you think the comments or treat us at ABC news. And Christmas tree the New York City are almost as expensive as that banana what are going for as much as. 6500. Dollars in so hope. That's my 'cause. Apparently these Frazier fir trees that are. Very limited which means the price goes up no supply and demand. So so I guess someone's paying 6500 dollars what would you buy an industry 500 dollars besides Christmas tree. A lot more than a Christmas tree. I know that much. I. Each person right right. Some of us are in a Christmas spirit soon. Others are just dying in terrible way but I am not animal does not getting any leather like one of the. Hates LA yeah pictures right now thank you I don't want the picture or are you doing this to me. I hope you and your house. I think that yeah or they gave attributed the odds that. And we think he yeah we have a lot here that we say welcome to North America Tony and you. But if they got all of next we have the development and development coming out of the kind controversy surrounding this so called polyps and husband. Yes now the health not a wife is breaking her silence in a statement actress Monica Reid says she's quote shocked and overwhelmed by the attention the ad has generated. On social media especially the negative. In the meantime the stationary bike at has catapulted her into another major gave a clear Shillue wound up with Ryan Reynolds in diesel engine that actually continues a story. Of the pallets on life with not actually. Really acknowledging it but. Yet. And have things don't work out that I didn't panic airline crew stepped in to help a couple after a wedding mishap cam and the new Heath they resolutely or Luis. They live week. Please let's go in the weeks and below twenty years ago with candidate took a trip to the Dominican Republic to have a religious celebration. On. Fortunately their friend and then they'll perform their ceremony for you have to have inside the marriage certificate. So the crew on their Southwest Airlines flight perform their bows on the plane home and if you're passenger who you're drinking because they gave up passenger champagne so much. I like it Leavitt. Everett on now let's do some really sad sad. Passing to note in the world of Sesame Street the world is remembering a childhood favorite the man behind. Big bird for fifty years now legendary Sesame Street puppeteer Carol. A spending has died stinging who also brought as Oscar that route preferred himself as the most. Unknown famous person in America after entertaining and educating generations of children. ABC's world Ganz has more. It's. He's eight feet two inches of pure sunny yellow happiness. And Carol speedy did beating heart that brought big bird to life. Vinny has been underneath those 4000 feathers and sesame street's first episode in 1969. When big bird looked like this flu bird. Bird through week. All eyes and that lovable giant canary though the puppet itself had no eye holes at all for spinning. Instead he was able to see using a video monitor strapped to his chest. When it's Danny's arms operating the head geek and ice identical to see if I had. Today the other operating the left wing and a stirring helping him operate the right. The actor has also been the voice behind sesame street's notorious grumpy Oscar the Grouch. Who was orange when he made his debut Sweeney says Oscar's voice was inspired by a cab driver he met on its way to a rehearsal. Still won't go away. You know. Many also revealing he almost left Sesame Street in the first season the actor worried he wasn't up to par with the rest of the cast. On his way to quit he ran into the guy who built the big bird puppet. Convincing him to give it another month. Speedy gave it another month and another five decades big bird receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Taking trips around the world isn't that great pilots. Not bad for a flightless bird. And neither are speed he's five daytime Emmys and a lifetime achievement award. He's been training as successor since the late nineties that mad vocal didn't Don the yellow feathers fulltime until just last year. Bogle whose last name needs burden German. Paid homage to his late great mentor at Sunday's Kennedy Center honors saying Carol taught me to keep an innocence and childlike quality alive not only in big bird but in myself. Thank you Carol. Our thanks so well at how about timing the rest of the cast the Sesame Street. And attendance at yesterday's Kennedy Center honors war. They wore a yellow feather hand it to their seats suits and honor their late friend and mentor. Big bird Sesame Street Oscar that routes all of those so iconic and so is from all important to children. So many lives around the world. Say around the world I mean I got in Mexico and I are members of thinking to think back. Hey yet so much impact on in the world and that with a man behind it all. Viral coming up we'll tell you what to watch airport as we start the week on this Monday. Plus the college Bob layouts are set is celebrating after they had gotten. He. This would watch upward today the House Judiciary Committee will hold another hearing as Democrats present its case for impeaching president Bob. They're expected to focus on abuse of power and obstruction and dropped articles of impeachment over the next few days hearing begins at nine. Eastern live coverage for streaming at 830 right here on is. ABC's life. The Justice Department's internal report on the origins of the Russian investigation is coming up city. He inspected and are reportedly found the FBI had adequate basis for opening probe. The rejection of president comes claim that it was a witch hunt. But the report is also expected docking areas by investigators. Attorney general is overseeing a similar but separate criminal investigation. President trumpet scheduled to have lunch but vice president my principal roundtable on school choice over hosting a Christmas reception at the White House. Former US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley we'll talk about her new book with all due respect defending America with grit and grace. At that Richard Nixon presidential library at a congressional gold medal celebration to honor the woman who inspired the movie didn't Figurs Petri. Former NASA engineer Christine guards. And. Finally in sports big time college football's final results as that is yet Alice CU is number one heading into the college from Bob play up. The tigers will face fourth ranked Oklahoma and the peach bowl this 120 in Atlanta. That night and number two Ohio State placed third ranked defending champ Clemson in the yes herbal. In Glendale Arizona the winners will meet January 13 at the superdome in the islands for the championship. There it is this that and check out Erica for and those reporting on bad reaction to analysts use women. In the SEC championship game very good outside a bar near Orleans and it seems like the guy behind their right there war dance moves snippet. Pest gain but yeah good time and a good parent along night so you cover a lot of sports a lot of those people in the back they love that. They do when you turn a light on at us after looking ahead to their aim is but definitely after a sporting event where there's been a little bit of like nations that have been consumed. This can happen Ben. I and then I see. I'm very jealous of you because you get to that liked. Have all the analysis commentary your right to mountainside a studio Lawrence out of their controlled environment yet then the news people go and let you can't reaction stories we have the deal and that. With. The Phillies worked in Philly and I you know the fans are rabid one jump down my back during Lilly the last shot and working. We're Tbilisi there attic and children out Atticus Womack that if she knew. Philly fans Amy they really are. Just chance to he's putting their they're bullying they're going. Time Brady went out you. The past decades they've he's given them sixty rebels really the runs they just won a super would have six brother Boone ended his losing their homes. They're like poverty through what I gave you guys can I have a got a bad game plea I think sports fans are a little bit more emotional pain. I would definitely agree with that I would so they're great at turning dollars here and guess what she's back tomorrow as well. All right that's there for us on this Monday.

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