It’s Morning, America: Thursday, Dec. 5, 2019

Law professors testify in impeachment hearing, shooting at Pearl Harbor, Peloton ad controversy and more.
25:13 | 12/05/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Thursday, Dec. 5, 2019
Want to come from and I'm Martha Gonzales here the top five things you need to know this Thursday. Number one he attacked at Pearl Harbor to her Defense Department employees were fatally shot and another wounded at the ball harbor shipyard and YE. Authorities say the US sailor who opened fire took his own life. Police said it was not immediately clear if the gunman knew the victims officials have not revealed a motive for the attack. Never to the impeachment debate on Capitol Hill with legal scholars laying out what they believe the framers of the constitution had in a constitutional expert picked by Republicans testified that more evidence is needed by three other law professors call my house Democrats Wednesday. Testify president Tom clearly abused his power by pressuring Ukraine. Can investigate his political rivals the House Judiciary Committee is now waiting to see if the White House will participate in any of the next hearing. A full house vote is expected before Christmas. On to number three thousands of additional American troops could soon be heading to the Middle East. Officials say the increase is being considered because of indications that Iran may be preparing to take more aggressive action in the region. You're running government has been cracking down on widespread protests that erupted across the country after fuel prices were. Marie hundreds of people have reportedly been killed the Pentagon decision on troop levels in the region is expected in the next few weeks number for a story that is. For the birds we told you recently about a huge decline in the bird population in North America. One out there is a new. It's. Have been getting smaller in the last forty years and they blame climate change one theory is that smaller birds are better at. We won't let scientists also found the bird's wings fans are well lane tech of them might curry and probably number five the color of the year for 20/20 have now been announced by that. Color institutes. I remember that you selected to fight this year was living coral physical student body on opted not and the 12020. Classic Lou it won out because it reflects policy fights relative stability is described as timeless elegant. Restful audit. And not aggress. Good morning everyone it's great to be back here this morning America Marcy you can hold it down here on our didn't show happened in this that you know now we'll have your act. I'm back now and done you're having so much found its born in America act where we wouldn't be here alas I was Barnett based in New York right. Now this is that a new thing to me but very cool so glad that we get to share more of other big Dane at this big stories today are right and apparently they're recently had an adult let out we do want to get to the deadly shooting at Pearl Harbor where authorities say. A steeler opened fire on the base killing two civilians and wounding a third. Happened at a shipyard useful warships and submarines it comes just days before the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack. This morning shock at Pearl Harbor after a deadly shooting on the military base is very scary. Investigators say a sailor opened fire near the shipyard in an area were nuclear submarines are maintained before turning the gun on himself. I can also report to shooter. The was tentatively been identified. As active duty sailor assigned to USS Colombia is also deceased by an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound. The restored based home to 66000. People. Placed on lockdown. Along with nearby elementary schools as Bates personnel were alerted by Texas shelter in place and a privilege shots going off in the area. And we're told by my cheese. Hunker down stay indoors and just be safe. Two Defense Department employees were killed and a third was wounded. This morning authorities are not releasing the names of the victims who were all men. Or the shooter only saying it was not immediately clear if the gunman knew the victims the shooting came just three days before the anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. That drew the United States into World War II. The role that shipyard played in World War II. Is pretty legendary in the shipyard as well known for the you know the amazing work they did then an amazing work they continue to do so this is. Certainly a tragedy authorities have not revealed. Any motive for the shooting the third victim a 36 or a man was in guarded condition at the hospital overnight. Which means between critical and serious condition. Turning now to the other big story combative day in the impeachment showdown. Lawmakers and legal scholars are arguing over what the framers of the constitution had in mind when it comes to impeachment. Three prominent law professors testify there's no doubt that president trop abused his power response the president fired back on Twitter last night defending his phone call to Ukraine. The First Lady is also taking aim after an impeachment witness reference for thirteen year old son to make a point. ABC's NFL locker are as the latest from Washington and that's good morning. Good morning Canada and Martha it was a new round of public hearings and a new round of partisan clashes of the House Judiciary Committee. Explored whether the president committed an impeachable offense in his dealings with Ukraine. President trump is back in Washington where the impeachment inquiry entered a new phase. Led by the House Judiciary Committee if what we're talking about is not impeachable. The nothing is impeach. Democrats brought in three their legal scholars who testified the Ukraine scandal is evidence the president abused his power for his own personal political gain. And that he should be impeached president trumps conduct as described in the testimony and evidence. Clearly constitutes. Impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors under the constitution. Republicans were allowed to invite their own expert who did not defend the president's. But argued Democrats were moving too fast and had not yet prove their case. It's wrong because this is not how we you impeach an American prison why you want to set the record for the fastest impeachment. Fast is not good for impeachment and then there was this moments the constitution says there can be no titles of nobility. So while the president can name his son Barron he can't make him a barren. Let me also suggest that when you invoke the president's son's name here when you try to make a little joke out of referencing Barron trump. That's is not lend credibility to your argument it makes you look mean. The First Lady writing on Twitter that a minor child deserves privacy and should be kept out of politics. Professor Carlin later apologized. It was wrong of me to do. And a House Judiciary Committee has given the president until Thursday to decide whether he'll participate in the next round of a public. Here is a full house vote is expected before Christmas. And an as the Republican called expert professor turley criticize the process. But he actually said that the contact would be impeachable if it was proven. That stray and he said that Democrats were moving too quickly he cautioned them against moving too quickly and he said they haven't yet met the burden of proof here's but he had to say. The problem is not that abuse of power can never be an impeachable offense you just have to prove it and you happen. It's not enough to sing. Eighty infer this was the purpose and infer that this is what was intended when you're not actually sept cleaning people with direct. Knowledge and instead you're saying we must vote. In this rocket docket open impeachment. And we should note that house Democrats have subpoenaed people with direct knowledge of what happened with Ukraine but the White House has blocked them. From testifying Kenneth and Marcy. China has thank you be in choosing to see if the Democrats pump the brakes a little bit on it but all signs point tent. No not at all. Meanwhile president comes personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani is and Ukraine today report to work my doc you series aimed at defending the president. According to the New York Times Giuliani is interviewed former prosecutors who claimed they hide. Former vice president Joseph Biden and his son to corruption and Ukraine. There's now disputed claims led to Tribe's push to get in Ukrainian government to open an investigation into the Biden's. What's led to the current impeachment proceedings and the house and president drop is back at the White House after two days of meetings with NATO leaders and London. Before heading home he slammed be impeachment hearing and he also ended up in a spat with the Canadian prime minister. Triggered by a video that went viral ABC's Jonathan Karl has the latest. President trump was outside of London meeting with NATO leaders this impeachment hearings got under way. Thousands of miles away but paying close attention to what was happening on capitol. Hill I think that they get three constitutional lawyers are we get one we'll. It is the most unfair that it's devastating and I hope that you in good order watch this is going to be more rain. The president was also paying attention to this. Video clip from a reception at Buckingham Palace were several leaders including British prime minister Boris Johnson French president lawn you'll Lecrone. It Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau could be heard apparently laughing about how president trump. Threw off their schedule. By talking to the press for so long during their meetings. For Joseph described the reaction from president trumps advisors. When he unexpectedly announced in next year's G-7 meeting will be at Camp David. This morning Trudeau acknowledge the leaders were talking about president trump. Last night and made a reference to the fact that there was an unscheduled press conference. Before my meeting with president trump and I was happy to take part of it but it was certainly notable. After the video clip went viral the president was asked about it it took a shot at Trudeau in the well it's true friends. And I honestly it was punitive nice guy I find you very nice guy but you know the truth is that. I told him out of the fact that he's not paying 2%. And I guess he's not very happy a short while later president trump was overheard posting about what he called Trudeau and I. The president had one final event on his schedule it closing press conference but that was abruptly canceled at the last minute. One factor may be that he had already taken many many many questions from reporters over the past two days. Jonathan Karl ABC news London. And for the second time in a month former president Jimmy Carter has been discharged from a Georgia hospital. He was released yesterday from a facility near his home in plains after being treated for urinary tract infection. Spots throughout the 95 girl underwent surgery to relieve bleeding in his brain caused by a series. Falls nearly 700000 people will lose access to the federal food stamp program under a new trump administration policy. The rule which takes effect next April make individual state enforced work requirements for able bodied adults without children. Governors have been able to weave those requirements particularly an economically distressed areas. Democrats called the new rule cruel and heartless. The administration says it will cut more than five billion dollars from food stamp spending over five years a massive chemical fire forced evacuations in northwest Arkansas. That thick smoke rose about the plastics plant in Bentonville. The CEO of united industrial says the flames started in a styrofoam storage area behind the building. An emergency air alert was put in place and workers at a nearby Wal-Mart were sent home as a precaution. No one was hurt. And seven days after an explosion rock and other chemical plant in eastern Texas and new evacuations have been ordered authorities concerned about butadiene levels after the fire at this plan important HS. A voluntary evacuation has been issued for all residents of the city schools are closed for the rest of the week. Official say chemical levels and the air may cause dizziness nausea and headaches. In the irritate the eyes and throat but they insist there's no long term danger. Catholics in the city of Buffalo, New York who have been demanding their bishop be ousted are getting their wish the Vatican has accepted the resignation of bishop Richard Malone who has been widely criticized for his handling of sexual abuse claims made against priests. The Pope named Albany bishop Edward Sharpe and burger to run the diocese temporarily. I'm not here is a Knight in shining armor I'm not here you know as the fix it man. Just cheered B is a spiritual father. Interim bishop sharpen burger is promising accountability even while taking on more than 200 new lawsuits but he admits. That restoring trust in the church will take time. Officials and Paris are hoping to avoid scenes like this today during a big protest march. Demonstrations in the French capital and across the whole country are meant to oppose French president Manuel must crohn's players to overhaul Francis retirement system. Thousands police are deployed across France in Paris they've banned protests and areas popular with tourists. A new problem with to cutting air bags had the company expanding. Its US recalls. It's not is adding more than a million French driver in the leaders to those recalls. BMW is telling owners of some older three series cars with those in leaders to stop driving down. Some Audi Honda Toyota and Mitsubishi built vehicles are also affected. To top recipients leaders propelling him to cure your rate over time which could make the air bags explode. And hurled shrapnel into vehicles. The malfunction has led to at least one death. The paper receipt may soon be a thing of the past and New York City lawmakers are considering whether to ban receipts coated with the chemicals BP AR BP S. Because a concern the chemicals could be harmful to women's reproductive systems. Others have pushed a ban for environmentally reason environmental reasons the sob targeting along receives like the ones. At CBS. For a man recently found another use for his receipts. He use the long paper to replace our broken window Bly. In April and and New Jersey wants to put curse several writing back into the script for school kids of bill's been proposed that would require students. To learn how to write in script by the end of third grade the bill's sponsor feels. Current standards put kids just at a disadvantage in some students entering middle school just don't know how to find their new team is nearly two dozen states have made similar. Effort and they can practice on those long receipts every cut that's. What they're meant for rent that is why they give urge us to encourage it yes but I'm pretty sure that's our question of the day as well as the children still have. To learn hers that. Is that need it I think it is how does beautifully written. Thank you cards. Here again trying to brag about me writing that you cars yes I ads. Also. You need them for exciting all types of documents loan paper you mortgage did bring to your name they extend votes sag not prints that you have to know how to do that I can easily I just relax. That's a that's safe my own could ever forged that I am from South Carolina so that's what we're now. We've added these are some doubt it but please help put. You yeah in the comment section between us that ABC news live let us know when he hear from you are coming up as we get ready to close out 2019. Isn't there what image that sums up the whole year plus Sally app that's found itself on the life of shoppers not unless the backlash and what. The company is saying this morning. After this. Welcome back now to the latest on the beeping epidemic which has impacted every state in the country the Minnesota attorney general has announced that his office is suing beeping brand Jules ABC's Elena Gomez has more. We're using the power be Minnesota attorney general's office to bring a lawsuit. Against jewel labs on behalf of the state and people couldn't sell. Minnesota announcing its fighting back suing baking company jewel claiming it targeted young people like seventeen year old William Hitler what they didn't tell me. Is that the nicotine content as marginally higher dealers twisted they'd been in an effort to quit smoking something he thought was a safer alternative. It feels. Like I've been. Deceived. Like. The progress but I thought I was making wasn't progress Kinney TDs in every state are seen the impacts and they began. The latest numbers from the CDC show that more than 2000 people have lung illnesses from. And 47 people have died the government agency now linking a former abiding many as a potential culprit her recent beat been injury. This is the lab where youth ABC do you Benitez recently toured the New York lab who made the leap between by many acetate and baby after testing more than fifty patients. So this is the vitamin NASA to the same consistency as. As kind of an soleil. Communities across the country are taken a closer look at these find jeans and taking aggressive steps. Gristle and jewel because they have deceived and misled Minnesota consumers of all ages created a public nuisance and especially harmed our young people. Minnesota isn't the only states suing jewel lab's New York California and North Carolina are also taking the be teen company to court. In Los Angeles Helena Gomez ABC news. Let's take a break now and check our notification is starting wept as a brown wanted to know how old you are new users all. Now be asked for their date of birth when they sign up the move is designed to protect younger users. For now this program users only have to confirm they were thirteen or older are current users to you have a basically cal has some animal grab your birth date from there. You can also add it on your own but Marcie as you mentioned earlier this morning. People obviously. I would tell the truth of your and if you're asking him trying to get on when you're not supposed to you death and might not be honest are like 1990. Which I'm like 1990 is like like that should make you a child still. The average ticket you're like nineteen. But I don't know valued when he now I've math is way off. There and everywhere are not lying about their. Yeah God's a like this story and it's like to buy cigarettes or alcohol like you must be in the ages keeps getting life. Certainly certainly unlike last year she didn't let your ultimate high lottery. Late in the year I thought I was like the year 2000 now remember the year 2000. Wait you clearly. I'm an old friend yeah yeah definitely all right well next up one of the NFL's top teens may some experts fear of jewels support. But France's is now the owner of a Baltimore Ravens Jersey. The gift from the bishop of Baltimore is ought to grafted has quarterback Lamar Jackson's number eight and even name Frances on the. He's like can I get out number eight. Headline is yes and number one page out and a British school might have a new world Iraq third other hands for a gigantic. Marshmallow. It at the big wind you see them making it there. It was like three heater some that all sides to get you as little cup suction thing and then get it out of there and make it look like some character that we I have not heard some character I'm pretty sure they know there over in the UK that I had no clues like some. Some type of fear. But do they get to it after. It is admirable but I would act. That's members acts. That was your British Actel of that that. Well you know and after. I'm out at about this yeah I mean I just feel like I'm in London death sitting next to that means and you know out of the force is strong with BB EO who's become the internet's favorite mean well. One fan is honoring baby you -- along with another 2019 favorite. Take a look at this tactic showing baby you're a sip Maine yes that is why is claw. The alcoholic seltzer is had exploded in popularity this year so combined with a baby yoga some are saying with this tattoo we've reached. Peak 29. I mean it's okay Andy here now we've seen it all Fina sums it up that's when in nineteen that it. And a drop the ball toward want to remember it. For Abner Berry asked this year. That the backlash or that Telecom by cat dividing the Internet some calling it sexist but how does standing by the ad and some are rushing to the company's defense will Ganz has the story so you can decide for yourself. Truly time if ever a time. There's Ryan yeah yeah. It's a holiday ads dividing the Internet and a husband surprising his wife that pellets on stationary workout tonight. The backlash swift. Accusing the company of peddling sexist ideas of marriage. Nothing says maybe you should lose a few pounds like gifting your already rail thin life partner appellate time comedian Eva Victor spoofing that. Okay my friends I am a little bit nervous and rightly so because they have been coming. Merck epic progresses and that's roots that go. Her video racking up nearly four million pounds on Twitter alone others saying the commercial is downright creepy. I knew I'd seen that pellets on case before while Internet users continue to have fun with the the financial backlash is no joke. Stock for the fitness start up fell 9% this week the company also dropping the price of its digital subscription. Pellets on releasing this statement. All we're disappointed in how some have misinterpreted this commercial we are encouraged by and grateful for the outpouring of support we've received from those who understand what we were trying to communicate while some certainly do support the brand ID zero. Prize others continue to poke fun continuing that vicious cycle. Things did not. Pretty surprising. I end of an artist still intact then let's get on the but experts at a company may have blast laughs and their now part of this huge cultural conversation. I said earlier I wouldn't taking all too seriously and temperatures tonight's going to be angry at me for saying that but it's true like and dislike. He. Let me other things that's a worry a lot of they have. I concede and that's what want anything they'll I'm just enjoying all of these spoofs. Although they are funny that means a Friday bringing comedian hilarious. So yes I'm grateful for that of the gift giving I've got a heart out app. Coming up we will tell you what to watch out for on this Thursday now in the thick of holiday season class how one. Soldiers' families celebrating their first Christmas apart it reminded us the sacrifices our service members made. They bus. Here's what to watch our port today arguments will be made on whether for the school district should be ordered to allow transgender students. To use the bathroom that matches their identity. What could become the first ruling on the subject by federal appeals court. SpaceX will make another attempt to launch of falcon nine rocket on a resupply mission to the International Space Station after yesterday's planned launch was delayed because of high winds. President from Berkeley a lot of tropical and then we'll participate in the lighting of the national Christmas tree Colorado blue spruce from Virginia and president part. It's a tradition that has been carried on by every president since buying. 23 also a tradition since 1923 lighting of the New York exchange has. I'm foot tall spruce from Jersey complete with performances by not Warwick. Vincent and the cast of fans will be. Plus don't forget to get into the debrief for an update our top stories in the briefing room or break down the latest headlines. And politics. Let's Christmas trees are beautiful for the holidays are not always easy especially for military families. One Florida woman and her boys it will be their first Christmas without her husband he left earlier this year for when your deployment. Serving overseas as a black hawk pilot. But she came up with a creative way to include him in their celebration. Every time you go to beggar country reminded that they're not here every time you have a tradition you normally do and are not there the hottest ever earned. It. Hard when you're doing it alone. I think is can you take a photo of you in your uniform with your hand out and he really had no idea what I was doing. That right there is what she was doing tea at meals Christmas card features. Her with her twin boys on one side the other half her husband as he serves our country. He she wants others to realize that soldiers make sacrifices that some other family. They sure do and we know that and we salute those military families and the service members. Serving this country especially during the holidays so grateful for us after. Well that is there for us on this Thursday we are one daily Friday. And we will see you tomorrow have a great day everyone.

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