It's Morning, America: Thursday, June 13, 2019

Navy responds to reported attack in Gulf of Oman amid Iran tensions, President Trump says he thinks he would take info from foreign powers in 2020 and more.
28:26 | 06/13/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Thursday, June 13, 2019
Good morning I'm gonna move and Jane Harman you're the top I think since Thursday number one a major escalation of tensions in the Persian gulf region the US navy says it is insisting to oil tanker reportedly attacked in the gulf of Oman today. The military is not elaborating on who may be responsible for that attack reports say at least one vessel may have been hit by a torpedo. It was on fire the situation has already driven oil prices up sharply this morning. Eddie comes as Japan's prime minister is in Iran trying to smooth tensions between Iran and the US just weeks after a four other takers were attacked in the region. Number two the comments from president profit igniting new controversy during an exclusive interview with ABC news the president acknowledged that if a foreign government offered in dirt on a rival in the funny funny campaign. He would take it the president said he may not even alert the FBI about the offer any said the FBI director is wrong for suggesting the bureau should be informed the remarks have sparked new calls among Democrats for impeachment proceedings on to number three a possible link between a suspect in the David Ortiz shooting case. And a shooting in Pennsylvania. That news broke overnight as we learned more about the ambush Ortiz and how much money the suspects were allegedly paid. The try to kill the former baseball star the motive for the shooting remains a mystery the Associated Press reported that a brief relationship in Santo Domingo may have led to the shooting. Authorities are not commenting further asked for the one suspects on the loose he's also wanted in connection with the shooting in Pennsylvania will last through the victim in that case was also. Shot in the back. We have the same goes for number four they're expected to hold a victory parade for the new Stanley Cup champion Saturday in the blues won their first ever title last night with a four to one victory over Boston Bruins. Team completed a remarkable turnaround back in January they have the worst record in the room. Unique one great moment after the game was when they like Anderson a young Saint Louis and fighting each held each disease got to celebrate. Win that Stanley Cup so exciting and finally number by the house in San Francisco. I'll make you feel like you're doing time in Alka track. The home which is now up Purcell has the basement that looks more like a prison with the gel cells that block bears the walls or even line with mug shots. Notorious Albert transfer inmates including alcohol the owner reportedly rented the basement for 101000 dollar in bond I don't think outward talk about. Coming your way either Myanmar's. And prevails though this morning America. Good morning we have some breaking news oil tankers were reportedly attacked in the gulf of Oman that's. Let's get right to Julio Furlan in our London bureau Juliet good morning. Good morning Kenneth good morning to night yes with flooding there is the developments in the Persian gulf a statement from the US navy's fifth fleet that's. A division of the navy that's headquartered in Baja rain and they are responsible for. The Persian gulf they say we are way out of a reported attack one tank has in the gulf of Oman the US naval forces in the region received two separate distressed schools. At 6 AM local time the second one 7 AM local time the US navy is now providing. Assistance and regional say it. Say now about 44. Crew member is around a dozen from. Days to oil tankers have reportedly been rescued by Iran then now. Back on dry land following the the attack on these two. Time because now the navy's. Statement came off dead distress schools that it mentions they came off the medical reports. From Pakistani man and money outlets saying it that I had bitten reports from locals of an incidents. Explosions. All in these tankers and some reports are suggesting that these time because what hits by a amid silent. Reportedly so we're following day's developments and of course it's a book and say that these escalation this incident comes a just a month off of four. Oil tigers were attacked. 4 am Iraqi boy with hundreds were attacked in this some of that area at now. Saudi Arabia and its allies and the gulf have blamed Iran Iran has just denied any responsibility. For this it's unclear up the may amends. What might have happened early this morning but the schism rating rated G a politically sensitive and critical. An area the straight to hold news which is just around the corn. From the gulf of him on 20% of of the world's oil passes through that choke hold. Oft about incidents among think gay oil prices rose by nearly 4%. The price of oil this morning bouncing up and other folks on opted this latest. Incidents say oh oh look is not state can't but at least we can say it seems that the crew and those on board these two time Brazil seemed to have been. Safety rescued. From there's both tied has nothing to merit is that the Japanese prime minister actions are obvious kind the Intel broadened. On a diplomatic trip the first time a Japanese prime minister has been in Iran for four. Decades and before he left for his trip. Of course president charm had just recently. Come back from a trip to Japan. President department decisions they had spent and missed a charmed by fame before leaving for that trip. In a rotten. Kenneth tonight are. Thanks to Julia there we will check back in with few and just a moment but let's get back to that other big story president come under fire after telling ABC news he would accept damaging information. About a political opponent in 20/20 offered by a foreign power including Russia. ABC's George Stephanopoulos got incredible access to the president over 48 hours take a look. We had to pack. Days of extraordinary access it started Tuesday the president was heading to Iowa. And he invited us on Air Force One and that famed presidential limo called the beast some piece of machinery. And while the president landed in one part of Iowa democratic front runner Joseph Biden in another half. Take away your protections for preexisting conditions. I asked the president about those reports that he's trailing Biden in the polls well I don't believe this she has no heat beats me in Texas should even hero polls show your behind. No Michael showed him winning everywhere. People we've all seen reports that fifty had a seventeen states. Abort your mind it's. That nobody should get those bulls because as most on the schools and exist. We understand fifteen out of seventeen cents. Doesn't exist I just was given a meeting that might pollster. I frankly don't even believe it involves music when it's run a campaign and whatever it is it is but I just had a meeting with somebody that's a pollster. And I'm winning. Everywhere but the president wanted to know more so few seconds later he asked to go off the record to call his campaign manager his Colt Brennan. I want to ask about us and those polls still on his mind the next morning when we beat. You Carty tweeted about it they're Good Morning America today they had that phony polling information explains you list that was phony but you didn't do anything about it you should have. But it was late in the evening and perhaps you'd be getting kids. I didn't see the piece this morning I listened. Stated those polls have heard the explanations. It ultimately doesn't go quite as it. Because. It's untrue. Like troops in I'm actually very UNESCO. As we talked in the Oval Office the president signed was heading to the senate intelligence committee for more testimony your son Don juniors and before the Senate Intelligence Committee today and again he was not charged with anything. In retrospect certainly not only wasn't he charged if you read it. Would all of the horrible fake it is I mean I was reading that my son was gonna go to jail does a good young man that he was gonna go to jail. Dungeon he'd been caught up in the rush investigation because the trump tower meeting in 2016. Which he set up expecting to get dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government OK let's put yourself in a position your. Congressman somebody comes up and says hey I have information on your opponent. You call the F I don't think coming from an island NIC a lot of things although I like I don't think in my whole life of cervical the FBI. In my whole life you don't call the FBI election as a way director since that's what should happen the FBI director is wrong because frankly it doesn't happen like that and let. Your campaign this time around foreigners if Russia and China have someone else offers information upon should they accept leadership because the FBI. I think maybe do Bob's that you might wanna listen I don't there's nothing wrong with listening if somebody call. From a country Norway. We have information on your own. I think and want to hear that you want that kind of interference in our elections under the definitive information I think that take it. The reaction to the president's comments overnight has been strong with some Democrats calling for impeachment proceedings to begin immediately. ABC's wanna Zach joins us now from Washington with the latest lot of good morning. Good morning guys that's right now there are some of those 20/20 hopefuls like senator Kirsten Gillibrand and senator Elizabeth Ward who had previously said. That the president should be impeached who are now doubling down following those comments in that exclusive interview from George Stephanopoulos. But we aren't seeing a lot of people actually changing their minds in terms of impeachment based offer that the people who thought. That the president should already be impeached while they seem to be digging in even further using that says evidence but. Others like 20/20 hopeful senator Connell Harris. She isn't saying that it demonstrate that the president is more self interest and then interested in our democracy. But she inning using the impeachment word nor is vice president Joseph Biden. We're also hearing from a Republican at least one of them today who says he disagrees with the president. Idea that this is simply opposition research to accept. Dirt on a political opponent from a foreign entity and that in this commonly done among congress people as a president told Stephanopoulos. He says that he would immediately contact the FBI and in fact that. Coincides with what we heard from FBI director Christopher Wray and president tribes own attorney general William Barr. Who who disagreed really with the president's position. The president saying that that they are mistaken in suggesting that his campaign should not accept this type of opposition research we haven't heard yet from the FBI a response to this interview yet today Kenneth today. Our thanks a lot of there and Washington in our thanks to George Stephanopoulos for that exclusive. And it be you can see more of it later today right here on ABC news live under a prime time special next week. Former White House communications director hope hicks has agreed to appear before the House Judiciary Committee a closed door interview set for next week will make her the first former truck bay to testify before the panel. Which is looking into potential obstruction by the president White House reportedly told hicks to defy a subpoena for documents also. We're site committee has voted to recommend holding a two trump administration officials in contempt of congress. At issue is the decision to out of citizenship questions of the 20/20 six us census attorney general William Barr in commerce secretary William. Wilbur Ross are defying subpoenas to turn over documents related to their decision and before the house vote president trump exerted executive privilege over the documents Democrats say the citizenship question will lead to an undercount of minorities and benefit Republicans. The Supreme Court is already considering the case and is expected to rule this month. House committee has agreed to send the 9/11 victims fund after that emotional appeal from John Stewart lawmakers acted quickly after to a criticize us for allowing the fund. For first responders to Wendell the full house is expected to approve the bill in August the senate. Majority leader Mitch McConnell is being urged to quickly take up the issue. A powerful cyber attack could be part of China's response to massive protests and Hong Kong the messaging app telegram says. It was targeted by the attack it's frequently used organized protest in Hong Kong a proposed law that would allow extradition to mainland China. Has brought huge crowds into the street at least 72 people were injured in clashes. People with police yesterday. Which force lawmakers to delay debate on the proposal. The first defendant sent as in the college admissions scandal is beginning its punishment not behind bars former Stanford. Selling coach John Vander more will serve two years of supervised release including six months of home detention. You also pay a 101000 dollar fine. In a more committed to helping students get into Stanford in exchange for money for its selling program. The judge called in to more of the least culpable of all those charged in the scandal because. He didn't take any of the bright money for himself. Singer John Legend has performed a duet or campers. Not wearing them. He's talking about the company they're teaming up to put 5000. Changing tables immense public restrooms across the US and Canada. By 22 when he won the move is part of Pampers love the change campaign. It was sparked by laster is viral video showing a Florida dad changing his son while squatting. On the floor of a public bathroom. Well coming up Amanda a dream and a long war. And a new world record on the. Or turned out to the search for mother her daughter on the run this morning police. An Oregon say the two took off together after the mother refused to get the cancer treatment that doctors say her daughter needs in this story is reigniting the debate over parental rights. This morning to searching is intensifying for a thirteen year old organ girl who's fighting cancer Alley has some medical needs. And we want to make sure that we get her the help students overnight police releasing a description now saying hi Lee Dixon and her mother Christina are traveling in an orange Jeep Wrangler according to investigators they've been on the run since Kylie missed a scheduled surgery for illness her mother claimed on ago funny page that traditional medicine. Has not been working to treat Kyle Reese cancerous tumor online post from daily members say Christina has been relying on natural medicine including CBD oil to treat her daughter. I find that really shocking him like I mean I believe that. Every pairing should have a right to treat their child. You know what they see fit the team has ordered into state custody earlier this month bull when investigators went to their home Christina and Kylie were nowhere to be found. When they went to look for rally on June 7 at her residence it was apparent that they want out there are no longer. My name is trailing in this YouTube video shown by ABC station KTU. Kiley is seen discussing her treatment saying the chemo was killing her. And saying she wants help for her mother to trader at home I. Couldn't even now two from from you. Isn't that thinks she'd be it would've killed me. But my parents to know. It's six to see my mom trying so. I saved my thanks again. Police say they believe Kylie and Christine are still in the Portland area hospital where she was being treated will not discuss the case because of privacy rules. Let's go across upon out of doing McFarlin and the London bureau -- morning Julia. What are you can't joining us. So there are floating there's a voice added this morning all of that is to oil tank has. Which puts it they have come under attack off the district will news in the gulf of Oman. It's an interesting time for these excavations because the name and the Japanese prime minister missions are obviate. Is on a visit to Iran what he is meeting the supreme leader Ayatollah come NA it is thief last time a Japanese lead. Has been to Iran in four decades now officially the reason for this trip is that celebrating. Nine T is. All they diplomatic relationship but of course this trip is coming in the middle of all of these Jay political tensions and not very. A sensitive parts of the wild. Remember that present trump went on a state visit to Japan very recently. And so. Prime positions. Pay as possibly playing a key diplomatic role. Between the United States and Iran a little bit of background remember present child he pulled out. Of the Iran nuclear deal lost yet sanctions have been applied on Tehran that Iran is really angry about bats. And say per prime minister abbate. Speech king yesterday he said amid rising tension it is essential for Iran to play a constructive role. And strengthening peace and stability in the Middle East so that this region at way to be destabilized. Sons all accidental clashes went how Penn. Now that's kind of a veiled reference to the escalation in the US and Iran. Remember that the US cent and Ashcroft carry to the region often lost months. Ask relations went for oil tank has reportedly came under attack similar instance of what may have happened this morning. The US and its allies in the gulf makes me Saudi Arabia and then and the M Iraqis they've blamed Iran Iran said it's not responsible. So there is a lot happening in this region but just before abbate visited Iran he'd tell offend missed the trump. Say it's though that there is some coordination on trying to defuse the escalating crisis comes. That timing definitely is interesting. Julie so I understand a bit if you want to live like a queen. You now can I you guys and he tells about one of the queen's homes. Suffer self. Yeah I mean isn't using they say if you want to live like a queen you can I mean. Let's just take a look at this place because I don't know about you. Not Vista as out of the approaching and Lugo that that. It was a case so so what is this that when looking at this is. The queen's former resident and Mo also the queen the duke of Edinburgh. Ones could hand it could about the sales for more than seven million dollar this. It is the beloved quads a mind you can be mangled up annunciation it is a plot says some months on the outskirts of the Maltese capital selects. And it was a royal residence during that the years of the marriage ramat Philip was a naval office news station Malta for little bet said this was whacked. They lived it's got six bedrooms three Boston's a ground silent no BO living room on already sure what that means needless it will be something very cost. Not to mention various guest seven courses. The property has great historical value. But I mean look at it benefits means but it adopt it needs remain lobotomy it looks like it looks like the Hackett a union in Oklahoma pay your leg was. When the wind days was that in dual and I didn't want to sent back to shake in this that made it seemed that today's right. I'm I'm curious what was living in the air now. It's yet you wanna buy you gotta kill nonbelievers as. Out some outlying indeed OK so I'm doing stick around. Help me go through these notifications here starting with that didn't reveal a mouse and that's going viral. So this is a winding up event that this Florida right Ewing you know Florida. You're the pilot still don't Florida earlier I think they'll look at you. Right. This happened right here where. Yes it's a girl that was revealed there there's wildlife trapper. He and his wife wanted to really go all out for the reveal for their tenth child. And there you see that giant gators yeah you don't have gators over there and what. And the arc in the zoo for her and not like frolicking around. In. And it and they've had yeah that are all those men so for me. But. Yeah. I mean it's different write a little Prius store there it Ethel different yes this is also different Julia have you ever on mowed the lawn. I don't know are there here in the big city of London so I don't know how many. Big I don't that's the size of a pay finch found. OK and I and I use had a chance and it kills my back while it would take you about point 003 seconds if you had this supercharged long work to do. Job on this set a Guinness book of world records for the fast won't work celebration. Breaking it up now on that's not a loan. Not a series wasn't hoping to add. And that many years he's on the street but he could be mowing the lawn there that I season. Patches of green there next to him on that road he should be move over a little bit right. You know look at I think we should try and borrow one of days and take it central pot. And C and take it first venomous in their British counterparts and here's an idea how about we take that to Malta to the queen's property he worked there. We can just read their Disney alumni that we need a subtle kind of to a need construction Latin Witten needs like a wrecking bowl. And would need some good lazy is. Well you know it's. In a huge flawed but I want to see pictures of what a minute by an agreement Philip did Eric I don't like and the but many of them trying to figure out if. We saw this on the crown I solved that. I love that series on Netflix and we're waiting for the new season of the come out with a different. I explained that -- And if we're gonna watch it I think I want to watch it on this extra large TV Sam song has this now where it literally is. Wall the wall luxury they're calling that it's our suggest that any three inches wide but it can be expanded to 292 inches diagonally. That's more than 24. Feet across. I cannot break that down to UN metrics. Over there across all of the length of my living room wall yes I cannot physically fit that in my house I think could Julia. I admit that that I even thought about in my god and I have cut to 2012 it by a. That hey that one can dream right one day I really could dreaming. Julie I will say this is also our question of the day. Giving folks is how big is to date for your TV. I'm I do have to tell you that when our I draw the line it fitting it inside my my how yes that that's the day. Op might actually bought a TV that was like it was like a 55 inch when does in my twenties early gonna. Bonnie gotten some money in my TV jobs and I'm I hadn't vehicle LG TV. And I bought it and I put in my small small apartment Orlando. And it was is way too big that I think ticket back to the store and got something that was like 42 inches and a coworker by the time says. A man never takes back a large television you keep the TV. Well you know no one likes sitting right at the front in this and then right. Well sometimes it Bailey too big you want a little but it distance. You do want to be sitting NASDAQ at a whole thing because annual rise of go to me two months ago from. In an. To get from one I I think I think maybe fourteen ounces is probably. This probably find I think we're just about just about fits in my teeny London spot just about. I will say there are many in movies I have not gone to see because only about front row was available so. Julia we really appreciate you helping us to those notifications. Thank you so much referendum good thank you candidates who aren't and folks don't forget that question of the Dade police tweet us at ABC news alive let us know what you think how biggest cubic for television and would you want that one. That they're offering up. Well coming up the team that was dead last in January now lifting the Stanley. Copped the good luck charm that helped the thinking. Whose capture their first championship. After this. And let's watch out for today president trump has a working lunch with governors on the workforce freedom and mobility and will give remarks on second chance firing at the White House this afternoon vice president has we'll take a tour of Yellowstone and speak about rebuilding infrastructure US national parks in the Golden State Warriors will play their last game of world war rain. Trying to force a game seven in the NBA finals as the Toronto Raptors try to close out. Their first ever championship. But don't forget to turn into the debriefed for an update on all our top stories in the briefing room for a break down the latest headlines and politics. And speaking of the NBA some history has just been made. The Cleveland Cavaliers have made a Lindsay Gottlieb the first woman's. College coach to join the ranks of the MBA as an assistant coach Brad Nokia is working on this brat. And you know this is not even just coaches just in the last couple days the New Orleans pelicans have hired a former WNBA star for their front office women in climbing up the ranks. As scouts and consultants but the questions always been. Will we see more women on the sidelines of NBA games the answer is yes. For the last seven years Lindsay Gottlieb has been head coach cal Berkeley well now she's taken a job as an assistant with the Cleveland Cavaliers that is the second woman in the NBA to get a full time coaching gig. Got to ESPN's sage Steele who's covered the NBA for years and I Astor. What are the team seeing now that they weren't seeing before. You know it just takes 11. Team to do something a little bit unorthodox many other people kind of go oh well and that is a really good idea. And of course they'll won the first with a San Antonio Spurs several years ago attacking him and here's the thing basketball is basketball and sometimes I think it's really helpful for other voices to be heard even if the message is the same. You know what's interesting here you guys she said this is not lip service from the players fans at times have asked can a woman coach in the men's league she says players. Genuinely believe which he said that basketball is basketball. Has the mutual respect is there throughout the leak while a lot more on start here live this morning listen on apple podcasts will be forever podcasting app today gonna. Looking forward to that Brad thank you are definitely a trend setter and absolutely out things we've it's an earlier this morning be great win. This is not news right it's just the Norton and anarchy the saint Louis blues scored their first Stanley Cup victory. Since joining the league in 1967. The blues have been waiting 52 years for their first Stanley Cup and last night's game itself was definitely one for the books are well cans breaks it down. An NHL finals that its invited just about every one. Bruins and blues Boston in Saint Louis even Jim and Pam from the office Michael Scott himself Steve Carell taking sides tweeting this pick in a Bruins cap. The stakes couldn't be higher Bruins captain Zdeno Chara returning to the guys with a possible broken jaw after being hit with a puck in game four. But the blues up early to the Ziff after the first period. Speaking of Lewis Charles Barkley providing commentary and a huge ushered. Over a loophole in between periods that strangely Nolan putting him in the penalty box. Also wearing blue Leila Anderson I young Saint Louis fans fighting each LH disease the blue surprising her with game seven tickets in a video that's gone viral. Yeah. And. But they're good luck charm in the stands the blues going on to win game 74 to one over the Bruins taking home their first Stanley Cup in franchise history. 52 years of debate. So those boos victory as the longest wait and NHL history fourteen to win its first championship. And Leila Anderson that beautiful moment the blues this who prepare we introduce you to take a look at the moment she got her own well deserved celebration. With that beautiful Stanley Cup. Such a great story for her so much excitement in that city as the kids used to say. I'm not but I'm from the aluminum crowd and a half sure lots of. People from the from the move and I'm proud of did not when a voice that Stanley Cup up proud. That's. Not just at the save mart is. Proud im proud American. Anyway Iran will stick to news good yeah today. We're we'll see you tomorrow to close out this week have a great day.

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