It's Morning, America: Thursday, March 14, 2019

Beto O'Rourke announces presidential run, FAA grounds Boeing Max 8 jets and more.
22:36 | 03/14/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Thursday, March 14, 2019
Good morning I'm gonna vote and I'm getting already had a top I think snow this Thursday number one of the massive storms slamming seventeen million Americans take a look at the blizzard conditions in Nebraska overnight conditions that. But even worse in Colorado where highways have been closed and hundreds of drivers have been stranded a state of emergency was declared. The wind gusted to nearly 100 miles per hour. Thousands of flights have been canceled or delayed meanwhile flood watches are in effect because of heavy rain and snow melt expected in the upper midwest. Heavy rain also expected to. Across the Ohio River valley today and storms could be surveyor from Detroit to Cincinnati. Number two the black boxes from the Boeing John backgrounds and Ethiopia have now been taken to France. But their data will be assessed. Here in the US the three airlines that fly Boeing 737 Max aircraft are re booking passengers now that the planes have been rounded. On to number three a close call on a highway near Toronto watch as the plane nearly slammed into the strong jobs before going down on the side of the road the plane apparently overshot the runway at a small airport nearby thankfully. The two people on board when not injured. Number for Aurora big vote in Washington today the senate deciding whether to block president prompts emergency declaration. On the southern border the bill has an up Republican support to pass but it remains unclear whether there's enough support to override a presidential veto. And a filing number five General Motors has delayed the debut of its new Corvette and just wait. Things here why the redesigned into this Saturday so powerful that fast cars. Farm spending out of sheet that again their bid indeed out of sheep wallet from their aluminum frames are just twisting the Mets beat the car was supposed to appear at the Detroit auto show in January instead. It will likely debut this summer and got so much for a talk about coming your way her room this morning in America. The weight wobble wake me up cannon. Again that car program because I've been lights low and down. This thing is bending a part. Old that's a crazy how is that even I'm thinking that well. C a sustained called three G forces summed. I'll stop bit toward optional it's so I. I didn't work out that yes pie a day after Obama turning order experiment let's Colorado is Kathy hiding it in my headache three point 141596. You haven't actually know that that is it represents. Bath Mitt. Mathematical constant the ratio of A the conference of a circle. And it has been out with Doug -- week about his whole University of South Carolina you know the bootleg USC's. He's out. Let's go bill good Illinois saying Buick illinois' UC he perhaps BS her. Everybody members except got there. Yeah bureaucratic allegory but it. Yeah timing is Laurie raining and it's a rating is the O'Rourke officially. Announcing his run for president and funny twining this morning the former Texas congressman's narrow loss to Ted Cruz. And last year's senate election propelled allowed to the national stage and speculation. And humid entered the race has been mounting a percent. I don't know if and he may be announced alongside his wife Amy in a video message. Immunize you are happy to share its U that I am running to serve you as the next president of the United States of America. We can invest in the Dugan. We can ensure that every single American can see a doctor and be well enough to live to their full potential. And all of us wherever you live can acknowledge that if immigration is a problem. It's the best possible problem for this country to have perhaps most importantly of all because our very existence depends on. We can unleash the ingenuity and creativity. Of millions of Americans who want to ensure that we squarely confront the challenge. Of climate change. Before it's too late. The only way for us to live up to the promise of America is to give it our all into give it for all of us. But there you have it for Rourke stars his campaign today with a trip to Iowa needs plan may not kick off rally from march 30 in his hometown of El Paso. So the number of Democrats this point I think it's up to 1746. Maybe yeah that's another Democrats running for let me hold much welcome to the rays. Crowded field yet. We turn that big story the emergency decision from the White House to ground all Boeing 737 planes similar to one that crashed in Ethiopia overnight we learned just how many travelers. We'll be affected by this decision and what took so long for US safety officials to ground those. Several questions remain this morning our Stephanie Ramos is tracking the story from Washington good morning Stephanie. So I wasn't the ground it wasn't completely unexpected as you mentioned other countries grounded that Boeing's. 737 Max planes Canada China Germany the UK France but the big question was. Why wasn't the US first and go when it was the US going to join in and ground the fleet while. Let it take you back to yesterday that's when it all changed yesterday morning. The FAA and Boeing putting out statements saying they have full confidence. In the safety of these planes the by midday yesterday. Canadian officials they went to the administration and and these provided some data and they said there is a possible connection between. These two recent crashes the one in Ethiopia and the one in Indonesia and then the FA today. Said that once they looked at trapped data from satellites and the evidence on the debris field in Ethiopia. They said there were enough similarities to determine they needed to ground the entire fleet for how long if that's unclear at this point. And it write something about the black boxes we wanna know the information that's on those but boxes it was back and forth about whether or not one was damaged so. At this point what are we hearing about the latest on the black boxes from that that Ethiopia crass Stephanie. So those locked boxes you're right they are damage they've been sent to France because they're damage so Ethiopian officials. They did have the capability to read the information on the black boxes but because or damage they don't have the equipment to and kind of get that information so. Bought bosses are on their way to France right now and the baby played no role in this delay the FAA. Apparently it was waiting to see what information they could. We get from these bought boxes from that Ethiopian crash because there was that delay a that that played into the decision to grounded the fleet here in the US. Puritanism many passengers will be impacted by adversity for the airline trying to kind of downplayed the impact so when you think about the number of planes some. About 6 or 7 evening teaching the three American Airlines that fly those Max aircraft. Thousands of passengers impacted every day so several moved up would be watching this once our thanks happening. And dissect it and now to that cause bribery scandal in several new developments actors or loch Lin is now free on bond after turning to authorities and her daughter. Is making news once again as we learn more about how investigators accidentally stumbled upon this massive scheme. Warren Rockland is back home released on one million dollar bond after a brief court appearance for her alleged role in the college bribery scheme the actress who played a role model on full house allegedly shelled out 500000. Dollars to consultant Rick singer. Along with her fashion designer husband to get their daughters Indy US seat. DMZ reports her daughter Olivia was on a USC trustees yacht when the scandal broke. Olivia is currently a freshman college shelves ABC news they are now conducting a case by case review for current students involved in the allegations. And walk Clinton was arrested you day after dozens of wealthy parents were taken into custody including Felicity Huffman was arrested by agents with guns drawn and then propped. The star of Desperate Housewives allegedly paid 151000 dollars to consultant singer. To bribe a proctor who would secretly changed her daughter's test answers colleges and companies are distancing themselves from employees accused of either paying bribes or taking them. On Wednesday the University of Texas fired its men's tennis coach. A major Silicon Valley hedge fund replace its leader saying with an international law firm based in New York. Prosecutors say this means mastermind worked with dozens of parents to game the system time. My name's Rick singer and founder of the key. A video obtained by TMC shows singer in two point ten pitching himself as a start his own reality show centered around the stresses of college admissions. Mom and dad go to a dinner party. They hear about every kid who's doing getting in this school going to this summer program do we miss doing that Sunday morning my phone rings off the hook why. Couple more after witness after all this chaos. The payoff for me is knowing that these kids found the right place to go to school and I feel great about themselves. While the show never sold people did buy in to singers idea. Officials say singer allegedly faked athletic credentials photo shopped pictures and fakes scores on college entrance exams while pocketing millions of dollars from wealthy parents. Overnight ABC news learned the FBI stumble look on the scam by accident. After receiving a tip related to a fraud investigation. Surrounding a 400000. Dollar payment allegedly made to the women soccer coach at Yale. Also facing charges in the case mark riddle the Harvard alarm admits to taking part in that scheme. By taking college admission tests for students he was just a really Smart guys. Here is just enough you get into your perfect score on demand riddle apologized in a statement saying. I understand how my actions contributed to a loss of trust in the college admissions process and USC's campus students say they feel cheated. I feel put people like us who actually save hard. Dave day and night dude just come here and us. Many believe the arrests have exposed to a wider problem with college admission insists it systems a one expert calls it the tip of the iceberg. Interest in you know I heard on GMA yesterday with titles an interesting point by analysts. Someone who really knows this field of emissions he was saying that he thinks is a small group they were talking about because most applications for colleges are. Simple no assays you know and for this on for that top top form these is a small number obviously impacted but I still think there are some one was well deserving who. Obviously they get a stay on it and write that wealthy person did you know art some other headlines are watching former trump campaign chairman Paul metaphor is facing new charges. Just as he begins a longer prison sentence. Here's a New York are now charging metaphor for mortgage fraud if he's convicted on those state charges he would not be eligible for presidential pardon. The new charges were announced after a judge added three years man fort sentence for money laundering and obstruction of justice bringing the total sentenced to more than seven years. His lawyer faced protesters outside court. Judge Jackson. Conceded that there was actually no evidence of any Russian collusion in this case and it takes to employers. To court. Oh no evidence. Our vision wider us. Clark yeah. During sentencing hearing the judge Rick Perry case had nothing to do with Russian collusion in the election. And investigators in Southern California now say one of the largest fires in state history was sparked by power lines they say heavy winds caused power lines to slam into each other causing an electric spark that ignited dry brush on the ground. Dudley Thomas fire destroyed more than 1000. Buildings. And new York city police are looking into the killing about alleged crime boss friend Chesko Cali was the reputed leader of the Gambino family. Once run by John Gotti tally was shot to death last night in front of its hold on Staten Island. Please don't have any suspects it's the first killing of a New York City crime boss since 1985. I the federal government is moving ahead with plans to keep. A new FDA proposal would restrict sales of most flavored items to stores that either verify customers' ages. Or have age restricted areas for baking items companies that don't follow the rules could have their products pulled from the market. Critics say the proposal lets companies police themselves a separate FDA plan calls for a ban on flavored cigar. Coming up were officially on royal baby watch the latest from mega marvels pregnancy and what she's doing to prepare for the baby. Back. Holler. Go across the hot that ABC news London bureau where Bruno Burt is keeping an I'm the biggest international is burnout in the morning it will start some sad news. A terrible school shooting in Brazil of course here in the US we know that all too well what is the latest there. Yes very sad well what went what we blunt is that two shoots his two young men 117125. Started back killing spree part she's she's in one of that uncles then entered the school joining lunchtime and shot five students dead. Killed two I belts and wounded seventeen others. They were armed of the handgun and a by. And wearing mosques is sort of that a familiar unfortunately familiar Condo resident veteran all of these sort of shootings. No explanation as being given as to. What was driving them this way the mother has been quite to the saying that has some. Of one of the mothers who sees me Hassan had been voted at the school and have been excluded because of Barack. And one of the shoot as did posts just so pictures on Facebook's showing him posing with a handgun and the Moscow that he used in the attack but. Pretty really all full. Seen justice I we're so used to seeing this scenes here in the US and see them. And another country there and it's still just ask tragic Bruno. I was lured to Syria and ice is of course that decisive battle against ices militants. Coming closer to an end so what are we hearing now. Well as its its ongoing. I mean what was surprising his according to the US backed Syrian defense. Democratic forces. The license revenue and hold up the tiny little Larry and bud who's actually staged a counter attack overnight. But again you feel that this is just the last gospel of this group. Come in in Syria and. Right and Bruno after all of that a little bit of a lighter note so hard hitting journalism where officially at royal baby were hot. Why did our judges meg and Mark Halperin Ari. Youth sitting outside of the hospital announced. Not I have done that actually twice. I'm actually I know it's it's not hard news but I I can't wait I'm very much couldn't afford to that Coronado. Is the duke and duchess have had their last official engagement together. They OSHA scene at the commonwealth day a couple of days ago but the duchess AKA mag and is now and we don't we understand. The got to go on maternity leave ahead of the about the fire first child. We don't nobody know when the child is due but also speculation. We think we late march early April but I'm a pretty full to that actually. So many sides of Bruener rover he can cover it aren't used to I got it wound. One little thing I'm afraid I've go to mention Bre X it sorry no I don't ever remember. 600 you're you that's her favorite topics or aren't rush you have no idea come and it still will Kyle's been more mayhem for threes amaze attempt at tried to exit Great Britain. A deal was voted down then parliament said that they took no did off the table so that that. We know we don't know where we are and now Downing Street is that it be known that there's going to be a float meaningful vote on how to deal so let's see who knows fingers crossed we might actually get out of this. With some sort of resolution. Third back ever since you talk to me after the tenth vote on this. And please no no no mole. Are worried Andrea thank you we appreciated. Art well since IG has to Graham and FaceBook were down yesterday. We really haven't had a chance to check our social feed right Brad yet. So let's take a look at order to be agency was trending today. OK so from time it. And net edged Sharjah. Doesn't your son injured backpack to see if she's got any papers to sign or anything. Season school picture pulled out these she said she let out a blood curdling scream like. Now paying the empire C. Phase it is I have seven bond market that you gotta keep yeah I think about language. Money shot in the Vietnam we met today it at the top is pi today. I today march 14 of course eight field to fight this dog when actually pride. Is that bad faith Bassett that was more weather map. As you not highway that it was like a legislative way with a real whipped cream on top of coffee or something like that like boot and that's how I feel when Jesse whipped cream on top of pop correct Fiat. Is that that helps me. Since urged me to flick my lips like Benny. Then how about this from Scotland us here he climbed all the way up the top of what's called old may and I believe it was this Iconix. I. Filed under movie I have. Jumped off with this teens and a pair shoes and terms for. Great guy it's I said earlier down on me now mines in the by the sword righted after cots and Disney. An Orlando. Orlando Orlando on. This piece. All right Terry move on Charlie's they results and he's gonna get it out of their. Not only favorite car or I'm a parent and the need love being charged and how. What does that that is you know hybrid with the plain mean. Bagpipe players and a certain. With a crime because people. Little doing his yeah. Simply put yeah. Where a gallon for much. I'm the day yesterday leaving thousands of users paying people were freaking cars are coming out how we all waited through this problem he. I'm going on today including candid sex thing right now what if the browns back up her they have cleared if you live you're probably central Tenet. Is expected to pass a resolution of disapproval that would terminate president trumps national emergency declaration. However it's unclear at this point if the senate has the votes to override a presidential. Tell me while the house will vote on a resolution calling for the Muller report to be made public. Plus dozens low level appear in court on charges of lying to police. Oh lead stage hate crime in this Chicago. Federal war will begin his campaign with a meet and greet and Iowa and two American astronauts. Russian cosmonaut will blast off on a trip to the International Space Station. And there are forget to tune into the debrief or update on our top stories and their briefing room for breakdown. Of the latest headlines in our tech. Call eight did you catch Jimmy Kimmel last night on the end sir Graham black out Lucas. I know what to do I was forced to go outside to show polaroids of my lunch to strangers walking by a. Oh Jimmy seriously you didn't see what any of your friend and tougher line insured din her didn't see anywhere and outfit of the day either. ABC news feed their self fees. And the cell fees. We've got to do it it's off thousands perhaps even millions of users and packed it plunged into social media withdraw. Arrow will Ganz who among them and says he was able to upload your answer Grahame story to actually it's a Graham all day he's uploading it right there for us to see. Don't worry all it's not just you FaceBook instead Graham and what sat down for users all over the world for most Wednesday. The widespread outage affecting apps owned by FaceBook and what may be the most serious outage in the company's history. FaceBook tweeting at 1:49 PM eastern. We're aware that some people are currently having trouble accessing FaceBook family adapts. Were working to resolve the issue as soon as possible although they've yet to say what the issue is FaceBook clarifying that the problem is not caused by any type of cyber attack. And despite all the drama FaceBook shares relatively unaffected throughout the day. With so many social platforms down some folks using the day to enjoy the outdoors and connect with their fellow humans it. Up and his game. Do you imagine no. Instead people taking to Twitter still functioning just fine to scratch their social media it's. Most of the top trends all day here in the US related to the outage. Some users taking it into their own hands to solve the issue Lindsay Lohan tweeting debts. While others making sure everyone else is okay. All right we can bring eating houses checked in and as I am as ready to get outside now I can withdraw from. Talking to people. Fair enough back into your phone lines in the seclusion since the media guarding me look what she did during the outage you. Yep she told everyone out whether almighty god was it they hate god has dropped a big surprise that mr. Graham go check. I have what I ask Chad got in June yeah that's it for us on this Thursday have a great day we will leave my arm bra. Is.

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