It's Morning, America: Thursday, March 7, 2019

Sen. Martha McSally's bombshell sexual assault revelation, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen's contentious testimony and more.
26:08 | 03/07/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Thursday, March 7, 2019
Good morning I'm getting Norman and I get a vote here at the top five things you know this Thursday general one singer. This time from our to pay child support was clocked out hours after an interview where he denied abusing young women. Two women who live with them are speaking out in support of meanwhile overnight a new allegation against the 52 year old singer a Detroit woman now claims Kelly had sex with her. In 2001 when she was thirteen years old. Kelly and his lawyers have not commented on that woman's claims never to Homeland Security secretary here's a Nielsen is defending president on national emergency declaration apple southern border she incest that is not a manufactured emergency. Nielsen was grilled by house lawmakers about the administration's family separation policy. And the treatment of migrant children in US custody former White House chief of staff John Kelly defended Nielsen during an event at Duke University last night. Kelly said even though Nielsen has been criticized for separating migrant failings at the border he blames the policy on former attorney general Jeff Sessions. A lighter note when asked what his advice would be for his successor at the White House and it will lady telling jokes that he would tell until quote run for it. I would not comment on reports that he was ordered by president to world security clearances for cheer Kushner and apply. On to number three jeopardy host Alex for back announcing his new helped battle he's been diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer he's vowing to fight it. And fans are rushing to support him. Jeopardy star contestant Ken Jennings called for back the last Cronkite are reassuring TV voice you hear every night almost to the point of ritual. Number four and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is promising to improve privacy with encryption that even FaceBook. It won't be able to re and a blocked pro soccer Bergen knowledge passed controversy saying quote. We don't currently have a strong reputation for building privacy protective services. About fifteen million users have left FaceBook in the last two years and filing number five the organ man who survived on hot sauce. Five days while his car was stuck in the snow is speaking out survival experts say Jeremy Taylor did almost everything right during his ordeal. He and his dog stay warm by cuddling up. Any only Randy engine for short periods his only mistake with not having water or food. Only three Taco Bell packets. Fires office. I was obviously. Hundred like those starting that is. And we have nothing and it's it's nice even knowing hot sauce is going to be something there's onions are helping those are some and in some needed to run for quick second. And whether or not it's. Any nutritional value are not at least and in your mind that something. We hear talk about grateful for the free publicity. So he's getting free food for a year and half the hot sauce packed its ball cock goes every day. We've got much more to talk about coming your way it's more in America. Bad morning. So I just. Heard a right back the question. Did he eat the dog what did you eat the dog suit were not talking about me we're trying not him and. Maybe he doesn't want people about my age because remember originally on the story he was kind of embarrassed about yeah so Bellwether solace putting that hotspots from dog and to hug through one how would probably in other words good learning about. It was areas features. Well again good morning to you. Let's move on to that big story of today and new details about that powerful moment on Capitol Hill senator about subjects Sally. Revealing to the world her personal story of sexual assault in the military. And the Arizona Republican who was the first female fighter pilot in combat says she was raped by a superior officer and suffered in silence for years. ABC's Serena Marshall has more on why that Sally is coming forward now and serene I mean this is just such touching testimony that she gave. I did today it was so powerful such a powerful personal moment on capitalists not some than we often see. From this freshman Republican senator as you said the first female fighter pilot says serve in combat is also a 26 year military veteran air force colonel. And now revealing a this new ad titled it she's carried in silence for so long. Sexual assault survivor here's what she told his congressional committee. I am also a military sexual assault survivor. But unlike so many brave survivors. I didn't report being sex with something. I didn't trust the system. I blame myself. As seem confused. And I thought I was strong. But felt powerless. The perpetrators abuse there position of power in profound ways. And in one case I was preyed upon and then raped by a superior officer. She added that when she tried to come forward to -- system was briefing her all over again like so many other survivors and this comes at a time when sexual assault in the military is at an all time high. -- percent increase over last over the previous year the report looks at 2017 data and found nearly 7000. Sexual assaults in the military. And that this statement from the air forces said there are appalled and deeply sorry for what the setter mix Sally experienced. And that their steadfast in their commitment to eliminating that reprehensible behavior and beat breach of trust in our ranks and spinning and Serena I mean powerful. Brave courageous sell many words to describe what we bird. From senator from the senator there yesterday I mean about her coming forward but now looking forward what could happen next will there be an investigation. Well as well that's in really good question Jim Ney I win the senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is asked about what he listed you he also pointed to senator Johnny earnest that I Republican senator from Iowa who also indeed tell her grateful she was in college and said he's open to any policy procedures that either senator wants to bring forward. You know and listening to mix Alley there I think she's a lot stronger that she's getting herself credit war for something that happened to when she was younger. I'm and then just meaning to speak out now so bravely. And forcefully I think it says a lot. And that's arena thank you for bringing in assets which is it would mean that's going to touch a lot of people. Hours are ready. No I mean no matter how long she waited to speak out the fact she's doing it now you know it just. Brings it even more to the forefront. Yeah capitalism containing. Well to former trump picture Michael poet whose turn over any documents to congress after another closed door session on Capitol Hill. He submitted the documents in an effort to back up its claim that its previous false statement was added it. I want a president comes current attorneys meanwhile sources toll BC news that shortly after the FBI raided Cohen's home in law office. He was approached by lawyers claiming to have ties to the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. And they allegedly tried to keep co went from flipping. Now to that tock concerning news that jeopardy host out extra Backus fighting pancreatic cancer. He made the announcement on the show vowing to beat the disease against the odds. He's guided contestants and fans through countless questions. Let's have some fun here comes the jet around rural. And answers for more than 35 years as host of jeopardy alcove to America's favorite answering question game. This is a rare but aggressive type of cancer it's one of the leading causes of cancer deaths. And often it's not caught until it's at a late stage the majority of cases are diagnosed when it's thirty spread. This morning friends and fans are offering their support. Will fortune host pat say Jack says on Twitter he saddens to hear the news book quote. There is no one I know who is stronger and more determined and I would never bet against him and Jeffrey Starr contesting Ken Jennings writing. Alex trip back is in a way the last Cronkite authoritative reassuring TV voice you hear every night almost to the point of ritual. So help me keep the faith. And we'll win. We'll get it done. Thank you. Doctors say there is hope when it comes to pancreatic cancer more than 1000 clinical trials are underway to fight the disease. And many are showing progress so it comes out extra back. You know a lot of people are speaking out today ends at me people across world Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau because he. Is from Canada I mean so we people sending well wishes and say if anyone can beat it it is out to back. Eastern Canada but he is our national treasure and we are already routes for back this morning because 35 years. On that one show that he is a staple. An American. Entertainment and television and we all know round at 7 PM hour yet. That we or it's contracts that are 730 that its direct and that host you know jeopardy like it's so iconic can have. We have grown up watching him and so we are definitely praying for him as he request it. Yes help him get through this our Homeland Security chief a cure some Nelson is defending president of national emergency declaration and the southern border. In her first congressional testimony since Democrats took control of the house heels and insisted that the prices at the border is not manufactured. She is grilled about the administration's paley separation policy in the treatment of migrant children hears from the key moments from that hearing. We face a crisis. A real serious and sustained crisis outer doors. Yesterday we announced that the numbers of apprehension on our southern border hats spiked again substantially. Atlas and sleaze last year we had been seeing fifty to 60000 migrants arrive at our southern border each month. And in February we saw 30% jump over the previous month with agents apprehending or encountering nearly 75000. Aliens. This is an 80% increase over the same time last year. And I can report today that CBP is forecasting the problem will get even worse this spring. As the weather warms up through there is no parent. Who has been to port it's my knowledge without multiple opportunities to take their children with. Were you aware that the zero tolerance policy would be to minors being separated from their parents concerned. As the increase consequences for those who break the law justice answering. The and I have such limited time on secretary I'm sure you can appreciate that as it as an honest answer is parent going to jail we in this country do not take. The children to jail the presidents did. It of the Border Patrol. They would never so many apprehensions ever pay it in in our history. So she could Nielsen. What the president said. Was not accurate was it. I do. Apologize and I had a full context of that they can tell you is we have encountered more family units per month than ever in history it is it would the president said is accurate enough. A descendant of context of his statements refused checking out Stanley units in particular sector would twist around to looking up took about the the number we went from one point six million. A 2000 apprehension said. 400000. In 2018. The president said that they were never so many apprehensions at the border history up until now is that is an act. The president was the president actor it. Again it depends on the context these depends on the type of migrants are commute summer some of the weak points are now that need barriers. I sure particularly in via green valley which is one of the areas that we will focus on with the new border funding. A passive is a particular area where receive increased land. Now the barrier that's being contemplated that's been a subject to much consternation over the last several months it's not for the entire southern border as it. No answer as it and how much coverage really talked about how many more additional miles of barrier are we talking about at 700 and the parents and under. In and out is fair to say that up until this administration. It's been a pretty young bipartisan agreement that barriers are needed to certain points along border yes there. Well record metal sector we steel used in cases for two. Answer we don't use cages for children in the border facilities that you in Q. They are not need to detain children the children are processed through they are in sad parts at those facilities at. Madam man. I don't I don't care yes I ask if it's clear they answer respectfully and this year yes than no we spew putting children in Casey's. To my knowledge CBP never purposely put a child in the cages. Purpose they'll put up. Are we putting children. In cases as of today. Children are processed at the border facilities stations that you end points. Some and I've seen occasions I just want you to admit that the cages and slips. Say their ages went up areas at the border facilities that are carved out for the safety and protection. Up those who remain there while they're being processed. If we have to gains we separate them in to separate known as the Manning about honor and secretary. From another sign with would not ogle them the semantic. Net hustled us like home. You can't do it all happened within made it if it's a bad policy and changes but don't mislead the community. Former White House chief of staff John Kelly defended Nielsen during an event at Duke University last night. Kelly said even though Nielsen has been criticized for separating fails families he blames the policy on former attorney general Jeff Sessions. And a big milestone in the NBA that's fit for a king LeBron James has surpassed Michael Jordan in career scoring thanks a live on this play out right there during the late inning loss to Denver. Got emotional and a tribute video king James now ranks fourth on the all time scoring list is Kobe Bryant is number of racing you know about me. I mean James because it asked him an extra why we think. It's gonna happen you will they called it often happens it's gonna happen if that article also so Kareem Abdul Jabar he's number one. Karl Malone's number two is number two with a list the pretty cool listed via right there have thinks sound coming up lots. This man was doing in the dryer. Over the go. We'll find out. What police were looking for him. The answers after this. Let's go across the pond now to the London bureau or Britt are rover is keeping an eye on the biggest international news. Good morning to you burnout we know that you spent some time in Venezuela covering the crisis there and we're actually breathing a sigh of relief this morning because. So on the ABC at. News family with impact over there in Venezuela. Yes Cuddy whether I should perhaps by Saddam and never actually made it into Venice try to rise on the border with Venezuela in Colombia but I did I'm a parent you with Cody. Four ABC week we told to the same time and he was in the country reporting Bradley for ABC news. And he had a very frightening it's very because he was arrested by Venice by the security tapas and now. And how old. And thought I'm questioned about the stories he was doing thankfully he's been released but he is being deported like it is some I dare I think of that climate. That exists inside Venezuela or at this time the journalists are being sold tie because they came to his apartment and arrested him that city was deliberately targeted. That's a huge sigh of relief. Very that he had spent. But don't we sent back we've also watching this decisive battle in Syria against ice is what's the latest there. Well it's it's extraordinary scenes I'm if we look at the pictures you can see men women and mainly women and children. Do have made their way out of funk blues which is a small on clay every the last song played all the ice is control in Syria what's amazing is how many perhaps two to 3000 people have made their way out of fat bastard little. Little town. Under incredible offensive by WS backed Saddam Syrian forces that. Men women or children. That that know how these people these are the fire and ice a supporters made it very clear weather and old to still line. The women and children being taken to displacement camps within Syria the man having taken off. Being screened but they don't seem to be. You know of a beats and defeated people in the sense and that poses many problems going forward. Because water is gonna happen to these ice ices fights as a noted in reports that many of them has slipped away and we don't know whether a doll oh what they might be up to next. That is a good point and asked the president says. The rhetoric that we hear about ice is being beaten and defeated in the Syrian and you showed those show us as images. And so it's good that we know the details that are coming out what's really happening on the ground as the political rhetoric and Washington really heats up over Syria well. And got no go right ahead. Now and I'm of the practice at the that the present from his right prices have been soundly beaten on the ground that. Itself to try Kalla for the full years ago I was basically nonexistent this is a tiny Aung claim. Left and it in a victory is imminent what is striking is feisty how many people of that. But also as their much had to fight back now. And that bat I think poses a not vessel Abaxis potential threat. In terms of how this ice this group is that a more open to something else he sold out without Qaeda right and I they would gonna see that again in this situation unfortunately. Yes what will happen next and Barbara so we can switch we ought to switch it up a little bit here. I don't go from something that's serious a something a little more light that was a moose. Apparently on the loose and I heard that you've got new details on that. Yes well at it if it wasn't yes it loose loose in The Who has but no not in the house all the Koppel amazing scenes. Of thumb a couple in prince George in Canada coming out and then they soul miles and a map that gives me I've noticed about. Moves prancing about all of that Koppel and apparently to been slowed heavily. And the lucid climbs up a snow drifts and was having all residual tee time. You know I lofty view enjoying I'm Hammel has self that and then actually climbed down again. Using a tree who knew that that mrs. could climb trees but that the it's that's it. It's assessing actually get their big animals and you do have to be quite cap focus they've people have been attacked by at least is already Lou. Lucero is actually meets right man crew. Thank god wherever you're Yahoo! regarding. Advocates are again not as we check our notifications to see what else is treading on social media. And that's that Tesla driver who may he have been to relax on the road video shows what appears to be a man sleep but the real while the car was. Auto pilot to happen on a busy LE highway the person. We shot the video said they were moving at about 75 miles per hour tussle says the car kept moving because the man's hands. Persona steering wheel there yeah hikes which is more danger at all I mean heck I'd taken video. What we don't know that could've been like a passenger in the backseat and an entity they doubled ticket I'm just saying I am sorry this is a crazy video that hot for domestic violence suspect in Ohio came to an unusual and. Columbus police searching the base hit a house Monday found the man balled up in a Trier. Areas he climbed out on his own. The big guy attitude in a dry air officers took our muscles incidents I don't usually like five foot. I pledge to not fit and that drier that are bad for more it's I was just can't say contortions I was gonna think about word or. Real flexible. Another error. May Daze. Match up is on the rise that we can't get enough of this story I can Hines says the last serious thinks that's with. May oh chuck six sets they say the man day's catch up combo may today it has come up with two new concoctions. Coming to stores near you this month. Will be Mayo Q yes that is bad of the massacre of man AA and barbecue sauce. Join in on store shelves will be the mayonnaise may accommodations call Mayo on the us AKA today's deodorant. Mayo months. May show must. He'd sit at a particular area. Truly the words I heat he made that joke earlier and I wanted to use it against him this time but no got into qwest. Optic Javier and you know right. It hurt when you get to the gym worker really hard used to a male must. Now I don't know it absolutely I really do that again may not see. Why are you guys that matching up so evenings and mayonnaise may and the. And it just let us do it ourselves he's still let us have the wind and what we have run out match up. It'll be like waffle bacon something right our waffle. About two sauces vote Ubisoft has not yet mixing sauces and me you know classes until offices don't yet. It's just don't want to mix them. Yeah I'd jelly and barbecue sauce. Cups and as a fat diet that no I would do that but this thing why are we doing he uttered. She is maybe earn. And may they. May be. Yeah real tossing this morning Hoff. Well coming up new developments in the case against singer. More after this. Welcome back coming up later today on ABC news by president probably put the prime minister of the Czech Republic. Leaders are expected to discuss the conflict in Syria as well as cyber security and trade but don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on all our top stories and the briefing room or break down. For the latest headlines and politics. Well there are new developments in the. Accusation comes just hours after Kelly was hauled off to jail for unpaid child support. He's already facing charges of sexually abusing four other women three of whom were minors at the time. Kelly is maintaining has an SS. As girlfriends come to its defense this morning. I'm for failing to meet the deadline to pay 161000. Dollars in child support Kelly is also facing ten counts of criminal sexual abuse. Three of the alleged victims miners and overnight a new allegation against the 52 year old Detroit woman now claims Kelly has sex with her and 2001. When she was thirteen years old Kelly and his lawyers have not commented on that woman's claims. And told us. His arrest over child support comes just hours after an emotional and fiery interview with CBS. Kelley denying allegations depicted in lifetime star Q series surviving or Kelly which paid at the picture of an abusive man who holds women captive. With. All up into what my weighing waved hands. To hold somebody. Let won't fall classics fit the U say it why how stupid would obviate the dual back. Didn't opponents of this and got up and the interview paused as the singer group more energy teed it doesn't even make sense. Wow what a whole all these women and. Kelly is now living would Jocelyn savage and aerial Cleary. Both women in their twenties who have now made emotional pleas for their families to stop speaking to the media. Yeah. I don't think she knew I. And those parents and. Kelly claims the parents were only out for money we're seeking opportunity for their daughters. How come it was okay for me to see them. Until they wouldn't give no money from savage is parents call back claim horrific. And they say she's been brainwashed by Kelly and that they haven't had contact with their daughter in two years I think you're seeing this message. Please know that I love you a short time later savage called her family. I you. The judge says Kelly will stay in jail until the child support is paid his next court appearance for the abuse charges is later this month. It forum us. Today yes hand and that we are just one day away from. Friday we'll see you tomorrow.

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