It's Morning, America: Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019

Bernie Sanders announces plans to run for president, stunning new claims in the Jussie Smollett case and more.
19:16 | 02/19/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019
Good morning I'm Devin Dwyer and hitting army near the top I think snow this Tuesday number one scare at SeaWorld San Diego had took several hours but all sixteen people stranded in a gondola ride at the Parker back on the ground. Good to be lowered one by one into boats below the ride as temperatures there dropped. Into the forties last night SeaWorld says a strong gust of wind tripped a circuit breakers fire department says it's not the first time this happened. No injuries were reported and number two growing legal challenges now to president trumps national emergency declaration sixteen states have now filed a lawsuit calling the move to build his border wall unconstitutional. This State's claim the president cannot legally tap into billions of dollars set aside by congress for other programs. Meanwhile protesters gathered in at least a dozen states to rally against what they call eight quote power grab by the president. Insisting there's no emergency at the border. On to number three Houston police chief is now banning so called and no not greed comes after controversial shoot out involving. His officers and left to residents dead last month critics of the tactics and homeowners. Often the state police for a burglar. Our number four now apple was taking a possible step toward making an iPhone that folds this company just filed an update for a flexible display patent. 24 drawings are included in the latest application show and lays the future iphones could be bent Samsung plans unveiled a new full double iPhone. Thursday and finally hammered by the PGA tour is relaxing its dress code allowed probe allfirst Wear shorts during practice the new rules take effect this week returned it to Mexico and Puerto Rico but no short shorts are allowed they must be. Knee length tailored in need according to the rules pants are still required. For competitive rounds Phil Mickelson and treated photo of himself and shorts jokingly taking credit for the move. But all anyway and seemed to notice. Look at that his massive and how they went viral online. Both got much more to talk about coming your way it's morning America. A lot to get to this morning have breaking news Vermont senator Bernie Sanders making an announcement this morning about his plans to run for president Tony funny. I'm Bernie Sanders I'm running for president three years ago during out 2016. Campaign. When we brought forth our progressive agenda. We were told that our ideas more radical. And they wore extreme. We were told that Medicare for all fifteen dollar now minimal wage free tuition at public colleges and universities. Aggressively combating climate change demanding that the wealthy saw paying their fair share of taxes. We were told that all all of these concepts. Were ideas that the American people wouldn't outlaw except. Well. Three years so come and gone. And as a result of millions of Americans standing up and fighting back. All all of these policies and more on now supported by a majority of Americans. Together you and I and our 2016. Campaign began the political revolution. Now it is time to complete that revolution and implement the vision that we fought for. So here is my question to you. Will you stand with committee. As part of a million person grass roots movement which cannot only win the democratic nomination. Not only win the general election. But most importantly. Help trounced wall in this country so that finally. We have a government that works for all of us and not just the few. To get go we can create a nation that leads the world in the struggle for peace and for economic. Racial social and environmental justice. And together we tend that the Donald Trump and repair the damage he has done to our country. Brothers and businesses. If we stand together there is no limit to what we can accomplish. White hope you'll join me. That already crowded field on the democratic side getting a little bit more crowded our friend Mona close our rob he has the latest from Washington him on. K debt and that is what is making news here in Washington and the latest news to come out of the race for 2020s at Vermont senator Bernie Sanders has announced that. He is making his second run for president he made the announcement through hit email to his huge network of supporters of course. A lot of those supporters jumping on the Bernie train. During the 2016 primary that is when the senator kind rose to popularity when he went against Hillary Clinton of course he lost. That democratic election for predator that nomination for president. But looks like that didn't. That for a deterrent from once again running. Those fans pretty diehard exchange. A lot of running it is there's a lot of copycats in this race lot of people copying his ideas this year younger more diverse fields yeah and good Rhoda and talk talk just about how this affects their race and obviously Bernie how that coveted email list. Oh he sure does. That came up a lot after he lost the nomination and at that Hillary Clinton in the DNC when it's happened to that in knowledge says it's. Full of young eager voters. That's definitely gonna give him a leg up when it comes seat even the 22 when he race he is the most popular senator across the board. And sell it be an agency missy how that in name recognition alone. Helps hidden second -- part in this. Historically large and diverse steal that we're seeing this early on and this list as is expected to keep growing opposes seeing more people perhaps even former vice president Joseph Biden they're his name. In the race as well so again at the right now the latest to come out of the joint when he raises Bernie Sanders has once again. Going to try to trying to firm up president Nina say it's. All right I don't know passed thanks Mona Salem. Our president trump this morning is railing against former acting FBI director Andrew McCain he of course give that sixty minutes interview over the weekend. We're so the top Justice Department officials discussed how they might remove the president from office. And the president is suggesting it was in illegal plot even treason ABC Cecilia Vega has more. President trump lashed out at top Justice Department officials accusing them of staging a coup calling it illegal and treasonous. This after former acting FBI director Andrew McCain aides jaw dropping description of the chaos surrounding the firing of Jane's home. After the president gloated about his decision to fire -- to Russian officials in the Oval Office. That's when McCabe says rose in Stein discussed the idea of invoking the 25 amendment to remove the president from office. Even raising the idea of secretly recording him. He said I never gets searched when I go into the White House I can easily where recording device they wouldn't know who's there now he was not joking. He was absolutely serious in the carefully worded statement the Justice Department said Rosen Stein never authorized any wiretaps of president trump. Calling the caves version of events inaccurate and factually incorrect. And enter McCabe is now speaking publicly ahead of the publication of his new book and he has caught the attention of the president's allies on Capitol Hill. Senator Lindsey Graham is now calling for a congressional hearing saying there was an attempted. Bureaucratic. Coat on president trump. Cecilia Vega ABC news a white. House to see their banks new details this morning now on the expected departure of the Justice Department official. Who's been overseeing the Russian investigation in administration official familiar with the matter says deputy attorney general rob Rosen Stein told colleagues he plans to step down in the middle of next month. ABC news previously reported Rosen Stein would leave once William Barr was confirmed as the new attorney general that move means bar will oversee the conclusion of the Russia probe and determine what to make public. Sources say rose's thanks exit has nothing to do with reports that he discussed taking steps to remove president trump from office. While we have more news stunning developments in the dusty smell like case and this time they're coming from them and initially blamed fat racist. And homophobic attack this morning TMZ reports that actor Kelsey so let's roll out empire has been reduce amid the scandal into that alleged attack. Two Brothers claim he staged the attack after a threatening letter. This morning new allegations from the two Brothers who claim empire actor Jesse smile at hired them to stage a hate crime. Law enforcement sources tell ABC news the man told police smile let was upset that a threatening letter sent to the studio that produces the show. Didn't get enough attention and so they say he staged the attack a week later. Police have not yet confirmed their allegation but half confirmed a threatening letter was sent to smell like in the week before the attack it's something he discussed with our Robin robber. And you didn't mention it to the police right away after the letter absolutely. Just because on the letter it had. A stick figure hanging from a tree with a gun point towards it. With the words that suits while it Jesse you would die. Authorities tell us the Brothers claim they were paid by the actor to orchestrate in stage the racist homophobic assault that's mullet reported last month. I mean. Who. Says and part. This not a country. Ties a noose around you neck. And pours bleach org police say the men have a relationship with smile let one even appeared as an extra on empire. Now the Brothers are breaking their silence talent Chicago station WBBM. We are not racist we are not homophobic and we are not anti trump we were born in raised in Chicago and are American citizens. Well it's a lawyer says he is angered and devastated by recent reports that the perpetrators are individuals he is familiar with he's now been further victimized by claims attributed to these alleged perpetrators that Justine played a role in his own attack. Police say they now urgently want to talk to smile and it. If he wasn't entirely truthful he needlessly put himself at risk. Because he gave a lot of details. It was a big scare for two hikers at national park in Utah after one of them got stuck in quicksand they were on the remote trail with no cell phone service to call for help. I couldn T use my body kind of pull himself but. He's obviously Tyson's size that wasn't working in he eventually told me I needed to leave him and hike back. To get cell service. I've thought for sure. To lift I would use the future I didn't something about who's human life quarry at that moment. Look a lot of Sokol a tough for sure. She had to hike hours and a cold before she got service through they would call level one if you park Rangers two hours to find him and then they seat there's and I all snowed. Finally police Friday at rescue helicopter both of those hikers were treated for hypothermia. Such a scary situation who knew quicksand Israel and as things got a the government wasn't shut down yeah. Yeah in those park Rangers are available you know they were more coming up your new favorite Star Wars themed sport in France. So slight favorites and more fully combat. Let's go across the pond not ABC's London bureau where Jennifer echo finished he united biggest international. This Jennifer good morning what do you watch it over there. Good morning to name and DeVon it's a lovely morning here in London and here are some of the stories that are catching our attention today. We're starting with that American ice it's bride living in a refugee camp after fleeing the terror groups the last holdout in Syria. That's when he four year old tells the guardian newspaper that she is begging the United States to allow her to return home with her eighteen old months son. Her eighteen month old son. Odom with Donna left home in Hoover Alabama in 2014. In order to join ice says. Now having lost Q I've heard three fighter husbands. And living in this refugee camp she claims to have been brainwashed. And said she made a big mistake when she traveled this year yet. You know she is just nineteen years old when she left home and headed to rock she first married an Australian to hottest then a Tunisian. Both of those died in ice is fighting. And then she married a Siri and while in Iraq that according to the guardian with honest Twitter feed would frequently spread hatred against nine mostly on his and call for terror attacks. In the United States. She claims her account was taken over by there's and that the time she was young and ignorance. Let's go ahead and move over accuse something out making the news a little lateness for your morning this coming our way courtesy. Hello magazine. It appears Prince Harry and William are being dubbed royal rebels due to their daytime sky they all get this but not wearing a tie. And etiquette expert tells hello that the duo are opting for these so called Smart casual gentleman's look open collared shirts that it's. Slightly opened I might add apparently it's an effort for the princess cute not look DA did an out of touch with the fashion forward crowd. Including maybe their lives. But fear not admires of the wings are not the trustee tie it will always reappear for royal evening Wear. So in theory you have my thoughts and that's actually a real British scandal this morning that tireless princes -- ended ha. But I think they Wear it well. I would win disagree with that Harry Jennifer Akerson they give so much for what's happening across the congress to see this morning aren't let's check similar notification this morning to what's trending on social media. This little one. This little girl hurt you taught eighteen months old. And jets have made it look Saturday Louisiana corn dog dancing and beyoncé with the fans and everything she is a raid. I'm times tiger mom posted this video and it's already gotten millions of views and just hustled to work and about half of that managing counter. Very very fun and awesome credible. All right flip fail all this guy he shot office skills they're not those. Backhand springs daily oops. Didn't see that wall pop up there home to Gothenburg a recording yet didn't diminish now what kind of friend. His bat and then puts an emerging area yet rise well that's going around the web right now as is in this. Yes it's official in France went seamer. Fighting is an official sport against who'll. It is a bad you have and they definitely they say are trying to combat not getting enough physical activity so this is one late in the dark side. Can gets exercised only in France and let's go to Boston now to check out this video. Man's best friend all. Shoveling the snow. It better Freddie and circle the circle yeah. Contrary man's friend in desperate to do anything bad against the stars this dog can cut that's followed him out there how about when the snow comes everybody's in check this video a hot team broadcaster. Look at that pop echoes are right why is space that it NHL analyst Pierre McGuire. A puck really getting him in the head the solution sure is it reacting. Why is it's already passed its head of the wire said it's all just part of the job market turn out. Real very badly a couple of all other success story of the famous times where kids. Yeah and honoring the soldier behind the photo. We'll tell you we is more. I'm later today on ABC news live more 20/20 hopefuls making news senator Pamela Harris V except politics and eggs. In New Hampshire it's a tradition while former vice president Joseph Biden. Is speaking at the University of Pennsylvania amid mounting speculation. He will throw his hat into the ring plots don't forget to Tim for the debrief for an update on all of our top stories and of the briefing room for breakdown. Of the latest headlines in pop tax. Well he may not be household may ambush George saint Joe's make history 74 years ago becoming the subject. A one of the most iconic images of World War II right here in New York City Mendoza has died at the age of 95 while his name may not live on in our memories. That image certainly will here's ABC's David New York. The victory flash electrified Times Square people this fourteenth 1945. That the war was fine meal. My biggest city marked the end of world war two and one tremendous shout of joy and gladness. Millions around the country pouring into the streets celebrating the end of World War II. There were so many kisses but none like this one time square where the most iconic images of the twentieth century that sailor 22 year old George men don't so. In 1942 serving aboard a destroyer in the Pacific. And in 2005 he told ABC news about that date in New York he was on leave he was actually preparing to go back to serve. I was in Radio City Music Hall when they stopped the show on this of the war's over. Everybody was down as the Times Square and the causes some mob of people and everybody was brazen how long have immigrants and. The nurse he kissed Greta Zimmer Friedman. And why did George. For dental uniform reminding tours to the nurses serving in the war helping the injured in 1980 he had met nurse Greta reuniting in Times Square. They stayed in touch through the years telling each other about their family's. He Stanley thing George loved his country. And proud of that photo the purchase. Oh known around the whole world. As a symbol of the end of world war so this is one of the good things have a patent. So incredible obviously a picture soaring cable rests and I iconic image Mendoza passed away just two days before his 96 for so many of those from the greatest generation passing down we salute them in their service and we will always remember them with that picture of route one. It's morning America hope you have a great one thanks for joining us and it got all you need to start today that good ABC news live all day long for the very latest and we will see you tomorrow.

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