It's Morning, America: Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2019

President Donald Trump meets with Kim Jong Un in Vietnam, Michael Cohen testifies to Congress and more.
19:48 | 02/27/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2019
Good morning I'm cannot move imagining Norman near the top -- snow this Wednesday number one a bombshell public testimony is expected on Capitol Hill today. From president trumps former fixer and attorney Michael Cohen you'll call the president a con man. A cheat and are racist and accused him of criminal conduct Cohen will say the president knew that WikiLeaks was going to publish emails hacked. From the Hillary Clinton Campaign. Number tear breaking news president trump meeting face to face with Kim Jong-un in Vietnam today. Overnight just before the start of their second summit. The president had a clear message from the North Korean dictator saying that north could ride like Vietnam. If it gets rid of its nuclear weapons also overnight for the first time we solve this picture of Kim Jong-un meeting with this negotiators before today's. High stakes meeting we had to California for number three were watching a developing story from the Bay Area mandatory evacuations are underway because of relentless rain triggering mudslides. Officials in Sonoma County are reporting the worst flooding in 24 years. The Russian river is expected to rise fourteen feet. Above flood speed making matters worse some mud slide has already closed one of the main evacuation routes another month flight eight feet deep. Swept away to people who had to be rescued. Parts of the region have gotten eighteen inches of rain in just the last few days on to number four public outpouring of support for Selma Blair. After opening up in an exclusive interview with Robin Roberts Blair became a household name in the 91 such movies as legally blond and cool intentions. But now she speaking on camera for the first time about her personal struggle with multiple sclerosis. Would. You were first diagnosed what but initially went through your mind. Cry I had tears I wasn't they weren't tears of panic they work. Tears of not being. Now had to give it to a body. That have thoughts of control. And there was some relief and that. So courageous MS is a chronic often unpredictable disease of the central nervous system. Which is made up of the brain spinal cord and opt partners. And it finally number five who needs a soccer scholarship when you have an endorsement deal thirteen year old Olivia mall trio skipping Collison turned pro two years ago at age eleven she signed a deal to play soccer. At the University of North Carolina her agent says the deal with Nike is worth more than a four year scholarship to you and see who grabs her. And we've got much want to talk about coming your way this morning America. If more than America. If you aren't end look who is back. He made you more men. Loss doctors verse. You're right they were sun day I took some time to put my feet then then. In the California sun yat squeeze in a day it's enjoy it. Husband and baby yeah. Three lacks a little bit. Give that's OK yeah that's okay out Howell flower that come to you that's behind the scenes are quick of what's inside secret from the Oscars. I don't know it was a lot of time three hours standing there doing that you don't want to tell the people the dirt given the T what is good I don't have any dirt they are right I don't have any there are you looked stunning. That's the people any handle it saying it we it was so much fun. I'm very very great get a spectacular job and you came back to a busy busy so glad to be back but I'll lock on on today couple big stories we're following starting with president trump. Meeting face to face with Kim Jong-un in Vietnam he BC's Jordan Phelps is in Hanoi and has new details on what we can expect today Jordan. Good morning can get things NA with a handshake and a smile president trump in North Korean leader Kim Jong I picked up their second summit meeting here in Vietnam. The two leaders had a one on one conversation ahead of what the White House called a social dinner with a small group of top aides. President struck an optimistic towel saying he hopes there summit meeting would be successful. Saying he and Kim have built a very special relationship. Send being. Chairman him it's an honor to be together. Didn't really. Really rolled out. We've ever successful first summit. Felt it was a successful and some people would like yeah. For some it was a great success tonight. People are greater. Let a lot of pride and I think the biggest growth this was our relationship. It is really of the. The two leaders will sit down for a series of additional meetings tomorrow with president trump under pressure to extract meaningful progress. Since our first summit eight months ago North Korea has not taking any verifiable steps towards denuclearization. But ahead of tonight's dinner Kenneth engine a senior White House officials said they were genuinely uncertain. What will come of this summit. And our thanks a Jordan mayor we will have much more from Vietnam has this summit continued. And now to the news Ricky overnight president trumps former lawyer Michael Cohen is testify on Capitol Hill this morning. And we now have an idea of what he's expected to say. According to prepare remarks Cohen will call president tropical con man and that cheat and co and is expected to reveal new details about WikiLeaks in the hacked emails. From the Hillary Clinton Campaign. Let's get right ABC's go to Kos are Abdi who has all the details from Washington Mona good morning. Good morning today good morning Tenet Michael Cullen went from saying he took a bullet for the president the placing trouble in serious legal jeopardy. Are reserved Michael Cohen flight our congress stressed out mr. Allen. Telling reporters he's ready to come clean I really appreciate the opportunity that was given to clear the record. And to tell the truth the first of three hearings which includes a highly anticipated testimony they'll take place in front of the house oversight committee today. Sources tell ABC news they are Cohen will publicly described the president's quote. Lying racism and cheating. According to the New York Times Cohen will begin with a ski think opening statement. Alleging that as a presidential candidate trump knew. That Roger Stone was talking with Julian Assange. About WikiLeaks plans to release hacked emails from the Clinton Campaign still an advisor to trump during the campaign has denied the conversations with the suns took place. And was recently indicted for making false statements to congress. We. Cohen who pleaded guilty to lying to congress and violating campaign finance laws is expected to provide reimbursement checks signed by trump. For hush money payments to adult star stormy Daniels. Which president from initially claimed he knew nothing about and for the first time the president's former right hand man will accuse him. Of criminal conduct while in the White House. Ahead of his testimony trump ally representative Matt gates tweeting out a seemingly threatening message to Cohen. Saying quote dear wife and father in law know about your girlfriends may be tonight would be a good time for that Chad. I wonder if still remained faithful when your in prison she's about to learn a lot. We're witness testing not witness tampering gates later backtracking and tweeting it was not my intent to threat and I'm sorry. And this morning president trump tweeting from Hanoi Vietnam saying that Michael Cullen was just one of his many lawyers. Who did bad things on related to him he also says that. Michael Cullen is quote lying. To reduce his prison time today Kenneth. Right a lot to be watching for today thank you. X Managua the house has voted to end president comes border wall emergency declaration if passed Souter 45 to 182. With thirteen Republicans. Voting for Ed but that's not enough to override the president's expected veto the senate the senate now has eighteen days to consider the bill. Former vice president Joseph Biden seems closer and that it ever to entering the presidential race. He told audience in Delaware that the most important people in his life including his wife and grandkids want him to run. Flight has previously said he'd launches campaign after march if he decides to run. The 76 year old also acknowledge it would be a quote very very very difficult campaign. Now to a disturbing development federal records showed thousands of allegations of sexual abuse of migrant children held in US custody. But the allegations go back to the later years of the Obama administration and the records don't show a significant increase. Under the trump administration. Most of the accusations involve one of mine are abusing another but nearly 200. Involved workers very disturbing story there. And the morning commute is shaping up to be a nightmare here in New York City tend if. Thousands of commuters are facing major delays after a train hit a vehicle on the tracks in Long Island killing three people. Police say the vehicle had driven around for crossing gates the wreckage still mangled he couldn't be sure whether it was a car or. Rock credible or coming out this officially gets more than he bargained for media makes is that a shark. It is we'll. I felt across the hot now from London here. Are aware of graduating following this. Keep an eye on the biggest international stories good morning to you Julia so I hear that it's nice and warm in London today and will jealous. It is it's bizarre it's quite consenting with global warming but some as a consumer my Dokic that's actually still quite cold in the office because we've got the ad caught on in February say that we get. Anyway Elena bringing it to Almonte top international story this morning of Barry a very serious escalation. In the two new clip how is Pakistan and India now this'll started yesterday. Not not the not tens on both sides this is such a sense of stories of both sides have got different ideas of what's going on. But basically yesterday India said at Louis S strikes against militants. In Pakistani territory in Kashmir that came off. Valentine's Day attack by eight seasons Agence. On Indians villages and Cashman Indian Controlled cast man. But what's happened today is this very serious escalation what's happened is not Pakistani jets within. Pucks on US space they say they targeted Indian positions across the boards of Indian Controlled. Cash mad and they say that they have shot down two Indian jets one of them the puck stunning military says landed. Aybar on the Indian side of cash may have but the other landed in Pakistani controlled Kashmir they say they've caught two pilots. That they've capped judge and they got she just released video. All one of the pilots. In the big day he's seen as being blindfolded he confronts his his asked what's numb bend his name. The of the Indian pilot is set to be treated. In a military hospital now this is a very very serious escalation as I mentioned base to new clip how was based have been. In conflict ended this disputed region. Of Kashmir that lie is. On the border between the two and they have been fighting over this area since they've been tied to. Independents from Burson. In 1947 they fought two wars. They've a cash men say with everyone is now waiting to see whether India may respond to it's to this latest. Made by the pakistanis and what's gonna happen to that pilots that they've captions. Lots are quite NX escalation in a lot keep an eye out for Juliet thank you so much thank you Julia and now back here. This country to the top drug company executives on Capitol Hill getting grilled on soaring prices senators asses CEOs about the cost of drugs in the US and why prices for the same beds. Are so much lower and other countries. The world. Biggest drug makers are in the hot seat the wait you've been doing business it's unacceptable. If people got why aren't they don't buy furniture their life is not act threatens if they can't buy your prime. It may be senators from both parties world's seven top pharmaceutical executives on the soaring prices O prescription drugs. It's morally repugnant and healing. Patients are forced to choose between filling the next prescription. Putting food on cable. Because they can't afford. I would urge you to recognize that the system itself is complex and it is interdependent. Prices for hundreds of drugs are up 6% this year while Americans pay a 150%. More than other countries for the same medications I think that you charge. More hear me catch you can. And American taxpayers. Are subsidizing all of you to be an account incredibly high profits ahead of out by. Facing questions about the company's drug que Mira the best selling drug in the country. The price for the arthritis medication has doubled in the past five years there is no one solution to this complex issue its editors are also asking questions about drug companies using new patients to keep prices high. Making minor changes to a drugs formula so they can file a new patent. And prevent cheaper generic drugs from entering the market Abby CEO says the company has a 136. Patents for Mira has the drug itself gotten any better with our new patents it's important to keep in perspective that that patent portfolio doable as we discovered and learned. New things about your merit the executives acknowledged the challenges saying big profits are needed to develop new drugs medicines can't make a difference. If the patients who need and can't afford them. We understand the concerns about the cost of health care and the CEO Mark Williams this unexpected admission the people who can least afford it are paying the most. Are they hearing senator John Cornyn said the Judiciary Committee will investigate the company's patent system lawmakers are also investigating the cost of insulin and plan to hold more hearings. It's such an important issue that impacts of so winning many Americans. So we got a lot of big news happening today but most of the break from the headlines and check our notifications to see what's trending on social media. This dog in Australia this pond you know it is like Julio saying in London today it is unseasonably. Extracts are warm and down in Australia Australia so that pod did not want to come out of that. Air condition that Leonardo Lian ordinarily and artist putting up quite expert at some all of the dog days the summer to have air drag in the attic in Australia fan I want that he seemed. And a follow up yesterday's snake on a plane story we have this a Florida woman found one of the reptiles and her dryer. I'll during laundry. She didn't stick around to see what type it was though a security cameras in our house. Show her bowl team outside her husband. Actually get rid of the lease your reading and I think Kirsten. I. And her husband to get that got rid of the snake. And it had another hurt Florida news Astoria fishermen pulled out able to brag about hauling in the big what he snagged a ten foot long. 700. Pound great white shark along the panhandle it took about an hour. Just to reel that thing in one witness that is the first catch this big in the area since the 1960. Is. The shark was tagged and released back into the water who had to to aggregate. What was that job. Like yet I would not be the Taggart yet I've written about can't reach a couple weeks ago I re watched Joseph Hollis Dick. True and then one came on after you think it would have been one minute two and she really good yet and it makes rail assuming it even light we could definitely that in out of in Cape Cod. Not only sharks coming and nibble on me caromed in native Andre. Corporate America well up next David Muir took that day trip from Illinois to see Vietnam's natural wonder and. That's right we'll give you love the thousands of islands. Dotting ha long bay when we come back. Welcome back coming up later today on ABC news live president post more pictures testifies before congress in a public hearing. But the Cohen is expected by the president o'clock AM and sheets and present evidence that custom payment. We'll bring it out alive. And the big summit with North Korean leader Kim junk food and Vietnam War Steve air for every moment. Stay tuned for the latest developments from the noise plus don't forget to tune into the debriefed. Court update on all our top stories and the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines and. Politics. Of president probably can download are set to write another chapter of history today Vietnam as we've been telling you what ahead of the president's historic second summit with the North Korean leader. ABC's David Muir took a quick side trip to one of the world's most rep taking the best kept secret. We head out to the chopper waiting Benoit to take this to a breathtaking sight the crew was about to show was a place some 100 miles from the noise. We take off for a long bay and in the year we begin to see what draws millions from all over the world. How long means dissenting dragon. Looking out the window the incredible sight the limestone formations as far as we could see. And from the ground to tore boats dwarfed by those formations. It really a spectacular having everywhere you look here you see the limestone islands coming up out of the water take a look at this. They estimate that there are thousands of them here today. It was not well to go along bay was named one of the new natural wonders of the world. And they are very proud here. How long week and want to say than you wouldn't and I took off to what we call these she's done Kidd not only does the field. You better Kennedy you completely. I'll only get one else seven who knew what Mexico to a. Do Disco has placed along based on the world heritage site. Eighteen years I've given a tour guide right. So you know this place well we'll not only the bad in my hometown. Scientists believe these formations begin 500 million years ago sculpted by tectonic movement in ocean water. Why has a multi angle and suddenly it was up. Heaven by what would happen fairly friendly little volatile but now he seems you very peaceful going to be people who do here. A place where millions on tour boats still share the waters with the local fishermen and their families. Cole Hall long big hole. That is a beautiful beautiful place will look to see it in person let's let's go let's go let's go right now I'm and even on this busy news day or let's go let's do it wouldn't that's how it got. Does this big big news in a spending a lot to watch sports today we'll probably be sleeping through a lot of this bull. This tomorrow.

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