Mother and daughter reunite after 52 years

A mother has Ancestry DNA to thank for her reunion to her daughter, who she put up for adoption 52 years ago.
2:14 | 01/12/19

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Transcript for Mother and daughter reunite after 52 years
For Lori Webster family is everything I have four kids my sister have three kids she and her sister were born before their father remarried. He fell in love with his bride caring. One fateful night in Michigan. I do remember but. I didn't end and average people we met in Americans we like to take. Mary 51 years the rest you could say is history. Until that history changed and my sister did ancestry gaming. Just for fun to find out what her background alliance a quest to Trace how Italian they really were. Revealed much more sheep come up as a first sibling. Or first cousin and my sister know anybody in second Michigan which is where my father's brown. So we can absolutely. We need somebody in Saginaw Michigan but they're dead said he didn't know of any daughter you thought that was a possibility design of the mothers means. I know anything about it and I said now and I Atlantic and I have no idea why didn't. But I kept pushing after a few months Laurie almost did Politico but asked her step mom caring. Who admitted they did have a child a baby girl I had not I'll leave it. I couldn't wait go run and tell my brother oh my god you're probably. That they were unmarried at the time and Caron was kicked out of her home left with few options. Yes yes listen to her her open as you know and angered the pepper being. Erin didn't want anything from anybody. All she wanted was to now to her parents where Karen wanted the same. The two have been texting for the last six months worth didn't she was forward and tomorrow she'll hear her daughter's voice for the first time. Going to be at certain times to get therapy. Something she prayed would happen. Before it was too late removed this. To step back and balanced. Contact. And I I think it just me right down deep he wants us to captain. Amanda Brandeis. Ten news.

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{"duration":"2:14","description":"A mother has Ancestry DNA to thank for her reunion to her daughter, who she put up for adoption 52 years ago.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60335390","title":"Mother and daughter reunite after 52 years","url":"/US/video/mother-daughter-reunite-52-years-60335390"}