Mystery deepens after girl left in duffel bag

Los Angeles authorities are asking the public to help identify the young girl.
1:22 | 03/08/19

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Transcript for Mystery deepens after girl left in duffel bag
That envelope. And extending. The discovery at the young girl's lifeless body stuffed in a duffel bag. And left on the side of a broad is haunting people in Hacienda Heights dozens of community members and city leaders came together to hold a vigil in her honor. We owe it to the community she was. She and her life here so. She deserves to be recognizes. Supervisor Janice Hahn is among a group of people who gathered not far from where the girl's body was found. It's there were strangers made a memorial as investigators try to figure out who she is and how she died. Do think that a little girl was you know stuffed in in a suitcase. And I wondered what her last moments must have been like and maybe this is one of the worst. Cases I I've really ever heard of. Detectives believe her body with likely dumped sometime after Sunday evening county workers discovered her body while clearing brush in the area. These sketches were made based on the actual clothing she was wearing. And at 45 and just 55 pounds the girl was skinny for her estimated age which could be as young as eight and as old as thirteen. As detectives tried of identified the girl they can confirm she is not a missing teen from Lan Caster. Healy ST says they've been getting many calls about both cases but they are not connected.

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{"duration":"1:22","description":"Los Angeles authorities are asking the public to help identify the young girl.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61552899","title":"Mystery deepens after girl left in duffel bag","url":"/US/video/mystery-deepens-girl-left-duffel-bag-61552899"}