Newly elected GOP Congresswoman Nancy Mace speaks out about unrest on Capitol Hill

“Rhetoric has real consequences. … These are not protests, this is anarchy and it needs to stop," she said.
4:14 | 01/07/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Newly elected GOP Congresswoman Nancy Mace speaks out about unrest on Capitol Hill
And welcome back everyone to our continuing coverage of this unprecedented. And dark day in the nation's capital an American history in fact joining us now is south Carolina Republican representative. Nancy Mays thank you so much for your time tonight on what has no doubt has been a harrowing day. But walk us through how this day his unfolded from your vantage point in and how you been feeling. Does that say this is an enormously sad gate for our nation. I was in the chamber floor of the joint session of congress that vice president Mike Pence presided over. And on my way back to you my optics and McCain and billing when we reset toward the objectors debate. The Arizona Electoral College. What's evacuated because Sarah's frets at the Republican headquarters in the find out if you are later. It was actually a high that was a rare virtue Republican headquarters just a short distance from. Around when we were able to. Back to our office we were offices after that. There immediately put until lockdown situation and we've not been able to CU calmer growth from our offices. Since that locked down hours ago because of the violent protesters who stormed the capitol building. From someone die tonight. As a result of these protests and that I am trying to get. Sneaking she my colleagues in congress that rhetoric. As real consequence is. And in fact and I can't read this weekend with my children from a swearing him. I actually put them on the first plane home on Monday morning because I was worried about what might happen today because of their writer beat here. And it has real legitimate consequences lives are at risk. And it's unacceptable it's un American these are not protest this is anarchy in it needs to stop. Represented mace Tommy Elvis here from ABC news live what is your message going to be to your fellow Republicans organ continued to. Object and and debate whether Joseph Biden won the election. They need to stop any need to stop great gal I am discouraged right when I hear my colleagues. Communique that they are gonna continue to I've Jack's. Everyone in the chamber knows that this is a futile effort. Com millions of people were misled to believe that president Chon could be president after today's vote on the Electoral College. Days' notice and administrative procedure it ceremonial. We can't overturn the election a fifty states should certify their electors we don't have that power or authority any member of congress does. Millions of people or misled the vice president could single handedly overturn overturn the results of an election where fifty state certified that election. And vice president. Tents god bless and it communicated that this morning that that just isn't the case. And I think that that certain members of the fringe right in my party. Set expectations so high that emotions ran so high. That they were willing to storm the capital violently attacking their police the police storm forced. First doesn't mean a party that it is a party of law and order we're supposed to protect our police. And it's discouraging it's saddening it's it's Harding I'm heartbroken. I'm but I'm angry to you. And just one more question for how much culpability do you feel of the present to deserves to what is played out today. Well I said earlier today he needed to get our Twitter and get on the television. And communicate piece to the American people we need to have a timeout on the talk about other products a man who supported the president. I believe there is fraud in the election. The violence that we saw today. Lives that are put at risk someone died tonight as a result of these protests we had to stop that need and that he's urged the American people to end this peacefully. And to go home tonight we need to get back to the business of congress and we need you at peaceful and safe manner. I don't feel safe to go back to my hotel I I'm probably not going back I. I'll probably stay you know on my couch theocracy like is it's not be out there. I was out on the street yesterday need to get dinner and I. Was threatened online social neediest among want to shoot me last week. I'm this is an okay the rhetoric has got stop. A congresswoman in this country who doesn't feel safe going back to her hotel tonight representative may suite we thank you so much for your time. Glad that you're safe thank. You.

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"“Rhetoric has real consequences. … These are not protests, this is anarchy and it needs to stop,\" she said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75100314","title":"Newly elected GOP Congresswoman Nancy Mace speaks out about unrest on Capitol Hill","url":"/US/video/newly-elected-gop-congresswoman-nancy-mace-speaks-unrest-75100314"}