News headlines today: Jan. 16, 2019

Catch up on the developing stories making headlines today.
4:56 | 01/16/19

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Transcript for News headlines today: Jan. 16, 2019
A. It saves money six of the partial government shutdown. The Internal Revenue Service is recalling 46000. Furloughed workers to handle tax return season. White House economists doubles their estimate of how much economic growth is being lost each week during the shut down. Republican senator Lindsey Graham says he'll talk with a lawyer knows I'm hoping in the next forty wise. No merger group of Republicans and Democrats that would require president from signing a temporary spending bill wildly negotiators border wall of the both parties offered before Christmas the president rejected. Round 2 this morning for attorney general nominee William Barr back on Capitol Hill for more questions and his senate confirmation hearing senators spent much of day one. Asking about Robert Muller's investigation. I have the utmost respect for Bob and his distinguished record of served. When he was named special counsel rice said this election isn't good news. And then knowing camp Murray had confidence. He would handle the matter proper. Kenyan security forces have now killed all the gunmen who attacked a hotel complex in Nairobi. But not before fourteen people including an American died Kenyan president who wrote cannot now. We have dealt with a threat decisively. And sure not enemies around the world. That we as a country. But ready. To deal with any threat. To one nation to the extremist group. Al Sabah has claimed responsibility. A new caravan of Central American migrants heading toward the United States has crossed its first quarter. About 500 people including dozens of children now moved into Guatemala from Honduras. Los Angeles teachers hitting the picket lines again today the third day of the strike in the country's second biggest school system. Superintendent also imbued their says the money just isn't there to pay teachers more. Or cut finds its we do not have the ability to spend more than we're spending we've asked you tell you to bring in their own auditors. If they find another nickel. We'll put another nickel into our classrooms just citing other done in the time class so. McDonald's has lost a big trading the battle over the big Mac. The company has been fighting another fast food chain named super Max which is based in Ireland. McDonald's claims super Max who is violating its trademark for the big Mac sandwich. But European regulators sided with the Irish company that means McDonald's no longer has the rights to its big Mac street. Mark in the European Union. Unbelievable rescue at 96 year old woman from her vehicle moments before this happened right here take a look. Yeah. So good that these are killers a man who rescued her. They saw that the train was coming they were brave enough to put their own safety at risk to help get her out our ABC station WLS in Chicago reporting. She was apparently disoriented. She was taken to the hospital get checked out thankfully no one wants her back. He ousted the it would allow more storms for the west it is then to storm after storm and now the biggest one at least. Potentially of the year even the Bay Area but let's talk about Malibu California where dozens of schools in Southern California closed because of rock slide and debris well. So you'll see why because there's been some minimal ones but we're actually concerned about bigger yeah. More like coming to host taking them out so you'll hear more about this explains where hours. Illegal little farther north parallel elevation going to be ending up with snow a lot of assistance so there's a blizzard warning in parts of Sierra winds at ten miles per hour at six. Now. This flood watches stretch all the way from the there. Today it announced Los Angeles and there's two stories we're actually check first one. You fly across the little freezing precipitation even from arts midwest into the northeast that look at that settles and by Friday mornings at the Friday morning commute. If you're in northern New Jersey of course it Connecticut but Worcester Massachusetts. Say interior New England just a little enough to make his side. Then the weekend storm ray's been talking about this her own you know to lock them apps are not closing and and it appears that it a lot of places it will especially in the coast start is potentially of frozen precipitation and it is easy enter your city. And then transition mystery but if you go. England and you go west in an up but that being looked as.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"Catch up on the developing stories making headlines today.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60416401","title":"News headlines today: Jan. 16, 2019","url":"/US/video/news-headlines-today-jan-16-2019-60416401"}