News headlines today: Mar. 8, 2019

Catch up on the developing stories making headlines today.
7:18 | 03/08/19

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Transcript for News headlines today: Mar. 8, 2019
Residents throughout today heads to eastern Alabama to see the devastation days after a tornado killed 23 people. The president's former campaign tearful metaphors getting just under four years it is sentencing for tax and bank fraud. The judge calling the sentencing guidelines of more than twenty years. Excessive just TS Ellis rendering his decision after metaphors drew himself at the mercy of the court. Met port in a wheelchair and dressed in a jailhouse jumpsuit saying. My life personally and professionally is in shambles this is an ordeal I'm responsible for. I ask where your compassion Democrats blast at this and this is too lenient. Wreaking a privilege. You have bathe a person of privilege who is spending a significantly less sense than. People of color spend for committing crimes I think are far less dangerous and offensive to our society. But this is just the first of two sentencing hearings he faces a sentence of next week for up to ten years for a whole host of different crimes committed. Daring. Time before he was president comes campaign chairmen. I'm James open for ABC news in bill Iraq. And I US backed forces have been on the edge of victory against crisis in Syria for what seems like weeks and keep getting told that Tarek is about to be recaptured. And yet still we play. And that's because thousands of civilians are thought to be still inside that lost piece of Tara Q you're watching. Wave off the way eve of women and children slowly emerging staggering through the desert. Out of that town argues in Easton Syria who was the scene columns of surrendering ice despite his. Making their way out of the town to the head of US central core bond has been warning against an early celebrations generous. I general Joseph local. Has been saying that ice is his surrender is part gritty of a calculated decision to preserve their capabilities. And like these could be waiting for the right time to recessed. C analyst. Now say it appears North Korea has restored normal operations at a long range rocket launch site is safe and partially dismantled last year the move comes after the breakdown of the summit between president trump and can John and some trouble in the mountains of college Rondo an avalanche shut down parts of two highways leading some cards theory no injuries have been reported. And this could just be the beginning of the easy snowy and potentially historic weekend for avalanche is in the high country. One of the FBI's ten most wanted has been caught Maryland's LaMont Stephenson is accused of a toll fourteen murdered in New Jersey. There's some confusion over whether Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown is heading to buffalo reporter overnight claimed that deal with close to be done. Brown calls the report. Big news. International women's day and this morning Dutch as Megan is getting a big honor becoming the vice president of the queen's commonwealth trust. Her role do you support and connect young leaders particularly girls and women around the world. To help them drive positive social change and serve their communities. A Vermont town is about to get its first honorary bill Mayer the three year old Nubian goat named Lincoln will take office in fair haven Tuesday at town that doesn't actually have a mayor. Presidents shows that go to over fifteen other past. Holley another weekend I'm gonna wanna stay with Amazon. A lot of moving parts to it starts with the moving river of water it doesn't hit you or inches southwest Utah. Really close to ease the river just a little bit overblown but that it green until. Moving so let it look like in the San Joaquin Valley. Cold air funnel the of cold air aloft and enough that you have that warmer there it was and these are not really damaging they can sometimes these. Couple these hot they were just. C finals and all. In southern cal in California let's. Get an idea let's tackle this so the storm. Already bringing us now northern side at the southern part that overnight. House when he washed it down where there are. Part time for Easter no homelessness in into the east he would just pay attention to damaging when I'm listening have those weather radios that we. Dennis he needed. And municipal he then it is the atmosphere gets helped clean out as they moved to stabilize again. There's an inch here he'll get. A possibility of tornadoes that the area this elevated as he meant at its northern Mississippi east eastern. To the Easton has passionately. And rain and I.

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