Ex-NFL player attacks alleged peeping Tom

Tony Beckham says he had a "good conversation" with the suspect -- which led to multiple broken bones.
2:05 | 01/17/19

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Transcript for Ex-NFL player attacks alleged peeping Tom
The suspect in this case is right now here at the palm beach county jail but. He's being held in lieu of 15100. Dollars bond and so that's the parents of the victim want to talk to what they figure. He's going to be out on the streets sooner rather than later and they want you to know who this guy is so you can protect your children. And right mayor you are between lake here and here he was always inside of you Tony Beckham showed me where he saw a man outside as well as in home saw the man. Looking into his fifteen year old daughter's window. Weavers again that would begin. Now looking in and I see all white male you know we've been about what we're doing trying to get a bit resistant it was 6:40 Monday morning Beckham was leaving for work. He says the man had his hands partially downed. And was masturbating. I could believe they'll look this is for real at Logan plume you know leg is not happy to meet Beckham yelled at the man who then tried to run away you get very far Beckham. Used to play in the NFL he is an athlete a caller mega department would and and and we just had a good conversation a good conversation. This is the guy police arrested Jeffrey Cassidy police say his conversation with Beckham. Left him with multiple broken bones in his face and started to have be you know authority have freedom of the he's them into ready units sent. I came out to the patio door and and Tony Adams that I'm over here on the curb. Amanda Beckham called police and within a few hours she had installed darker blinds the windows so nobody can see and her children if he of their breed to do it right here. I know it is not percent of you've done before. I don't know of the clintons first time coming hare if he's been here before are where he's seen that sir how he picked us. But it's scary. Who prayer. It is known a Mike Yuma and misstatement there are arrayed in the guise of street. Differ Kathy is currently being charged with lewd and lascivious conduct against a victim. Under fifteen years old again he is only being held on 15100 dollars bond. At the palm beach county jail Ari I'd WPBF 25 news.

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"Tony Beckham says he had a \"good conversation\" with the suspect -- which led to multiple broken bones.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60443848","title":"Ex-NFL player attacks alleged peeping Tom","url":"/US/video/nfl-player-attacks-alleged-peeping-tom-60443848"}