North Carolina man survives surprise bear attack

An elderly man fights off a mother bear and her two cubs in his driveway.
1:44 | 11/09/18

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Transcript for North Carolina man survives surprise bear attack
He was election day afternoon and sunny Humphrey just had a car lift installed in his driveway and I just kept the look around and their three rare record flood me. He was a mother bear and her two cubs the cubs ran off but not mama she's made a charge it didn't run that. That soccer was. I'm an eyeball to eyeball to me stunned Sonny just reacted with reflects our Hitler like yeah I don't reported that knows that first shot. There when I didn't. She went down and started trying to bite me right here aren't just continue to pound and pound and pound and she's getting in front about him. They like a sick she got old agreement helped me a little bit ensure that Goldman chief couple's water be. And which took a swat at me she'd knocked me about eight fatal role in the country Sonny's wife Betty inside their home about to start dinner hears the commotion. And goes to the front door with her your keep bella shocked to see a bear attacking her husband. I think her stand. And rare her pop back you know I think was announced for all occasions and outages and news you just can't be gone. They're little dog barking way sunny and Betty screaming the bear runs off. Betty guests are gone from inside and fires into the woods because we were afraid to come back and emotional call to 911. I'd love weird. Help arrives sunny surviving with a bye to his hip. And smother Bruce's. The story to tell down the road at the that continues with a series of rabies shots in the next few weeks a time that includes Thanksgiving. A couple scared at the unusual attack but grateful to have a lot to be thankful for because we were about vary. Very lucky. Are going to be in they had or commit really cut that back.

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{"duration":"1:44","description":"An elderly man fights off a mother bear and her two cubs in his driveway. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59084456","title":"North Carolina man survives surprise bear attack","url":"/US/video/north-carolina-man-survives-surprise-bear-attack-59084456"}