Northwestern University Athletes Cast Union Vote

Historic vote would make college football players the first in the United States to officially unionize.
1:35 | 04/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Northwestern University Athletes Cast Union Vote
Northwestern adamantly opposes the union vote saying its athletes are students not employees. Head football coach has FitzGerald has told his players that they have nothing to gain from yeah. Whatever comes of the -- a group of northwestern football alarms say the issues that prompted it are not going away. We see this as an opportunity. To. Work together. Work collaborative leave and take our university forward. They call themselves and you game changer is wildcat football stars of yesteryear there are not pushing a pro or anti union -- but strongly believe. College athletes need a stronger voice in their own destiny would not endorse him. Going to -- -- might -- people choose where he might be not good at all but at the NCAA. Had not let it get to this point. This would have never been an issue. As alarms they want a seat at the table and -- -- northwestern to discuss the broader needs of student athletes. In an era when more is both given and more demanded of those who take the field. Among other things they're asking for improved sports related medical benefits allowing players to complete their degrees any time without cost -- free graduate school. He speaks -- of their home a lot of good things now is the time for northwestern particularly. Along. Expected collectively is that. What you know this issue being here at northwestern is that we can lead the what's inevitable the inevitability of change we can spearhead.

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{"id":23471687,"title":"Northwestern University Athletes Cast Union Vote","duration":"1:35","description":"Historic vote would make college football players the first in the United States to officially unionize.","url":"/US/video/northwestern-university-athletes-cast-union-vote-23471687","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}