November jobs report shows slowed growth

ABC News Political Director Rick Klein talks about weak job growth amid a new push for a COVID-19 relief bill.
3:36 | 12/04/20

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Transcript for November jobs report shows slowed growth
Joined by ABC news political director Rick Klein business correspondent you double and doctor Todd L Lauren and senior congressional correspondent Mary neighbors. Key he talked about a lot of different initiatives here chief among them it seems is this a 980 billion dollar. Bill stimulus package that's being considered. By the congress right now in Biden's made clear he wants to see this. Pass and he seems to be implying here that he had a big hand in getting it to where it already is what do you think. She did and he is his efforts I think John idol or murder the you know more and in in subsequent days. An increase in key here he has been behind the scenes talking says some of the major players and also signaling publicly and privately bulls. How important it is to move this or it I thought one of the most telling things about that. I'll press conference just now was the answer to marry rigorously enough when she asks whether he had spoken with Mitch McConnell. I took that as a yes. So or something very much changing in that direction and acting odd and in the president elect Biden's role your cannot be overstated in part of the substance here and also for the idea of reaching some kind of a deal now in anticipation of further work on this after January 20. And Rick he's calling this CI a down payment which Mary also pushed him on seeing what if this is it if you'd like to think optimistically. But he seemed to be painting a picture and not just this particular deal but it how he intends to conduct himself. As the executive this country and it seemed like he's trying to hint that he wants to see more compromise more coming together lessen the stress of I get it my way or no way and more of let's settle on a compromise. Is the essence of Biden isn't as the essence of what you brought to the democratic primaries or the entire campaign. Enough of the political infighting he's holds many of the many a story about his ability to work with Republicans he's told us sort it out or with Mitch McConnell in the past he recognizes that it got that she'd say he's governing sciele and his governing abilities and be reaching across -- -- a lot of Democrats think. That he east Tennessee to think that Republicans are suddenly in a war with Biden administration after years is instruction. The Obama years and I witnessed that firsthand but that has been a constant refrain for Joseph Biden that this is the what the American people want so far through the election he was proven right the question is doesn't maintain. When he's president. The Rick and I get this and in time you know run I didn't. I think the optimism has increased substantially the last couple days I'll lot of people hoping against hope that something can get done and LT look likely as of Monday but as we close out the week it doesn't look likely they'll be something even if it's a smaller deal Mary's right that it might be the last major biting an apple but that is the waited by -- gonna go into it thinking about that first hundred days that mass mandate of course is critical but so is that first legislative push there's always this week it's the first thing. That a president does upon taking office body might be obvious call because of the urgency of the of the pandemic but. Going after a major spending bill trying to make it by artisan one would be an enormous achievement given the political climate in Washington and given. The very real consequences that inaction she said it represents for so many Americans.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"ABC News Political Director Rick Klein talks about weak job growth amid a new push for a COVID-19 relief bill.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74548544","title":"November jobs report shows slowed growth","url":"/US/video/november-jobs-report-shows-slowed-growth-74548544"}