NYPD releases video of fatal shooting of knife-wielding man with history of mental illness

Officers instructed the man to drop the knife no fewer than 50 times.
3:57 | 09/14/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NYPD releases video of fatal shooting of knife-wielding man with history of mental illness
This video comes with a warning a strong warning in his dramatic and disturbing. But police release it today they say they show the shooting was justified and the the apartment is transparent. They say the emotionally disturbed man threatened officers with the knife. And what turned out to be a fake gun the entire deadly confrontation. Was captured by several different body cameras worn by the officers. By the way the police union not happy about this video's release I wouldn't border station safe flight and a monkey. Tonight with our lead story states. Well now this is critical because there's really no protocol for this it's the first time a deadly NYPD shooting was reported. On these newly issued the lean body cameras it's 48 minutes and it's painful because it depicts a stand up. That was becoming maddening when we intended to teaser this man in the Bronx last week. But then they saw a gun. Which turned out to be a tour. Okay. Yeah it's. This only a fraction of the times that police officers mark Fleming and Redmond Murphy pleaded with 31 year old Miguel Richard's here in the Bronx last Wednesday night. 44 times they commanded mr. Richards to drop the knife. Six times they your community mr. Richardson dropped the gun. And more than fifty times asking to see his hands but Richards who was holding this knife in his left hand and this gun in his right. Never answered but never said a word. But most importantly he never put them down the gun turned out to be a toy and the 48 minutes recorded on these newly issued body cameras. Are excruciating. A friend of Richards standing behind the cops also frantically pleading with him. More than seventy times. Yeah. The boy. Museum. Yeah. Yeah. In fact another officer was brought in with the tase her again to defuse the situation. But in the final two minutes. Got a nice and it had a gun. Who's gonna drop it. And in a split second barely visible the cameras do show Richard's arm with the gun moving. You know it appears that mr. Rich's at that time. Raises his hand then you actually see a red dot emanating from a non ticked in his hand. The red dot a laser from his toy gun. But a split life or death decision was made. Now officer mark. Landing with the NYPD for the past eleven years he fired nine times officer Redmond Murphy on the job for three and a half years he fired seven times. Both officers are with the 47 precinct. Now the PDA the police officers union has come out strongly against the release of this video. Saying it that's a dangerous precedent for all officers the district attorney in the Bronx would like to see it released. When the investigation was over he investigation just beginning. We should also point out the police commissioner who wanted this video released saying it shows transparent sea. It shows extraordinary restraint and ease tension note to the rank and trial saying that these camera case will be handled on a case by case. We live outside one police plaza sixty acre channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":49857902,"title":"NYPD releases video of fatal shooting of knife-wielding man with history of mental illness","duration":"3:57","description":"Officers instructed the man to drop the knife no fewer than 50 times.","url":"/US/video/nypd-releases-video-fatal-shooting-knife-wielding-man-49857902","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}