Officer and alleged gunman killed after deadly Riverside shootout

A felon who was convicted on charges of attempted murder nearly a decade ago allegedly shot and killed a police officer.
3:14 | 08/13/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Officer and alleged gunman killed after deadly Riverside shootout
Terrifying scene on a California highway during a traffic stop. A driver opening fire killing a police officer in injuring two others before he was taken down. I want to bring in our chief national correspondent Matt Gutman with the. It started with what seemed to be a routine traffic stop. A chp officer pulling over a white pickup truck a GMC truck. He started to impound the truck doing the paperwork sitting in his own vehicle. And as the other man a suspect now known as Aaron Luther went back to his own vehicle to try to retrieve some personal effects. He also took out a long gun and began firing right on that officers Carney can see these images. That popped mark windshield how many bullets pierced right in a driver's side area and that officer despite being mortally wounded. Was able to radio win for back up. Officer started swarming to the area and it. Happened about. Several hundred yards down the road you can still see the police presence behind me officers swarming in guns drawn. Swat teams moving in as well but those first initial officers he came to support. Be slain officer some of them were also hit two of those officers being shot one of them still in critical condition this morning. Finally. Swat teams and other officers able to neutralize that suspect they killed in the died on scene. I an overnight you know this very sad procession from the chp. Mourning their slain colleague but they're still going through the crime scene right now they are saying it's gonna take. Quite some time to go through because it is so large it happened right in the thick of rush hour traffic. Dozens of bullets fired have to account for every one of them and at least one motorist vehicle. Caught in the cross fire apparently at least one or two people inside that vehicle hurt by. Either flying glass or bullet shrapnel so this is a very significant crime scene is good take them some time take. Actually sift through all of the evidence here Kimberly. Yeah very terrifying scene. That your ad I just wanna know do we know anything about the officer who died. We know that he was relatively new to the force. I guess there is this such thing as a routine traffic stop but he didn't have any reason. To suspect that this particular man who was armed. He did know and it probably came up on his computer that this man was a felon that he had served the decade. In prison. On an attempted. Murder conviction. Also about a decade ago the man's father say cleaned up his life and say oh this is one of the things that police are going to investigate. How did a felon who should not have access to a wet band. Get and obtain this long rifle that seemed. At least from the video we've seen to have been cheated out. With some additions unclear what it's. Capacity was we're told that those two other officers who were shot are going to survive but. Other funeral for officer Moyer is probably going to be. And the next couple of days Kimberly. I had a pretty sad story there. Backed up and thanks for being with us right there in Riverside California thank you for the update.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"A felon who was convicted on charges of attempted murder nearly a decade ago allegedly shot and killed a police officer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64950589","title":"Officer and alleged gunman killed after deadly Riverside shootout","url":"/US/video/officer-alleged-gunman-killed-deadly-riverside-shootout-64950589"}