Official: Fort Hood Shooting Suspect Undergoing Treatment for Behavioral, Mental Health Issues

LTG Mark Milley says suspect was being evaluated for post-traumatic stress disorder.
3:00 | 04/03/14

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Transcript for Official: Fort Hood Shooting Suspect Undergoing Treatment for Behavioral, Mental Health Issues
-- colonel Christopher Garber on the PA over three -- they go up for your patience and for coming tonight. Can introduce lieutenant general -- -- nearly. The commander. US third floor. He'll make a statement about what he can right now then he'll take your questions after that. Raise your hand if you have a question and we'll we'll direct view. As a way to start this glad that your question. All right so. Commander of third floor right. With the general marking. The good evening. -- -- to start off first with condolences to -- killed and wounded soldier's -- Fort -- Prominent -- this afternoon. Approximately 16100 4 PM today. A soldier assigned to thirteenth sustainment command expeditionary. Fired shots -- individual's. Within the unit area's air. Within the first medical brigade area. In the -- transportation giant area. Most immediately went into lockdown we have now lifted the lockdown as about thirty of 45 minutes ago. Within fifteen minutes first responders. In the military police and emergency services. Responded to the scene. Engaged. Sure there. The shooter is dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound. Regarding the investigation. At this time there is no indication. That this incident is related to terrorism. Although we're not ruling anything out investigation continues. An investigation by various law enforcement officers. At federal level from ATF and FBI. And the state level and the Texas Rangers. Texas State place. A lot of local law enforcement of KP -- and harper heights. While -- army CID. An army military police. We have confirmed. That there -- three victims who were killed. And then a shooter. Was killed. And there are sixteen injured. Being treated at Scott and -- and air -- Darnell. Our thoughts and prayers. Go out to each of those injured. And their families. And the killed. And their families. Are bogus and -- don't. As the focus on the families of the injured and focus on the families of the killed. And sure that they -- the best care and counseling available. I do -- ask. The Florida community or anyone in the local community. If they have any information relating to this incident the please contact either the FBI for the Florida department of emergency services. Events in the past have taught us many things airport. We know the community is strong we -- the community is resilient. We know the soldiers in the civilians and the families of this board. -- -- so bravely combat. Over the last thirteen years in both Iraq and Afghanistan. -- strong. And we will get through this. Back to all. Who have supported us thanks to local community -- -- -- -- doesn't the last several hours and many years. And that's also specifically to Scott and -- for -- excellent medical care. And their ability to handle additional casualties. Went back. One -- -- right. When we do not know a motive we do know that this soldier. Bad behavior of mad dog dishes and was being treated for that. At this point is -- his next of kin has not been notified so I'm not gonna confirm his name we do have -- name. But the next can have not been notified so wait until that's been done. -- He has served in combat served four months in Iraq when eleven. Was -- suffering from. It was darling and a diagnosis for -- -- but he had not yet been diagnosed for the justice. One. It's under investigation the exact sequence of events and timeline of events are not a 100% clear. It is believed that he walked into one of -- unit buildings. Opened fire. Nugget into a vehicle. Fired from a vehicle. But out of the vehicle walked in another building and opened fire again and that was engaged by local aren't. -- airport. The very best -- I'm sorry did sick Christensen with the express news. Did we begin this this thing with the argument you heard that there was argument. In the deputy U this this -- that he also was using some. It was using AF 45 caliber Smith & Wesson semi automatic pistol. That was purchased recently. And the local area. I am not aware of an argument at the -- -- you there are some initial reports that may have been an argument -- one of the unit areas the don't have any indication never argument WT at the -- not been assigned -- -- the W. That we don't know we're checking his background he recently. Arrived at Fort Hood in February. From another installation and we're checking with the other installation. Determine the background. Of the soldier and obviously. We are digging deep into his background. Any criminal history psychiatric history. His experiences in combat. All of the things that you would expect us to -- don't have been done right now it. Welcome back to you and -- -- What floor. They were a result of the gunfire either direct wounds from the gunfire. Some cases there was some glass. That shattered and some -- superficial wounds from that. Others one was -- offense hasn't been -- there but it was a result. It was not in the process of being transitioned out of the military to my knowledge -- this -- -- Our taxes. -- His body was found in the parking lot where is engaged by military police. It. Military police officer. Responded. And he was approaching here at about twenty feet. Put his hands up. Then reached under his is. Jacket. Pulled out the -- -- And she pulled out her weapon. And then she engaged. In any put the weapon to his head and he died of a self inflicted gunshot. Here. I'm not ruling out terrorism on -- there's no indication of it at this time. We have FBI and all appropriate federal agencies. And all of the various organizations. Searching all the Internet. Twitter FaceBook and all the normal association he would do in the investigation and that part is ongoing. We do not have any indications of that right now. But I'm not ruling that out. -- -- We are not ruling in her out anything. Eleventh. -- -- -- -- -- -- But no -- I don't have Fort Hood as a specific target any other. Installation. It -- at him. The soldier. Is married does have family. And again we're in the process of notification. Were they here. Other in the local -- that's correct. Did he average in the victim. I do not know that. It. To our knowledge he had one weapon 45 caliber Smith & -- it normally takes place that's -- -- said nine millimeter at the misspoke. It's a 45 caliber Smith & Wesson normally don't want to don't know how much ammunition -- normally and then. It's -- headquarters building where they. Conduct the day to day administration of the medical brigade and -- -- -- building they conduct the day to day administration of the transportation giant outdoor. They're not far away from each other. 49 transportation -- Dan yes he would have gone to that. On occasion for administration first that society. -- -- treatment that's that's his unit it. I did not say is -- Gore's name and I'll do that when -- Stanley is appropriately notified but. Here is undergoing behavior health and psychiatric treatment. -- depression. And anxiety. In a variety of other. Psychological psychiatric issues it is. It was not -- the -- it's time. -- Was clearly are -- what she did. That moment diamond and she did her job. And she did exactly what we would expect of -- united states army military police. Is not under he was not diagnosed as of today. With -- -- he was undergoing a diagnosis process. To determine if he had he yesterday. That is a lengthy process to be confirmed with the listed. There are reports I don't know if he was diagnosed in the clinical sense very port city self reported. AF traumatic brain injury previously coming back from Iraq. Creating. -- it was on medications that's correct. Yes. It was -- place it was not -- -- was not wounded -- action to our records. No purple heart now wounded in action in that regard. At this time -- prefer not coming. We're I got folks calling that installation -- chain of command and ought to determine all the background information of the -- What state. It's here in Texas. To pick up more questions. Yes -- All of the wounded and killed -- military. -- -- -- -- Protocols -- -- about what it. Other soldiers that are allowed home base. The if you have a weapon in -- on base supposed to be registered. On base this weapon was not registered on base. You can't. Immediate reaction was -- casualties. What kind of casualties in and do we have one more shooters and are those shooters secure and to provide the protection of the local community. -- We have -- -- local FBI liaison officer. But no large FBI you know. Assets were not here. They are actually in -- to help with the investigation. But no -- local FBI available to our. Programs again. We'll have to reexamine all of those programs and see if -- word gets. I'm not ready to answer that just yet. Generally no there there are over -- over the years now we've three it is the third one that -- had burst through this. Are you concerned. Beyond got back to this first concerned this place is becoming a target. Or whatever reason. I mean what your reaction have been this again -- again here. My reaction was not not again here my reaction was -- Immediately get make sure we -- -- on the casualties. Immediately secure the site and immediately looked for one or more shootouts. And a security installation I wasn't thinking about not a dinner. And -- of that. Right now my concern is with the families. Those that are injured in those that were killed -- Response. -- -- -- -- -- You know -- it carries weapons. -- I don't think so should have concealed weapons on -- we have law enforcement agents. Were trained professionals and I and I don't endorse carrying concealed weapons on -- It was within minutes. Exact time probably. Ten to fifteen maybe next thing and I think law enforcement acted very rapidly. Swiftly. Given the nature -- service. -- not -- a debate. We've -- -- weapons on military installation. And -- say -- No I don't have. The specifics and I'd rather not going to that the the shooter was a male. And an officer of the dead engaged here it was a -- but they thought the other injured no I don't again. Probably about fifteen minutes twenty minutes but we don't have exact timeline. Want to go to someone else. And -- I think the response from the law enforcement. In a medical. Folks displayed there -- Lessons learned from the previous case and I think that it was obvious that the responses swept. And it was appropriate. Both the law enforcement perspective. -- from a medical -- Last question. -- I do not know it it out of authority investigation don't know any idea about the -- premeditation. Last question -- considering. Not right. -- -- -- All. Hold and it. I will be reviewing all of those procedures that's correct. Thank you very much -- appreciate it also appreciate your support. -- we will hold. Irregular. Press conference daily. Until. Until we get all the information out into the public. That we have it's appropriate I don't have a time for that but the president obviously be tomorrow. And colonel Chris -- -- public affairs officer we'll put that out. And I just ask -- -- thoughts and prayers. For the fallen and for the wounded in this particular case thank you very much it. Partly.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"LTG Mark Milley says suspect was being evaluated for post-traumatic stress disorder.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23169774","title":"Official: Fort Hood Shooting Suspect Undergoing Treatment for Behavioral, Mental Health Issues","url":"/US/video/official-fort-hood-shooting-suspect-undergoing-treatment-behavioral-23169774"}