Oregon governor says federal presence ‘like pouring gasoline on the fire’

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown discusses federal officers leaving Thursday after weeks in Portland and the path forward to heal the city.
5:45 | 07/30/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oregon governor says federal presence ‘like pouring gasoline on the fire’
Now tell me evolving situation in Portland tonight where this city is preparing for another evening of protest but the big development today is an apparent truce between or again and the federal government if all goes well. This evening might be the last time federal officers are station outside the courthouse. At the center of this standoff between the demonstrators a federal government and the city caught in the middle. And joining us now is organ governor Kate brown governor thanks so much for your time. Thank you so much for having me. First off you announced earlier federal officers will withdraw from Portland starting tomorrow but acting Department of Homeland Security head Chad wolf says. Federal law enforcement will remain until violent activity and so. What sir exactly what's happening with this fluid situation has a DA just got back on their word. That's. It's very very clear both sides are in agreement that starting tomorrow afternoon Thursday afternoon. Our customs Border Patrol and ice officers. That have been on the streets of Portland will begin leaving. This is definitely a step by step gradual process but we know how it ends they will be out. The city of Portland ands or guardians will be in charge. Now our team on the ground there has consistently notice it seemed to be two groups out there the peaceful protesters and an Arkansas and aggressors. Toward the feds now they saw it firsthand. Late last night when a black protesters started fighting with a white protestor who was starting a fire the argument was in essence of black protestor. It felt that the fires endangered his life and the movement hello white protestor argued it was the only way to get the federal government to notice where you stand here. I. They're really great course and what is really really clear is that the presence of federal troops troops troops on the streets of Portland cast substantially escalated an already challenging situation. Yes there are certainly folks committing. Acts of violence burning trash cans throwing rocks. That must end. We need to keep our focus on racial justice transforming law enforcement. In our criminal justice system. We need to make sure that we senator the voices of black. And brown and indigenous people in that work and that's the work we need to do moving forward. Now wolf is saying that you didn't reach out to DHS initially and if you had he says they would have been able to address this situation differently he's called this a months long error. When did you first reach out to DH us about this and it should the state of handled it differently. I spoke this the acting secretary. Debra. Homeland Security. The second week they were here I'd been speaking out every single day telling them to go home. Clearly this was a political strategy they were not here problems all day we're not here. To resolve issues on the ground. Their presence here. Like pouring gasoline on a fly on the fire and they're strategy because it was a political one has. Tired and they are leaving they are leading the streets of Portland and leaving or again. It what we're nightly pro ties slapped the protests like outside of the courthouse before federal officers arrived demeaning your mind was there a need for increase security and keeping it local law enforcement could handle the violence alone. If it doesn't stop. Yes I'm. In terms of what was happening outside and the federal courthouse. It's kind general officers. Chad's a Ryan's. Things were starting to calm down on the president's trumps troops on the streets of Portland greatly exacerbated. The situation. This wasn't about problem solving it was about political cedar. They rocks at Trump's troops. To Portland were again to score political points with their base now strategy is back. Tired they're leading and then we can focus on calming down the city and focusing on dean critically important work of tackling racial justice in this state and in this country. How quickly can local elected leaders start real conversations with activists in order to try to create a vibrant brighter safer future. For word on eons of color and is a federal government welcome to participate in this dialogue. Look I'm those conversations are happening daily I've been talking with leaders in the black community in Tallahassee next community in our native American community. Daily for the last several weeks I know that local leaders are counting those conversations as well I'm this is a collective collaborative effort. Wean need to co create. A new system. Justice the senators the lives of black and brown an indigenous people this is something that we all need to do together not just in origin but across the entire United States of America. Looking at how things have played out now what's the one thing he would have done differently. That's a great question. How do with the can't. What yes I'm yes I know I'll leaders across the country nest is the incredibly. Horrific disproportionate impacts of the pandemic on our communities of color. Our communities of color. Suffered greatly through this pandemic weenie just puts those voices those lives at the forefront. Or work together moving forward. Governor Brown thank you so much for your time we really appreciate it.

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{"duration":"5:45","description":"Oregon Gov. Kate Brown discusses federal officers leaving Thursday after weeks in Portland and the path forward to heal the city.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72064326","title":"Oregon governor says federal presence ‘like pouring gasoline on the fire’ ","url":"/US/video/oregon-governor-federal-presence-pouring-gasoline-fire-72064326"}