Outrage in Alabama after police kill wrong man in mall shooting

Man killed by police was not the suspected gunman, officials say.
2:02 | 11/26/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Outrage in Alabama after police kill wrong man in mall shooting
I hear something else happen over the weekend not Turkey guys on this and it's a tragedy that happened over Thanksgiving and this was a shooting at a mall in Alabama Steve is there for us Steve this also like. A tragic case of wrong place wrong time mistaken identity. What's happening now at the families responding. The family is a spotting the family is begging police to release the police body camera video from the shooting that happened in the small directly behind me where. South of Birmingham this happen on Thanksgiving Day. During Black Friday shopping there were reports of a shooting at the mall someone was shooting police tell us that. One young man was having a fight with another young man and then that fight turned into gunfire. One started shooting at another. Two people were hurt an eighteen year old man who was seriously hurt and then a twelve year old girl who shot in the back she didn't even know that she was shocked if she felt the pain in her back. Both of those two people had to be hospitalized. Here's where the story here took a turn police were responding to that shooting. When they got to the small and work and they tell us that they sought 21 year old. It that the 21 year old man who was killed in this instance they saw him with a gun brandishing a gun they shot him dead in the mall. Less than 24 hours later the story changes. After talking to witnesses they now realize that the man they killed had nothing to do. With the shooting doesn't even appear that he fired that gun and according to his family may have actually been trying to help the situation. The family who is holding press conferences and protest. They they made reference to this idea that when we talk about this gun debate there's always this question about a good guy with a gun. They say Maggie that this was the good guy with a gun and they believe that the reason why he is dead today is because he's black bag. Steve Vista such a tragedy is so sad especially. Over the Thanksgiving weekend like this thank you.

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"Man killed by police was not the suspected gunman, officials say.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59422679","title":"Outrage in Alabama after police kill wrong man in mall shooting","url":"/US/video/outrage-alabama-police-kill-wrong-man-mall-shooting-59422679"}