How to pack a wound

Cal State, Long Beach injury prevention coordinator Terry Liddell shows us how to pack a wound.
2:49 | 05/10/19

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Transcript for How to pack a wound
I'm a mean it could act cal state Long Beach receipt Mary's medical center is passing out these trauma kits. And that stop the bleeding training today that cannot be more timely with the shootings that have happened in the last couple weeks and I say here's the kit were. Waiting on campus. That has the tourniquet it has a sharp theater at the time on the tourniquet apparent collapse to protect yourself. I'm it has the cause. It has and a strap so that way they do it it's not quite as bad as my training language but some direct pressure it's working. This stretch of all banditry can wrap around and allow some pressure. By using that stretching bandage on the armor of a leg. I'm so that it'll hold pressured maybe I can go help treat somebody else or that way can stay in place for transport when the paramedics got there. Com the other thing as an. Both the cards. I'm here at the front and the back about construction cards so this actually has an algorithm and I didn't take a class I didn't heed that warning have. Take a stop the breed class I don't know what to do but I found this kid there's an algorithm that says he wears the injury. You know is that life threatening bleeding and they have some examples of what life threatening bleeding do you have a tourniquet if not. Do you have Sarah Gaza or something to you need to pack the moon could a tourniquet on it gives you an algorithm for that. And then there's also directions in here on wound packing itself and how to put the tourniquet. We also have this fake limb here where you were doing. Some wounds Pontiac should of that kisses my training like so this is about his only teach the stop the week class. In the community. And so the whole idea is if you don't have a tourniquet or maybe you have a wound that sent a shoulder area or drawing or summary you can't get. I'm a tourniquet on and if they have a big gaping wound. But indirect pressure and on top of the wound isn't can actually get the bleeding the stock because it's bleeding inside that big time void in their armor their leg of their growing. So you and it takes Daryl Dodd is an if you don't have star of Basra please use a T shirt a structure whatever you have. We're gonna pack the room and you're gonna sit there and you're gonna pack pack pack. Inside inside that Wu nine sucks. And it. It's what we do all the time and ER it's scary to think about what that when your adrenaline is refreshing. You gonna put on a pair of gloves and you're gonna help save your friend years co worker. I'm a fellow student. And you're gonna pack everything you can into that room until one and tell it stops and tell that you can't pack anymore and and it's gonna hurt you're gonna reassure him I know it hurts bring any keep packing. And whenever we have laughed when I can't get anything out send them and put on top. I'm in a put direct pressure on and so the packing with the pressure hopefully is going to be able to get that bleeding slowed down or stopped. And give them a chance for first responders to get there and transport them to a trauma center thank you so much Terry. I'm running a food and you're watching ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Cal State, Long Beach injury prevention coordinator Terry Liddell shows us how to pack a wound.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62951315","title":"How to pack a wound","url":"/US/video/pack-wound-62951315"}