Panama City Beach, FL, works to recover after Hurricane Michael

Thousands are in shelters after properties were destroyed in the historic hurricane that hit Florida's Panhandle.
3:46 | 10/12/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Panama City Beach, FL, works to recover after Hurricane Michael
Hi everyone we're gonna start with the devastation from hurricane Michael entire neighborhoods. Have been destroyed at least eight deaths are now blamed on the storm and one point six million people. Are reported to be without power Elizabeth herd is in Panama City, Florida one of the hardest hit areas. And Elizabeth just describe what you're seeing as you walk around that area. It and we spent the last couple days in Panama City Beach not that the damage I saw there was bad then this morning we Costa bridge over in Japan in the city and this is something else let me step out of the way the first thing that struck us was this house this massive treat that just. Toppled over and plus this house and then when you hand over to the right so unfortunately. There are downed trees and downed power lines every where and scenes like this. You drive down the main street here and neighborhood after neighborhood. This is what this area looks like now come back here and we're gonna cost to streak to give you an idea of we're not just talk about houses. Business is that are boarded up still closed and then my photographer Peter just pointed out. There's a medal huge billboard. That just got bank Dover and is now just on the ground that billboard whatever the advertisement what I can't even tell because it's just. Shattered and ripped apart and street the debris is all over the ground. And then if you go to the left there is another neighborhood again much like the one we just showed you just across the street scene seen trees downed houses just. I'm acceptable and accessible rather and homeowners just. Not allowed to be here and then tittle left it doesn't know header in which direction you looked there is damage everywhere. Store size business guys all blown out and again power poles that's just leaning left. That the hurricane force winds that tossed through this area. Absolutely left a path of destruction and you just see it everywhere Diane and Elizabeth how are the rescue and recovery efforts going so far. Officials say that is there is priority. And add that on Q there's a fire truck that just sped past you know. Over there working all round the clock and from what I gather thousands of National Guard members are on the ground are assisting local and state rescuers who are now going from home to home. They'll hardest hit areas were at the roads are blocked and they could they are might be stranded and trapped inside their homes. Those that's the priority for rescuers trying to get to those people and I want to say I don't have an exact number of the hundreds of people were rescued overnight. And that effort is continuing throughout the day today Diane and how other residents holding up. You know the homeowner of this home our producer spoke to and he put it back you know. He says that he thought it was going to be god but he did not expect. This he's absolutely devastated as you can imagine and also this is now dates to read. A poor residents here without power but without water and a mini without means of communicating with the cell towers down. And so that local officials here just gave us an update this morning and said that you know there. Still many 911 calls that a game going on answered. Because right now they are priority once again is trying to get to those who are trapped in homes and have now been. Stranded for three days so unfortunately. There's a lot of frustration. But officials are asking those people to be patient because they are trying to get everyone back online and everyone to safety understandable it is hard to know at this point how long. I will be Elizabeth her in Panama City, Florida Elizabeth Banks.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"Thousands are in shelters after properties were destroyed in the historic hurricane that hit Florida's Panhandle.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58462839","title":"Panama City Beach, FL, works to recover after Hurricane Michael","url":"/US/video/panama-city-beach-fl-works-recover-hurricane-michael-58462839"}