Pat Tillman: A soldier's story

The NFL player's letters and journal entries shed light on his decision to enlist in the Army.
2:24 | 04/22/14

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Transcript for Pat Tillman: A soldier's story
Pat Tillman story is well known now his decision to give up professional football to fight for his country shocked almost everyone. And so did his death shock almost everyone but there are new revelations about children's missions and how we felt about them. And they come from children's own letters and journals. Bob Woodruff reports. He had an all pro football contract worth millions a beautiful new bride. And after 9/11 he gave it all up to serve his country. But Pat Tillman had grave doubts about his first deployment to Iraq I hope this war is about more than oil money and power. I doubt that it is. Two -- private letters and journals revealed in John -- hours book where men win glory. Show there was much more it's hard charging safety and army ranger than most imagined. My job is challenging enjoyable and strokes my vanity NAFTA who need -- thinking it's important. Even though pat and his brother Kevin who enlisted with -- had doubts about Iraq they never doubted how they would fight if Kevin and -- -- part of a situation where we must fight. Every bit of my soul knows we will fight as hard as anyone ever heads. Tillman was also skeptical about his very first mission in Iraq. This mission will be a POW rescue a woman named Jessica Lynch I do believe this to be a big public relations stunt. Not mistaken. I wish everyone in trouble to be rescued but sending this many folks in for a single low ranking soldier screams -- media blitz. In any case I'm glad to be able to do my part I hope we bring her home state. Tillman told his platoon mates he feared that if something would happen to him he too would be used as a propaganda tool for the army afraid. The fight guy you know they're gonna make me into the symbol and in a free me through the street -- and don't let that happen. In April 2004. Pat Tillman finally got the chance to fight the war he had signed up for. In Afghanistan. But just two weeks after he arrived. He was gunned down by friendly fire someone at the highest close of government decided let's try to keep a lid on the friendly fire aspect. But we can't hide the fact he's dead so will turn lemons and lemonade were returning to do hero in an economy -- fighter. Put -- -- council -- just wanted to do you believe -- all Pat Tillman want it was to serve his country. Bob Woodruff ABC news New York.

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{"id":23424510,"title":"Pat Tillman: A soldier's story","duration":"2:24","description":"The NFL player's letters and journal entries shed light on his decision to enlist in the Army.","url":"/US/video/pat-tillman-soldiers-story-23424510","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}