Patrick Warren's family ‘looking for answers’ in fatal police shooting

Patrick Warren's son discusses how his father was shot and killed by police in Texas after a call seeking help for a mental health episode, as the family calls for the officer to be arrested.
7:29 | 01/16/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Patrick Warren's family ‘looking for answers’ in fatal police shooting
I turn now to case out of Texas where a call for help to police turned deadly the family of 52 year old Patrick Warren called police after they say that he was. Having some sort of mental health episode. Patrick is seen in this video walking out to the officer with his arms up. Then moments later you hear gunshots. It's not completely clear what happened based on this video Loma joining us now are two people. Who can help provide us with some of the details to explain the son of Patrick warned Patrick Warren junior. Along with family attorneys leave marriage our thanks to both of you Patrick want to express our condolences. For the loss of your father can you just kinda give us a sense of exactly what happened that day. I did he study crazy guy who dreary Lelie in the house letting us know Rick. Pay and spiritual warfare. Agent praising. Is easily sightings allow light was praising. On stepped in its own eight calm downs on this point on it he let me know was spiritual. And that he needed to praise god because that he almost comment. So it is not in my Dow's lake case under the law annoying quiz results who peninsula l.s. Resource officers we spoke use who previously. Since we coffin and actually announcing the house. They never let us know that their districts. That that particular resource officer was no longer available great day. Aren't did he win the company outer our resource office altogether windy coming out. And so we were surprised and police officers sheriff's house. When he shows in the house. And it and it endured its own Canadian. Allen now in my father was going to something new please no fire arms. He sold some peace was speaking Arafat into the hallway. In my finalists and fighting with officer he Siegel our style so yes you are the property. And let us know you have so worry. He doesn't do beats like these and slammed the door when big outside. From that point. We did not get endured so my father. Acting dealing with someone else out so he wants actually opened the door so he opened the door when he opened the door we saw in Korea beaten endured. Which may need consent isn't sitting in the train. I'm holding a 6:0 and I am operating and friends will. So it concerns. Runs and you know so it's a little down the grounds of the door and my mom is now we're needs of the door and it's already. Analysts see transcribe don't hornets eight you'll see unit. An inquiry beam out. He faced a father. And the planet is an Arafat who try to see what the greatest lanes also asks are we yelling but screen is a lot more annoying. And probably proceed peel off the ground and that's when he shot him. Would you. Children in which does look answers. And Lee at this point you're not only calling for the firing and that officer but also the rest in that officer has anyone from the police department reached out to you or your family to explain why this officer was sent alone to a call that was about. A mental health crisis. Nobody out. And I'm sorry. Big B instead we spoke would be the terror beat. Prosecutors in the region there reasons don't count prosecutors may in regards to punish these responsible for prosecuting this case issuing an arrest warrants and we'd encourage him yesterday. Speaking firmly about the evidence they have apparently didn't have the video evidence that was available. To the need yes it's a you won't work with them now make some he has been all information that he needs to issue an arrest warrants or. Not Coronado. Terrorists I was assuming I'm sorry contreras is an ambulance officer Rinaldo considers yes we believe Davis an arrest warrants he should work for him immediately based on. The probable cause evidence been circulating the Internet town I and we knew we of course want clean DD city clinging to investigate what policies and procedures. They have from place to deal with mental health calls. Call for help from a badly she never result and a man he murdered illness or. Morrow and Patrick next steps for you and for your family do you plan on pursuing any sort of legal action against the police department. Absolutely that's all we have you mayor here. We may see it is never embassy anyone else and game out illustration these little brother and I just think twice what it was him you know what it's one called off. Seattle police on his own game ND you know meeting that would teach our new health incision. What is thousand and so. We definitely plan to pursue this in I actually live -- its eight year notes. Holiday in Moby you know really get justice from probably disaster mainly geared. Is that near white sandy anyone else and it wants immediate premium product is eating desserts. And it going forward if you were talking about your brother who would you ever call the police again for help. Can't say as a right now lit you know and I don't know who you can call. In the event there you know you load when is going to be something in Arlington sales. Trick riddle I just I don't know I don't trustees. And so I personally win. He was shot deal with the crisis in other wrestler moon are elderly. It is not an option from the at this point. Right antley what are the options and we would talk about the of the war on mental health talk to some of about the importance of having someone who's equipped specifically to handle these types of calls to company perhaps police officers for the safety not only the officer but also the person who's involved. And if the police department doesn't have those kinds of resources now. How should these kinds of situations be handled. This case from the perfect example because in this case he had a good costs in bed on the first day and good cop resource officer with mental training was dispatched to the families owned eighty Bork's past was murders east both spent to build up over poor eat you gauge them in a way that was not. Our violent and wasn't welcome Mike to normal police officer. And he was able to use Texas. Anyway he went to the a preferable to the hospital went from volunteer action and in the following days. When Indians series and the seven call for additional help us and this time they got the bad cops in your mental we don't need just policies like George Floyd just simply snagged before congress right now that says we need more resources are those good cops who do we need more resources to mental health workers to respond to families in crisis appropriate at least we need to investment into additional money to health care resources to meet its healthcare crisis 20% of Americans have undiagnosed mental. Conditions. In Italy he said he in this household this is a situation that may arise again action is 23 year old little brother his is announcing drops into law enforcement hasn't been taught to engage someone might is little brother a black people in the communities like everyone else America suffered some mental issues and so. We need to take a realistic approach to reforming police that is necessarily requires investment in health care system. Toll merit Patrick Warren junior we thank you so much for sharing your story thank you for your time. And leads.

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{"duration":"7:29","description":"Patrick Warren's son discusses how his father was shot and killed by police in Texas after a call seeking help for a mental health episode, as the family calls for the officer to be arrested.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75286424","title":"Patrick Warren's family ‘looking for answers’ in fatal police shooting","url":"/US/video/patrick-warrens-family-answers-fatal-police-shooting-75286424"}