Pittsburgh Dad Charged in Daughter's First-Date Death

Richard Benton, 53, was charged with DUI after his SUV struck and killed his daughter.
3:00 | 02/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pittsburgh Dad Charged in Daughter's First-Date Death
Smiling young girl twelve year old Jameer Harris was out for a night of fun but it ended -- a nightmare for her family -- baby is destroyed now and a whole fabric. -- -- -- The sixth grader at -- Obama lost her life -- in this horrible crash she just got on her first date to a movie and she along with her father and mother were dropping the boy off -- -- house. On shortly manor drive in Stanton heights were getting out take pictures when police say for some -- the fathers ask you beat. Started rolling backward down the hill. Something went terribly round. And the car kept moving after the father -- out the card. The SUV drag Shamir close to fifty feet until it hits three Jameer -- mother paramedics tried to safer but. The twelve year old girl died her uncle told us he helped the race should mirror and she had a bright future. His -- purses -- sweetest person in the world sees this horrible someone to be a fit when -- brought. She hit every animal you commitment you can you can imagine Jameer -- family is especially angry at her father 53 year old Richard Benton. Police arrested him and say they suspect he was to walk. -- -- mother says she saw Benton messing around with figure -- -- before the accident and police say he smelled like alcohol. Refused sobriety test and demanded an attorney and turning get on the -- Mormon you got other people's Latin. You didn't value that at the scene police say Benton told officers that SUV's brakes failed investigators are checking to see if there were any mechanical problems.

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{"id":22660870,"title":"Pittsburgh Dad Charged in Daughter's First-Date Death","duration":"3:00","description":"Richard Benton, 53, was charged with DUI after his SUV struck and killed his daughter.","url":"/US/video/pittsburgh-dad-charged-daughters-date-death-22660870","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}