'In Plain Sight' analyzes Lady Bird Johnson’s role in White House

ABC News’ JuJu Chang looks at a new podcast that sheds light on the former first lady’s influence.
5:10 | 03/05/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'In Plain Sight' analyzes Lady Bird Johnson’s role in White House
Women's history month an ABC news is recognizing Lady Bird Johnson wife for president Lyndon Johnson each who is now revealed to be one of the more influential members of that administration which during the tumultuous 1960 us her story. Now coming to light in rarely heard audio diaries full of surprises. Act coming here with some Matt ward that isn't so demanding. And wait for Linden to come home and his wearing. The history remembers her as of poised and proper First Lady who stood solemnly by her husband Lyndon Johnson as he was sworn in as president on one of the nation's darkest stakes. Just 89 minutes after John F. Kennedy was to clear dead. We get our hands so it is. Saturday Ellis bush I have not show. But now the reality of cool Lady Bird Johnson was and the vital role she played in her husband's administration. Revealed in a new podcast from ABC news. In plain sites Lady Bird Johnson draws from more than a 123. Hours of audio diaries most of them never before heard by the public. She began recording the diaries just days after the assassination. He can't HK. Well in Lowell. Beckett Beckett at Oklahoma. Vick was it okay. Okay okay there. I heard it get tactic or get somebody. Coming at bigger problem. I don't know that's all right I have to say there. Ever ever ever a space should sit. I want him to see what they have done a heck. Lady bird admiring the deeply private Jackie Kennedy for how she carried herself and her husband's public funeral grieving alongside the nation. Vatican congregation of great preteen bleak it took great care. I don't think I would agree. And it was Jackie herself who prepared leading bird to assume the role she'd held just days prior. Walking her through the White House. She went on to say a lot of things like don't be frightened of his house. So happy tears at my marriage had been spent he and a you will be happy yet she repeated that are Renner rays are sure trying to reassure me. Blade birds and being First Lady was like being on stage playing a part she never rehearsed. But it was a role she carried out with tact and paving the way for those who came after her. She established a modern structure of the first lady's office. She was there when her husband handily won the 1964. Election and was sworn in for another term on the steps of the capitol. Setting yet another historical precedence. Racial equity a priority for the Johnson administration became her priority to. She traveled through eight southern states promoting the Civil Rights Act the first solo whistle stop tour by a First Lady. Speaking up even when crowds made it clear she was not well. I'm angry. Aren't they can you activate them I'm renting. And it why. We know how ignorant Beckett. And fat yet and not loving. I haven't I'm. Lady bird also adopted a cause of her own then branded beautification. It was at its core environmentalists and. The National Park Service was assisted by members of area garden club. And landing the first of 800000. Up to build boats. But flower power alone couldn't resolve the issues of the 1960s. Vietnam War weighed heavily on president Johnson and taints his popularity. Yeah a. Okay. Okay. When he made the decision not to run again lady bird played a key part even helping him draft his speech coaching him as he prepared to drop the bombshell announcements. And grit your benefit quack any member of pacing and drama. I shall not see. And I will not accept. Denomination of my party for another term as your breath. Lady bird left Washington leaving ripple effects still felt today a legacy only now fully coming to line. The remarkable in plain sight Lady Bird Johnson is available on apple podcasts Spotify each and all major podcast platforms with new episodes posting on Monday such you can subscribe now wherever you listen and Julius finds new book Lady Bird Johnson hiding in plain sight she is available for pre order now.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"ABC News’ JuJu Chang looks at a new podcast that sheds light on the former first lady’s influence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76215125","title":"'In Plain Sight' analyzes Lady Bird Johnson’s role in White House","url":"/US/video/plain-sight-analyzes-lady-bird-johnsons-role-white-76215125"}