Police: Body in NJ Likely That of Missing Man

Joseph Comunale, 26, was on Manhattan's Upper East Side attending a party.
2:37 | 11/16/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Police: Body in NJ Likely That of Missing Man
New developments in the search for a missing. Etiquette of bodies have been found that maybe that Joseph Connor knowledge. Some you know I was last seen at a party on the upper east side the body discovered today in Monmouth county New Jersey Eyewitness News reporter Michelle Charles worth. Is live at new details this down. Well good evening we're far away from your Ann Howard I have to when two hour drive from Manhattan south. Of those upper east side party you were talking about. From which this young man from Connecticut was reported missing. And it's a rather odd spot we're here in ocean port this is Monmouth boulevard in over here you have an entire neighborhood of million dollar homes sitting. On the Shrewsbury river now. Over here behind me is a florist and a behind act is a straight gravel road Ann and wooded area. Where police found this buried body. All day long has just been cops and news. And helicopters flying this flower shop is at the front of the gravel road that leads to the shallow grave found by a dog. And the NYPD. Police say 26 year old Joseph commune Ali's body was found in the woods back here after two men and three women were interviewed following a party. On the upper east side. This overnight search for a body young man reported missing after that party. At an apartment at the grand Sutton is highly unusual for this quiet shore town. There was a bunch ocean port go of these and then I saw three of four in New York cops. And I figured something was up. There are million dollar homes on the water just extorted us gravel road and at the end of it near the shallow grave seemingly abandoned boats and trailers. Joe's upcoming Ollie was last seen on surveillance video Sunday morning in the same apartment building where the party once. People who were there were question ever since the victim was reported missing Monday. By his father. We just saw a lot of police and everything going on the last word for 48 hours coming up in the lobby scene people and evidence bags as. This office is putting on white Hazmat suits. Bizarre situation this is still very much under investigation and YPD tells us. There's been no weapon confiscated. No motive that they know of or have told us about and there been no arrests as somebody who told the NYPD. Where to come down here and bringing cadaver dogs to find this body in ocean port. New Jersey we're live here shall Charles with channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"Joseph Comunale, 26, was on Manhattan's Upper East Side attending a party.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"43591308","title":"Police: Body in NJ Likely That of Missing Man","url":"/US/video/police-body-nj-missing-man-43591308"}