Police 'Confident' Deceased Shooter Acted Alone at Marysville High School

Officials at news conference say the suspect in Washington high school shooting is now dead.
7:18 | 10/24/14

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Transcript for Police 'Confident' Deceased Shooter Acted Alone at Marysville High School
We're in the process of evacuating students. And we will be releasing where the public reunification site will be shortly. Texans we make that determination. We are not aware of any other injuries at this time but that has not been confirmed because we are still clearing the buildings at the school. Or. That is that is possible but we are not confirming that yet we have not received that information from the command post. It. Yes we are wearing out. I don't have that information yet. Wearing. We I don't know where officers are at at this point they are clearing the building. We are confident that there was only one shooter in the shooter is deceased. But we do need to clear each building and make sure that's the case. Witten will do that very meticulously. And it will be a very slow process because we we still are evacuating students. And so we will go that campus there has multiple buildings and we've it will go from one building to the next. Let's face and required him. Why can't did exactly what happened. But at this point I have not had any contact with the school district so I am not sure exactly what they did what their process. Right now we are confirming that there is one deceased and that that is the shooter. Entered. We do not know that yet. The shooter was a student craft. I I have no information about where it started I'm still trying to gather that information but I wanted to make sure I got here for you at noon. That. I don't know. He believed them. I don't have any motive at all at this point. I don't have that yet here. Don't know them. It's a student and I don't know that it's a male and her. But we're not confirming that yet because we are trying to secure facility at this point I will get that to you this quickly as I can you. And I don't know what this student count this. And he. Okay. It smoltz multiple agencies I know that obviously Marysville as the lead agency the sheriff's office. Nightly at Arlington lake Stevens has also responded. I. We got notification from somebody on campus. And that was set shortly before or actually about 10:30 this morning for 1040. Normally. In this yes we do have a school resource officer that is located on campus would. If there. I do not know that. Yes yes. Definitely. Its way to get. About here. We received a 911 call from somebody that was on campus that was reporting that shots of student teacher I don't know that. Palin that there's been asked not to. To come directly to the school what would you like appearance and other people's willingness. We do are we do ask parents to please stay away it's an active situation we need to make sure that it's safe than sick here. We're soon as we learn where that unification spot is going to be I know that students are being bused away. And as soon as I learn without re in cases but it's going to be I will let you know so that we can get that out to the parents. But please don't go to the campus that really really makes things difficult for our officers or are we one shooter who. At this point we feel confident. But we have not clear the entire building yet so here's what we're that if there is a possibility but we don't believe so it's. At at this point I don't have any information about what's going on at the school. Those are questions that I can get from the command center at a later time I just wanted to get this basic information out. Well it. Mostly for security we want to make sure that they don't have any weapons on them when they're coming out towards our officers so it is the safety situation. He knew when the standard protocol has been getting calls like this. Response. 23 wars. Well. The incident really dictates that it's not really a black and white lineal thing. Definitely when we get those kind of calls all officers are gonna respond to the to the active situation immediately and so that's where we that's where we start. From there ever is taking place we'll dictate what we do from there. We turned it did recently it's. It. Thanks. I hate it's possible I do not know that if the swat team has done and. It's. Time to do. Yes we. We we do have all of the school building plans. They are up at the command post I'm at this time I'm certain that there utilizing those. Om and relaying that information on C. Hurt for anybody distorting. Extreme like you believe what you. Or. At this at this very moment we have officers on scene. That are clearing all of the buildings on campus to make sure that there is no longer an active threat. The students arteries and still holed up at school. But. I'd I don't know the status of all of the students I know that we are in the process of evacuating. After some others who should. I think our. How their kids are where to find your kids through reignite reunification process for periods. Watching this now what we tell them about what they should do how can they find out of their kids are okay. Well right now. We're still not yet we're still in the process of getting all that information so we're very early in the stages. We are trying to locate that reunification spot we will get that information out as soon as we can. And it it's really just kind of a holding pattern and it's and it's unfortunate but we're trying to get that information. Here but it. I I think for right now this would be a good location we may change that. Later on but at this point this is a good spot. Right now we are confirming one person that is deceased and that that person is believed to be the shooter. And that we at this point do not believe there any other suitors on campus we're. On the campus I don't know what building. I don't know that I have no information about what is actually taking place NC.

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{"duration":"7:18","description":"Officials at news conference say the suspect in Washington high school shooting is now dead.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"26435205","title":"Police 'Confident' Deceased Shooter Acted Alone at Marysville High School","url":"/US/video/police-deliver-remarks-shooting-marysville-high-school-seattle-26435205"}