Policing in America

Former New York City Police Department chief of detectives Bob Boyce on the significance behind the attorney general’s probe into the Minneapolis Police Department.
6:06 | 04/21/21

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Transcript for Policing in America
I wanna go on out a former NYPD chief of detectives and ABC news contributor. Robert boys and Robert thanks for being here again the attorney general. He just said is launching this investigation into the Minneapolis police department and they're looking for any. Unlawful or unconstitutional. Policing practices how significant is this probe. It's going to be pretty in depth about pro and a gonna find some things cause a I looked to the the other person was alternately found. A discriminatory practice of employment. Can two in two minority neighborhoods certain. And it was horns sank CFC policy review patterns practices procedures all these things. The patterns only discriminatory when we look at things we look at arrests. You know disciplinary. Procedures is really end up in an interview. Investigation and his top trend department would stand it. Now they don't. Should make changes and I believe it well the civil penalties will be over wrought and then you have to exploit see big changes coming I think the other point until we can can expect that. And Minneapolis responded to really horrible shootings Helm but I configurable top I had. Was oh. Hello Floyd and the other fellow's own time and Joseph so and so he's he's really bad there IC changes I'd really like you've earned I know he's got he's has made changes. However this is gonna take other steps as well. No more on the neck restraints that I see coming down the line as well as any place across the country can Rennie chief there is still is still supporting those. He says that your she's weird place to mute. I think that law enforcement officers and other members of the law enforcement community what will react to the news of this probe. Why are you. He's got a view didn't expect this coming this is the only two the other issue I'll call you if you well. After they're criminals while you're going to see this what happened there what went wrong in the something wrong with. This is a good practice to get better but are always the roads looking to get better I can make changes in our apartment. So we'll see this we had this in the NYPD and as we have oversight here. Looking at our practices in our procedures there's nothing wrong with it and we'll take the outside information and make changes as well. This this is an ever evolving world so I think most clear thinking please executives will embrace it. And it seemed appeared to goals as an investigation like this one is to uncover any wrongdoing an obvious you fix it but also. To instill more trust in the public for the public to know that their police departments are doing the right thing and if they won't they'll be hand held accountable so. I'm not know what I want to take a look with you at the initial. Report that the Minneapolis police department issued. Right after George Floyd's death and it says man dies after medical incident during police interaction. Among other issues it makes no mention of Shelvin restraining Floyd it only says officers were able to get the suspect into handcuffs and in noted. That he appeared to be suffering from medical distress now knowing what we know now. How significant are some of the omissions in this police depart police report. And Hattie has six vat in order to instill more trust when the public reads these kinds of reports and there is no video to show us what happened. So at that juncture they should and it doesn't cause the investigation launched immediately can't say it than just selling it did. They just in capsule as impartial you can somewhat incorrectly. Once you have a death because the you have investigative news response we have we changed our policy New York City as well we've created the force division. So who forced unit would come into immediate investigation to see what it actually happened there. By going into our own body want cameras there's cameras around. And around the area that was going and doing campuses all whole supposedly looking at the offices that they had any prior incidents went ahead are monitoring lost so this was sure it happened. You should be you know death in custody is sees it is treating quite seriously. And it's not something you just quote you lines I don't know they did that they should do that and they will do that going forward having an immediate response to investigate these these incidents are the death cosmic tennis terms. Being able to trust what we read in a police depart in a police report. How important it for the public to know that and how important is it toehold. In the people responsible accountable if a police report doesn't match up. With the events that actually happened. So I think it's important to get the information out so you don't have myths misinformation going out there so each police commander in that city should have a Twitter account. To put information out. To get it and get in touch with those or resting getting and come together with a group is important information out so you don't have misinformation we receive throughout on -- -- -- around and -- gets bad and people react to those rumors and planners can morneau let's not factual. So I think putting out digging Twitter accounts using social media get information out there and let them know what happened let them know you took immediate. You know. Action is a RC office officers standing if he's a modified if we stay on there are now she stayed on their you have to get that in really two good to be transparent. And get the word out that use so do you see your analogy and you won't vote on it. So Robert in this case were not that bystander video shot by a seventeen year old do you think that we be talking about George plays its case today. I don't know I don't know if you would have been knows where this went by and I don't think he would he might not have been convicted. Without that five cents a video that is today's world we see you all the time. They hand held gun phone camera has changed policing. No one does suppression police he anymore if you do this is trivia worse and worse our investigative policing is a way to go precision policing. Where you identify certain gun criminals that are courtroom the main drivers of crime and then and then pursue them. Now this this point you're kind of policing we call suppression policing so we see changes and a lot has to do with the camera I salute him. And I have no problem owned by William Gross audio woman Oceanside. As I was very courageous in doing so I think you change the host Doug trajectory of the trial itself. Robert Boyce I appreciate your time is always thank you. Thank you.

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{"duration":"6:06","description":"Former New York City Police Department chief of detectives Bob Boyce on the significance behind the attorney general’s probe into the Minneapolis Police Department. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77220638","title":"Policing in America","url":"/US/video/policing-america-77220638"}