Political novelist on the war against ISIS

ABC News' Amna Nawaz talks to Joel Rosenberg about his new book, "Without Warning."
3:00 | 03/17/17

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Transcript for Political novelist on the war against ISIS
Hey guys on the I am I here in new York and I'm really priest to be joined by New York Times best selling author. Jewel Rosenberg thank you so being beaten Harvey here who think you we should mention your new book. On display here without warning is just out now yes just that on Tuesday released. If this at the errors in theories. About man named JD Collins right pregnant isn't familiar with this theory tells little bit about this character and about where he. GP. York times foreign correspondent war correspondent. He's not part of a three news and he we you know this guy's guy who hunts for stories here's a rumor. Debt crisis if XT captured chemical weapons in Syria. And is planning some sort genocide but. It's a rumor he can't. We certainly is a good journalist he can't print it lets you can confirm it so as the series begins and finally could read went without warning. That's the handle but he doubled back you don't have to do what he started the beginning with a not call the third target. Cocked hat into Syria with two colleagues. Hellish war torn Syria. To track track down ice as commander and get them on the record. 02 at way of threatening. Terrifying the world that's how other novel begins the series begins and as we get to without warning. This is a book about what a crisis that constantly trying to attack people. Want genocide in the Middle East what they can't. And I think in writing this in 2013. Nobody myself included furtive crisis in. Al-Qaeda in Iraq whispered morph into something new. I just finished a series about Ron particular weapons and so I thought he'd paid new enemies rightly are thriller writer. And so I went to former CIA directors and the former head of Israeli intelligence. It's what keeps you. What are you wearing out. Nixon Qaeda in Iraq he's turning into something much more. So that's set into motion now as you know. 2014 January. President Obama has now you know that's not real serious for their. I strategy. Team we don't need to worry about them we're pretty much taking care Al card. And I would deep into right now here different but you know he's the Bretton. But by this summer. Captured four person rock and start an actual systematic genocide against Shiite Muslims against Christians in TSE's. And here we are two days. Turn it. Are we can we and how we gonna lose what. Yeah that's that's I'm right. And fiction lately he blew what much faster than I had anticipated carries this fiction right right. Yeah there there there east and Keeler inspired by its worst case it could happen just pray that they do not happen but that you've been there for October 2018. Took sixteen. And. Well you know are pretty hate thank you are failed political consultant. Everyone I ever worked for an Washington lost so you know start making them from living it turns out there is. There isn't there that I over that novel that's. So I want it eat a lot of books dating to two Q. Rapid though it sort of on which it is. Looking at how it's ironic here. Western H addict. Route. Clear. You know I'm Jewish and even local I'm dual US Israeli citizen so pieces that someone might. Tat knee and you were part but undersea. What about these terror drillers and so are you against is actually wasn't characters that are. Big guys acute people that are good guys and the real world are not I'm really concerned about Islam phobia. Because I think that all the data showed ninety plus percent. Muslims worldwide has been pole for. Seniors are are very clearly not supportive of violence against innocent it. But the pull it pretty clear that between seven and 10%. Will tell pollsters openly. Support for the next war I support suicide bombings against. Civilian so. That's. That's the vast majority being against that's up to 10% maybe being support doesn't all. Engaged in. But that's the pool from which the radical terrorist groups and state are drawn. And I don't trying to keep people up all my admittedly with. You know into the sea you know adrenaline pumping thriller but it's also take people into this world where they don't expect to be learning things could there. What you checkered shorts they're sort of like Pringles you hope we and he just wanted. I can't if people tweeting the right thing. She. Worked an hour but attract educate. And hadn't applicants aren't. We'll take. You you're putting journalists at the center right through these there's emissions act race at Michigan. Confirming that the cheaply teach you. Mr. right night he takes on a very involved role he does like Mort that the most welcome back. Well correspondent is a different breed the columns of tri right is that they tend. Be addicted to the adrenaline rush going into battle you know and they are that sort of journalistic equivalent I would say of the new York city police officer or firefighter work. You know something bad happens they go into danger. Most of us. Watch on television report mr. but these guys want to go into theory go into Iraq they want to. Meat and ice as commander. And get the scoop dot com. But as things unfold he gets drawn into this story. And I think what's interesting from from a a novelist perspective is. Most people are never gonna go see your American going to rock their. But they know they ought to know more about it than you don't want to read a 900 page book on the history. Syria or radical Islamic terrorists an 81 ago. High speed adventure ride and this is a first persons here so you or in the character's head you're going into. Harm's way with him. Doing the safety of I think it you know your own home. I find at a faster weight again as a reporter in Europe he unpacking things as he goes asking questions he's. He called lies he sifting through he's meeting was spotty he's getting leaks but he's got to sift through what is true I think in this. Agents fighting this radical Islamic terror or artist really it's a political idea. What's true and what is a threatened what isn't who are our allies and then. You all. Mean calendar Eden and I repeat elm street area. Can eat and I Uygur. I can get capital. A few people will learn from from eating will be. The fact that prices is not like any terror organization. That we'd be the leaders of ice as guests are radicals. But this is something different. Patrick driven not just by radical interpretation. But by an apocalyptic. Interpretation the Eagle County yeah they believe that if they. Commit genocide. And create a world of chaos and carnage. That an and the established. Islamic kingdom. That we that will. Hasten it will it will accelerate. The comedy of the so called apartments I had known them the. And he will and he'll come with Jesus Jesus in this basket comedies. And he is gonna force all infidels to convert or die. He Jesus is the deputy in this his worldview. And there are establish a global actor. Eight so that's exactly so. This is something we've ever experienced before it terror regime. That's driven by trying to be and the path that their language that most people. Don't know act. And if you talk to experts and you read the speeches by Abu barker. At a price. This is that this is this guy come from different off he he he believes things that most Muslims don't believe. Not an end at the rest of us don't believe. We can all have our own views Jewish Christian Muslim about what we think the and of these might look cute establishment peace and jobs. But we don't want to commit chest bringing out Bob Barker on. And girl and religious tax justice. Extreme. Right. Lower or upper. Find some justification. There. He. TE. True believer. Obviously wrong but you people. Can call it genocide and literally outside. If anybody doesn't agree with what he he he. Yes and other. Air. It. Tribal house. We've just been terror groups all over the world in our history. But they're not. City that the trying to bring an end of the world as we know. This isn't different category it's what's driving this Jennifer title and activities not just killing and radical Islam I would say this does miners small. But it but terrible. Subset of the trying to hijack is almonds and if we kill people we can accomplish certain political objective meeting get the Washington leave Iraq orchid you know. The state to cut the relations with your what are the political objective we use violence to achieve this guy doesn't think that. He's using violence to Iran are key to one quietly whole groups of people believed. That it if he does that. This will trigger the company. A global Islamic kingdom this is just not anything we've ever experienced. And. Our our political leaders don't talk about bat. So even Americans in the dark at the least it cutting and setting. The truth where obviously we've had terrorism. But even al-Qaeda. Has distanced themselves from crisis because. We may Craig those apps I mean that's the interest. If they get these extremists. Carrying out. Horrific acts in the name of whatever they choose to say that justify. Why does it matter that they're using. That justification to fix it well I mean that you. They could but I I would argue that. The previous administration. Struggled with this of the area this issue. President Obama clearly under estimate where you dramatically. Post yours as well as. He thought you know one more terror group I mean you know there are a lot what's irritating. So why did IE. Without any access to classified information. Why did I think it was different I was listening to people who sit if you if you read what these answers. This is different. I think print Obama and I don't want to be partisan register as analytically novelist. Think he had narrative the narrative he is. Eager people might overreact. To radical. I share that concern react. Yeah that say that every little as it is a rat in the booking that got a problem we want Weydedat. What if you don't talk about what's motivating these people. You know that'll be like saying well Hitler had dictated what this something unique. That letter asking that that you Hitler. Was. Medical maniacal he didn't just want pick me. He want to keep a group of people which meant that it wasn't just a danger to the United States and Great Britain France and Germany to. But he was trying to an ideally an entire people and building facilities that do that may that was you to understand him. And how much danger he posed us she had understand what we're his real objective read what he wrote you know. So we. Actually take people in this world and a reporter who doesn't know this stuff doesn't think it. And starts to come across things that make it and think whoa whoa is that this is. You know you're gonna father's Oldsmobile this is something really different. It allows a skeptic reporter think com. War. And because interest in it is. When people read these books and in Albany, New York. But in the eastern to go to people you would expect. To hear. Contacted. To Jordan's king. Turned out he just read. The proof the book from last year. It was Washington somebody I red light in to meet him and gave it. To you need to read. And could usher in. An undated it's not an overture it means character. I meet Jordan's King Abdullah an actual character in the theories. And that's why I think. On the currency. A fiction writer but he is a descendant of the Prophet Mohammed. He has the strategic alliance with the state. He is at peace with Israel he's the former head toward the special forces and actively fighting ice. You have to make up. That's the kind that the dream out. Well you know idea yeah I'm not trying to. I wanted it. More can I can't make it worse. Don't know about you know it was. I just couldn't make. Some ugly. But it's a risk. Because even some of the series. Crisis is trying to overthrow. Jordan trying to portray it in an apple. There are really trying to do in real life and definitely very. Pull off in the traffic on the ice in real life has declared war on George that they haven't yet. Accomplished. Can Clinton be and meat from the kingdom's red book. Instead he invited my wife and come for five. And meet with him multiple times meet with his generals and essentially see how. He's working to protect the Kingdom of Jordan and work with the American. Against. Against. Was actually we. All. Week. One he was itching to get into. War and was having trouble persuading all the we need or. Between war weapons won't go. Oh well Britain president didn't. Well. Public doesn't want to see without warning. Don't win there. For all for now let a huge title force. Take over the very country Iran where we put so much blood sweat and tears no Americans do not support our. They're cautious about ground activity but the you'd rather. Win there and fight our own streets so if that's the choice right there. McCain want to do it and he did not really. I don't want or to get my perception. Which it. There was a frustration. That he'll administration. Underestimate her begin and then was sort of taking measures. Fighter but we. Forces. Because President Obama became the country taken force we're not going to be here. That creative. And to hear you ice customers. And and again you have a choice it's pretty simple free access there and win. When you fight trees and trees Q. He couldn't buy. And things. That's why the President. Obama pulled up or that we're don't we one. Small mop up operations they can take care. Seoul. And we don't might take the king was itching. I. The pilots. Captured ice has burned the line on videotape I mean this is very personal for ST. And here's here's are mostly. Sunni Arab. To read my book a trip to Washington because president. Who. We hope we need to I have no idea why. But when you happen keys Arabs. Come and meet your kid. Out. You know I can't meet with the justification for them he didn't and I owe the president. You know because. Obama because they trade at time when the king's schedule. Three. Do you when you take a look at it is obviously a lot of these issues are. Mary easily believable today. And Christina mean it's against the driver rating. With real characters and it's sprinkled through one I think that only real one it's the only real ones and testing. So how. How do you kind of process the headlines around you do you seek inspiration for new novel and new work or. In some cases they knew Fox News has been called to the modern day yesterday on helping them unfortunately some thinks you've written about previously have come true. Asks you and I don't. I don't want there are not trying to predict things. I'm trying to write about worst case scenarios. The theme in my novels this. To me just understand. The nature and threat of evil. Is to risk being pines in. If you understand you're me you you can get caught I think she would never. Imagine that they would want to do try to do be able to do. We won't find cited in 1941. By imperial gym and we. We didn't understand what they wanted we never imagined it would try to get to Pearl Harbor that they did equine. 9/11. In bond hold us exactly what he wanted we don't believe we didn't take it seriously. So we were quiet sited here in York city and in the country in Washington. And I fear that it would have leaders don't take this threat seriously. We could be inciting again and so. A deal he's the first president who's who's using the term. Radicals terrorists eating well. Yes and Melanie briefly. President George W. Bush never used the term President Obama didn't want because it wants and the Muslim world that's agreed that's a good motive. What you have to help the country understood them. That we're not talking vast majority of Muslims but we are talking about a small sobs small but dangerous. That they think they're being motivated by gear version of a swap. You could make this thing he does because because if you don't understand someone's motive he don't understand what they're gonna try to do. And trial and trial and criminal you determined in the glimpse of what our motive and opportunity anchors. He because. It's fair to care enough to eat it do we need to picture that we understand. Like these people believe that there are the things they're doing. Most importantly how to take. You're the next protect yourself from great people and to stop them before they attack so. But if you if you take. Somewhere. In the it Chris Obama's concern about. Not spending the Muslim world. He didn't ultimately take seriously that this was a generous idol group at what he would never would've called the JV squad. Now who suffered most once hopes. They are the ones dying in the largest numbers in Syria and Iraq. So if not silent and high Muslims statement. Or analysis of city. This group of people who call themselves Muslims but have this generous titled you. This serious we have to stop them and work with armed Muslim allies to stop them. Because of you wouldn't know it which she the president ignored but he certainly. Wanted it not to get serious issue he thought it wasn't a big deal. And he treated like not a big deal but in the end his own administration a year ago this week. How to admit this is Janice no genocide. Has specific legal definition. And for congress and the president to say. That's really what this it it shows you how serious it is and it's Muslims were dying most yes Christians yes he Aziz. So it didn't helped him to miss analyzed to miss understands. This threat and it don't help the American people know why do we need to send our troops in harm's way are we just don't know. I wish. But we're not yet we certainly can't genocide contour shorts. GQ I'm you can watch in the headlines you've been seeing the way that it's your child has been responding to. The ways that he believes he can keep Americans safe this Taliban right is one of those tools. And of course is in its 02 legal Meyer right now though wouldn't make an accurate I think that's. Active from the things you learn you can we talk to people the intelligence community and have an understanding of how that's where. I think several things. The president's doing aren't the right now remember. This president has no foreign policy experience no securities. He is using the term. Radicals but he should get a major speech to define what we don't mean. And what we do need to present it absolutely because. They'll present were used the term that you what I might know what he needs but. That we can't assume he should not assume that every American knows what she defines it then you think this is why. You need to do extreme dreading people coming from Syria coming from Libya coming from yet because these are failed states that are that are rife. With radical. Violence is optimism. And once you understand what it means it doesn't mean everyone coming if rebel got to make sure. Eight cent last year 37 people in the United States 37 were arrested crisis. Pot charges thirty that's three I'm. The president should save number right because. If you think well I don't need to do extraditing is unfair. No it's not unfair every country should protect itself. But if people realize that three people a month are being arrested for having for for being engaged ice is plot allegedly let that many of them are being convicted right. That's serious. Ice it's used to be just al-Qaeda in Iraq now they're recruited from 120 countries. Now they've killed more than 12100 people. Outside of Iraq in theory. So protect ourselves at our borders is critical. Not increasing and improving that it is critical. Going offense the president asked three new war plan from the Pentagon. To go defeat crisis good he's increasing the defense budget to accomplish that maps good. He just met with Saudi deputy crown prince he met with the Jordanian king. So he's working with wasn't am I next week next Monday 68 foreign ministers are coming to Washington. To meet with temperature state two dollars and to talk about how we do a better job for he expects that these all move in the right direction of seriousness. Company. The saudis in the deputy crap just sad how anxious he once in the previous administration. He didn't feel like. The last administration was serious about Iran threat and the threat. They were doing nothing but it. The saudis and others to do war. Speaking. It. No no and that changed in question right yet fifteen of the nineteen hijackers were from Saudi. But that was sixteen years ago they were without closely to improve their own intelligence. Gathering at their cooperation with us. So that you. Not actual yeah I know he entered the heat and try it already exceed your. Right turn the question. That. People. People looking six that's true that's true. So you're here to reward those countries are on the list. It's not that because different countries that have done terrorism in the past necessarily that you would add. Acxiom Saudi Afghanistan erupt at. They questioned whether since 9/11 and since these attacks those governments have worked with us to properly. Share intelligence and improve our understanding of who was trying to apply to comments were country. And those countries. According to intelligence officials I've spoken to have. Needed improvements the saudis to Pakistan we're not seeing Pakistani attacks in the United States or saudis. But in countries that. Our failed states like the governments are in or near com maps. You have to ask yourself how property possibly know. Who's coming and until we know that they know that we know who's coming. It just makes it just prudent. To work to protect ourselves. This comes now. At. I am. Getting out loud and clear packing up well and I knew what was certain that Atlanta. In the entertainment world end up back. Started catching people's attention and that's one of the reasons I did it. You can write op Ed you can give a speech in Washington. Let a lot of these guys who read a novel planes. That they won't sit down and read. You know somebody's op Ed and so this created very different environment. You don't think. You just think differently. In another story. Mind that I couldn't wrap up because these are two. Kuester call it sounds like to president arguing that the major speech yes and you want it. Different clients. To define what what is the problem what is that the problem. And we can meet us sent troops on the ground there. Wants the American people understand. It we fight and win there. We're Cummins these streets without. Without or without it out for. It an amputated his mind and I think it got it. I'm an up the act your.

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