Possible Ebola Patient Taken to NYC Hospital

A health care worker who recently traveled to West Africa is now in isolation at Bellevue Hospital.
2:45 | 10/23/14

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Transcript for Possible Ebola Patient Taken to NYC Hospital
We're turnout of the doctor being tested for ball right here in New York City I was is over Tim Fleischer is in Harlem this afternoon where the doctor has an office Tim what are we learning from there. Italy is what we are learning is that doctor was taken from his home here want it Hamilton heights actually where we are in the neighborhood. By a specially trained EMS unit and taken down to Bellevue protesting. Joining me now is Mark Levine who's the City Council member from this district more let's bring us up to date and could give people some sense of what we're dealing. Well we've got department health workers. Moving through the neighborhood candidacy door to door handing out information. Cars like this and English and Spanish telling people what kind of safety precautions that need to take. The goal right now to mix of people don't panic this is not a confirmed case. And only two intimate contact is a contagious is not an airborne disease and closest I think is scared here in the neighborhood you can imagine so. We're working very hard with department health cruised to keep people calm. And to let them know that the city this state that our government are taking it seriously treating it as if it Warrick case and you and marshaling all resources at their disposal. We're also told me earlier that it's still too early to turn to determine. Where he wins how he might have traveled first since coming back from giving. What what steps are being taken there. Well one question is that he had people living with him in the apartment. Right now no one's home at that apartment that's all we know we don't know whether anyone else lives there. We also don't know how many days he was back in the United States in the neighborhood since returning from Getty and we don't know how much he was out about the community or whether he was perhaps. Mostly at home. So that is unanswered questions here and tell we know more answers we're going to be cautious but we don't want people to assume the worst. They shouldn't assume that they're at risk and lest there were an intimate partner or as some close contact with the possible victim that you were chilling to that the are now testing that testing will take at least a little bit of several out that's right as a twelve hour turnaround for the test. And those picked him up at one. I was in the test was done maybe about to sell or probably believed the middle of the night before we know for sure are. And there simultaneous testing being done. On other diseases which had similar symptoms the good human malaria for example or stomach little over get a rule out federal land but it could be well tonight. Before we know for share. House when Martin Levine thank you so very much for bringing us up today and again he also pointed out. The Health Department officials are walking around with bilingual cards. To deal. With the questions of people live in my at risk and the questions you need to know they're passing them out here in the Hamilton heights neighborhood again there's a counselor points out to to a lady people's fears. That they think might have is they are now hearing this news. Reporting live in Hamilton to place channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"A health care worker who recently traveled to West Africa is now in isolation at Bellevue Hospital.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"26409600","title":"Possible Ebola Patient Taken to NYC Hospital","url":"/US/video/possible-ebola-patient-taken-to-nyc-hospital-26409600"}