Pres. Trump says 'no collusion' following Manafort sentencing

In response to a judge sentencing former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort to 47 months in prison, Pres. Trump said "this had nothing to do with collusion."
2:30 | 03/08/19

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Transcript for Pres. Trump says 'no collusion' following Manafort sentencing
And down to the White House president trumps former campaign chair Paul Mann a port being sentenced. The president as saying that he feels very badly after man a Ford was sentenced to a little bit less than four years out of a possible 24 year sentence. And let's listen to what he had to say. But if you noted. Quote lawyer. The respected man a very highly respected guy did. That there was nobody. We're at right. Had nothing to do with the other that there was nothing to do it could go again the it would I don't think it was right. They bring in ABC's Karen Travers right there at the White House and the president speaking. Karen this what about financial crimes her pal Paul man a former white the president talking about Russian collusion. Net on I think the president there may be setting a record for the number of times you could say collusion or colluding one sentence. Defending himself on the south line in taking questions from reporters but he's misrepresenting what the federal judge in Virginia said yesterday during his sentencing hearing. For palm and for its heat said that in the that metaphor was not there. For crimes related to collusion with Russia that's not what the judge was considering as you mention these are financial crimes related to tax. And bank fraud the judge wasn't looking into whether or not there was collusion between the term campaign in Russia as a for the president to take. Yesterday's court appearance and say that exonerates him it's apples and oranges and the president would also twisting elf with something else around today he was talking about anti summit has. Yeah the president was pushing back on this controversy and debate all of this week that the Democrats have been dealing with. With the congresswoman Omar and there is that vote yesterday condemning. It's in many different forms of us overwhelmingly 23 or so Republicans voted against gates to they'd like the final version but the president is now using it. To criticize the Democrats saying that the party has become anti Jewish. Having women's day to you Karen help the White House celebrating. Now that's here for that a lot and they did issue a statement a presidential statement where the focus was really on economic issues and the good things at the trump economy is they say. Have done for women all across the country that no events marking that here the president will be in Alabama and leader in Florida. For fund raising events. OK well thank you very much Karen and Stella happy international Olympics here.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"In response to a judge sentencing former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort to 47 months in prison, Pres. Trump said \"this had nothing to do with collusion.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61561049","title":"Pres. Trump says 'no collusion' following Manafort sentencing","url":"/US/video/pres-trump-collusion-manafort-sentencing-61561049"}