Preview the New Revelations in the Menendez Brothers Case

ABC News' Terry Moran teases the family members and neighbors who shed new light on the infamous murder case.
9:39 | 01/05/17

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Transcript for Preview the New Revelations in the Menendez Brothers Case
All right everybody welcome and gave it shifts with world news tonight with David here it's 154. -- in the newsroom with Kramer and Terry welcome our foreign correspondent BC all the time on our broadcast covering things overseas. The Terry's New York City today because tonight we have a very special. Documentary that's an error on the network security is the Menendez Brothers truth relies American songs. American murderers. Com and you know we had Terry on the broadcast last night to report some of the exclusive material that's coming out of this documentary which is conversation Lyle Menendez. One of the Menendez Brothers. Terry's bill Good Morning America we've been posting these the promotional stuff to our FaceBook page all the segments. And clearly there is a massive reaction. We heard it on the editorial call this morning dot com it's the number one story it's what everybody's clicking it's a story that happened. Decades ago. So start there why the fascination with the Menendez Brothers. And then we'll get into you know tonight's fashion I have a stripper that it is in remains fascinating to be. And why. Haven't got it first. It's amazing what this is never happened that I know of in any other case children do kill. A parent or sometimes their parents. The visuals are stunning in all of this this is the People Magazine cover from march 25 1990 murder in Beverly Hills. And you see this all of the components that moved up the structure of the story. If it hadn't always try to they go to trial this entry in add all the ingredients right. You've got Beverly knows you've got a family ripped apart blown apart literally buddies shotguns begun riches and power in. Good looking young guys you know and everybody was. Kind of fascinating because that this is a different kind of murder trial it wasn't about. Who would you admit that I didn't I didn't mean they confessed it was why and to this day that's the thing it's got so Obama. Give our viewers and police in any questions or Terry give our viewers some reason. Peru Y you're such an expert on this and your participation especially tonight take us back down to when you recovery you know it's amazing guy to do to do this now because I was a reporter for court TV. And out front court T I was there every single day in the quarter was the first big story I ever covered. The first national story the first media circus had ever seen or been part of and it it was. It was incredible that they're being there and all these years the case has haunted. It really has because. Even in that big media circus sensation spectacle. The human emotions so raw pain. They came into this trial. I got tired as he or borrow it isn't really for. Haired forward anyway and it is stuck with all these years think that's another reason that people are so connected to it so. Intense. So tell us a little bit about the special tonight and what people can expect in what is different about it and what is nude. We're bringing to the table and whose vision. This is a great documentary. I guess as you know our alert 9 PM eastern then the team that did this. Have what we did we are able to find. Family and who have come forward neighbors and good friends and business associates schoolmates and teachers. To take you inside. This home and end to get a sense of who workers who was destroyed right in what was happening inside that home and I think that is a big take way people come away. With a much richer and more terrifying. Understanding. Of the Menendez family what's know in some ways some of those voices they've never we've never heard from before. He Jamal's brother has come forward. All these years later to talk about what he knew what he believes he didn't believe all this city's this is suitors that. And this is a little bit of the younger. Shot I don't know how old daughters were players. Here but you have the dad who's a my aunt kitty. And and their two sons Lyle and ferreting. Until you were saying. Kiddies cities brother has come forward to speak to us. And he doesn't believe their story that they were abused at all insisting they got an email last night grew from her sister. Who saw our reporter's notebook and our package online on ABC's stuck up and she said she'd ms. the other way. She feels that that that it did happen. There's sexual abuse I think you'll get a I sense of who these people I also think. You know like in every picture I became a cartoon. Two came kind of game show ranks SNL skits such. I think you'll have a deeper sense that these were real a real mama real dead real kids. More compassion forum for all of them for the parents who the victims and their killers their children think that that's one of the things that. The documentary does so obviously wanted to create headlines is coming out of it is that jailhouse conversation with Lyle Menendez what can you give. Due missiles. Viewers. We got that was amazing because I'm Lyle back during the trial he used to call me and let's be clear here this one's Lyle. This won't let the older brother. He was the one in charge ready and more. The confidence more will power I think maybe you. Also had a boat them are Smart guys but he had a kind of almost honing intelligence and used to call from the Alley cat deejay at a motel. Because he wanted to talk about the case while they're being all living try to. During the course of the trial and I are never the first night I get the front Terry Islam and Arabs and again Lyle Menendez a veritable us magazine dug through third party. And as a result you know so. Listening to today yeah that's fast. Because he is a changed person he owns this tragedy he says I am the kid to Cuba. I don't know river of tears will ever change that. And I think I was mentioning that did you hear someone who's lived with. Blowing his parents away right you know for 27. God. I want about show this picture in particular. These are both screen grabs from an interview that Barbara Walters did with them Brothers. Tell us a little bit about how that plays into the documentary what a great interview that Sammy gave way to reducing Barbara Walters. You know. Talking to them you realize how great a journalist she was because she. Ask the questions everyone wants to ask you know way that gets an answer that's all you can ask journalist. And we do go back to that interview quite a bit and of course this documentary because she got so much from them. You know she asks Eric you know what do you think of your father and he still talks about him with law and love him even though he says. That that he was sexually abused by so. The justices that he. Dreams of holding his mother's. Blown apart body. And and when he wakes cries. To go back he wanted featuring the deficit once she's there. ACC it's incredible stuff that that that she got so I don't even try to drill down on this you know. What is. About it take away and we talk about this before you jump down on FaceBook but why it's connecting with everybody you're getting into this that is in the end it's a drama that falls. It is cameras are aware. Are then the crucible are most is where our most important connections are made all of our comes out of am IX. Yeah almost bread and I think that. When something this spectacularly. Terrifying happens in the family people leaning. Because that forces inside a failure so beautiful and strong. End with just the slightest turn so lethal. That people are fascinated by that I think that's what you see in us so one more question. I know we talk a little bit off camera but. Why why do we CE OJ Simpson in some of the promotional material wise or flash. OJ what is the what is the connection. These cases take people back to the 1990s. And anyone who was alive backed watching television because you could get cameras in the courtroom into cases like this. You can't really that much anymore in part because people thought they'd these trials are becoming. Spectacles so think people are carried back to where they weren't who they whirlwind. The Menendez Brothers were. On trial LaRoche it was a trunk or something else look. Those trust can't run you have to reach up yet been understand and noted OJ was a trial in some ways. About the country about us because of the role that race played in the truck right it was it was public issues being debated in the criminal trial. The Menendez was a family. Who it was the other end of a business I think those two. Those two realms being explored through criminal trust television. There were Houston are huge now but. There will be huge night terror and joins us and again this special is the Menendez Brothers truth and lies. It's on tonight on ABC at 98. Central Terri thanks for joining us I mean I'm sure we'll be seeing you soon enough about some other story overseas as we see you so frequently. But thank you for joining us talk little about this project.

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{"duration":"9:39","description":"ABC News' Terry Moran teases the family members and neighbors who shed new light on the infamous murder case.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"44578839","title":"Preview the New Revelations in the Menendez Brothers Case","url":"/US/video/preview-revelations-menendez-brothers-case-44578839"}