Protests erupt over Stephon Clark shooting

Eighty people were arrested in Sacramento after protesting the decision not to charge the officers who shot Stephon Clark, who was unarmed.
2:45 | 03/05/19

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Transcript for Protests erupt over Stephon Clark shooting
All right who want to check in wind. Carlos Moreira from our ABC affiliate T is in California there has been in a many protests there in that area over the deaths over the death of Stephon clarkin tell us what's going on their right now Corliss. It's. Right now we're hearing from a spokesperson from the Clark family that's the mother of the pond Clark is expected to meet here at this very romantic. Local Christian church in Sacramento to meet with. Attorney general Javier this or that meeting is scheduled to have been about 45 minutes we seeing on. Stewart's staff here preparing for that meeting. We're hearing from that family spokesperson that and the mother will be asking attorney general to Sarah for an independent investigation. On an act case now in terms of protesting this morning rather quiet but that was in the case. The last night in that the industry to Sacramento we know hundreds of people took to the streets. At a historic neighborhood in Sacramento. We know more than eighty people were arrested and others were also I detains. One of those people that was detained is actually. A well known local the news reporter hubris for AF newspaper here he's been here for decades. He was detains for several hours and was released. Shortly before midnight is who we spoke with him after he was released he tells us officers. We're trying to handcuff him he told them that he worked for the media officers did tell him that being you and he was a member of the media but he that he wasn't. Following the protocol to disburse. Again he was the leader release we also hearing or that a student journalists from the Sacramento state university. Was also detained. He was released before mean that as well and this morning actually we heard from reporter from the past Sacramento business journal he was detained as well. They have all been released this morning we're also hearing from demonstrators this morning councils from media their planning. A demonstration that I at City Hall earlier this afternoon there is a City Council meeting. That is scheduled at 5 PM today we're hearing from them on social media saying. They plan on being there wait earlier than that and are planning on staying until the meeting ends and way past after that. As well so this morning again we're at a local community church. Just waiting for. Stephane Clark's mother to meet with attorney general Javier mr. Okay and those folks of course protesting the decision not to charge the officers. Who shot Stephon Clark so that's you're watching out for next the mother meeting with the attorney general Carlos thank you so very much were for joining us.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"Eighty people were arrested in Sacramento after protesting the decision not to charge the officers who shot Stephon Clark, who was unarmed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61484070","title":"Protests erupt over Stephon Clark shooting","url":"/US/video/protests-erupt-stephon-clark-shooting-61484070"}