Questions over Dallas cop's account of shooting in man's apartment

The attorneys for the victim's family say that witness accounts contradict the police officer's story.
3:23 | 09/12/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Questions over Dallas cop's account of shooting in man's apartment
We have some new details in that case of a Dallas police officer charged with killing a man in his own home after she says. She mistook his apartment for her as now the family's attorney says witnesses are contradicting her story. Marcus Moore is in Dallas with the latest on that. Marcus what is the officers saying happen and what are these witnesses say. What and we know what the officers saying through a an arrest warrant that was released on Monday but the but there's still a lot Diane that we we don't know. About what happened at this apartment complex just behind me but that arrest one affidavit says that thirty year old Dallas police officer amber Geiger. Showed up at her what she thought sort of at what she thought was her apartment. Here. Late Thursday night after her shift and the affidavit one of the key he tells the affidavit is that. She went to the door and and put in that the key Bob in that door that. The warrant says we've already partially open when she went to all to unlock it it opened the door only in it was at that point according to the Warren. That John what he's a curable when John who was in his old apartment. Was alerted that there was someone coming in and that is win according to this warrant. Officer Bagger saw his silhouette in the darkness. And thought someone was burglarizing her house and that's when she claims she put out a gun. And gave him verbal commands that allegedly were ignored and she fired two shots hitting him once now. That's her side of the story what's significant about that Diane is that. The attorneys that represent John's family right now say that there are at least two witnesses. Who report hearing someone banging on the door and also hearing someone saying let me in let me in. That is what they say is a clear contradiction because if the door com. Was already partially open. And then it was open fully why would someone be knocking on the door they are saying again they believe. That that the door that was being. Was being knocked on and as someone saying let me and they are saying that that may have been an officer guy but at this point Diane. We just don't know those witness is only heard this they didn't see anything and all only two people seem to know what happened. In John's apartment and as as we know John sadly passed away and the police officer is facing a manslaughter charge right now. That's so far these witness accounts are coming from the families. Attorney have these witnesses spoken to law enforcement about this. Yes that information has been passed on to the district attorney's office. In fact. The search warrant that is separate from the arrest warrant they of these search warrant we obtained. I'm actually references. A witness. Saying that he heard. Com an exchange of words. And that he also heard a a couple of shots immediately after that so this information. Has been passed over to the authorities now whether or not he has been considered. In terms of the manslaughter charge. That the severity of the charge we just don't know and this still very much Diane is under investigation. And I doubt something that investigators will be looking into an option of becoming in this case. Very closely Marcus Moore there from Dallas market thank you.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"The attorneys for the victim's family say that witness accounts contradict the police officer's story. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57773751","title":"Questions over Dallas cop's account of shooting in man's apartment ","url":"/US/video/questions-dallas-cops-account-shooting-mans-apartment-57773751"}