Your questions on Hurricane Florence answered

ABC News chief meteorologist Ginger Zee answers Facebook questions from the storm zone.
11:44 | 09/13/18

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Transcript for Your questions on Hurricane Florence answered
Reliant pay it. Well I'm meteorologist in dizzying and we are in Wilmington, North Carolina where we have just started getting the outer bands. Of hurricane Florence and so Florence right now is still. Well off the coast and moving very slowly at only five miles per hour to the west northwest you can see on the radar let me take you straight there and I actually does start. A FaceBook live so don't mind me I'm kind of play into cameras here. Hey everybody. Here moments in North Carolina I want and also tell you all that our power just went out so our power is out here at our hotel not everybody is us just texting I think you robot. And not everybody has power outages. But there RD more than 30000 power outages in the state of North Carolina because the coast has been battered really the outer banks. Since about 7 AM this morning we are just now getting into those outer bands in Wilmington and we will be and it. For about 48 hours straight tropical storm force winds here possible for forty hours to let me take you to some maps and you guys can see in Knisley with me. But a tornado watch has been up since this morning goes till 9 PM it includes New Bern and Jacksonville those outer bands really can what they can do is come on shore. And it's helped spin up tornadoes and so that's just one of the threats obviously. I'm in now. This storm is moving so slowly that that is going to be of course the main. Issue right so as it comes in you can see the satellite image there as that I approaches ever so slowly it should hug along the coast. And it looks like by tomorrow morning. It will make landfall somewhere. Near. Wilmington where I'm standing. In North Carolina here. And move its way then inland but again such a slow pacing the timing as that makes its way in as a cat two or one. More likely but doesn't matter. I really do in this they're talking about the categories saying well it's not a category four wheel thing goodness it's not category four. Hurricane but the category it only takes into our count. The wind speed so the Safra Simpson scale as what we get those cat one cat two factories. From the septa Simpson scale only takes into account wins and has nothing to do is surge which scary scene in a lot of those outer banks. And images you've seen so far he will be seeing tonight on world news tonight. But it also doesn't take into account rain. And that's something we're gonna end up seeing Tony some inches. Up to forty inches in some places storm surge is seeing along the map here. The only thing that's changed there is they've taken a very high and down to eleven feet you think an eleven foot followed wall of water though that is still planning to first there's some do in. Every scene images of the dunes being over tops. And then on top of that you and that's of the said that that the coast to act like little plug. And then all of the inland rain that shines it down has a very hard time draining so that's one of the concerns here and here's that map. Of the rain up to forty inches or even some of the heavier rains that fed that are gonna fall that six to ten inch range that extended a little bit further west even to Asheville. For Charlotte nest because once it goes in Lynn. The storm will actually keep moving. Westward before it gets picked up. And moved north to now I'm bill is another city kind of lay of the land and just again to reiterate -- Wilmington, North Carolina. We're just starting to see the gusts missing gust of 45 here so far which is totally doable and survivable right but once the starts getting sixty plus that once they had into the overnight tonight. This is just the beginning. Because really throughout the day tomorrow early tomorrow it's really bad here and then we'll start to die down as we go through tomorrow night and eventually Saturday cell. I'm the net at answer a couple of questions here I'm not taking them as little closer you all don't mind me. And that. So will bring rain to Ohio thank you Chernoff for asking that since this so I'm actually in a thing gopac's that rainfall. Forecast mountain you can just bring it back to that rainfall forecast second to share with everybody where the extent. Of the rain will fall it will actually bring it quite far west and say yes you can end up seeing some moisture from in far southeastern Ohio is the answer there. Sarah son is in Wilmington not too far from us right here hopefully he's saying say. Waiting and watching from Atlanta hello. Town New Hampshire you just somebody from past as CN. So Laurie ebbing in question I'm gonna hold it but the pet I didn't even a question of a lot of people said are you going to evacuate will Wilmington. We don't have to evacuate because no one is mandatory evacuation from here and more about eleven miles inland the storm surge which is going to be the biggest issue and flooding. Not as big an issue in lesser rate on the river we are and I cannot you can see this in town there. And the river is about two blocks from months and we are way up on a hill. Still we're actually in this hotel that is more than a hundred years old so it's obviously gone through hazel and other. Big hurricanes here but. Absolutely stay safe that's our primary for you know concern and if there was a mandatory evacuation we wouldn't be there otherwise I'd be at the beach right now showing at the what was happening there but we can't because there's a mandatory evacuation. Mike says how Long Will it last so depend on your location a lot of places are gonna see effects from the storm for two full days. Today's that a lot of days to see this lesson the hurricane comes during you'll have. You know tropical storm force or hurricane force winds. For maybe six maybe eight hours here we're talking about 48 hours of really battering rain and wind and and then started cents. Just answering a couple of other questions of course we do of world news tonight coming up later tonight and then we're gonna do Nightline and we have special reports all night long we'll be here throughout GMA tomorrow. Hi Vicki in Fresno nice to see you. Waiting for Florence in Florence, South Carolina I know I thought I I was wondering how you lower plane with that. Hi Jerry in Milwaukee and even else have any questions about the storm I'm happy since I'm here. To answer as many of your questions you'd like. Ellis says that's my love Michigan's no hurricanes snapped. Give remnant he would remains of hurricane that. Ronald now there's not hasn't pay even for these guys now no hazard Payer I know dissect Kidd and the Connecticut fifth. Lower Exley is C we're actually in Carlos Israel so that's how safely our trip to. Pacific. And well and that doing X live I don't know what will happen it will be totally crazy if I if I locked inside an ounce and I did that day it. A pay you know I mean if you can't foaming at the head but it more attractive. Assuming that lay until I'm who's gonna take you guys into hurricane central here which is palaces around I think this is kind of fun. Fun for everyone to see. So you guys can him until months show the late went crazy I'm sorry about that but I'm. We lost power so dark in here for a reason. Powers Ernie Allen and I don't know if you can see this but we have supplies and on talk in front pig not just water right proud us. Back flip cars who pretzel that they it'll more voter. And so much Turkey I think and I have hypertension. We think if I already have like an entire bag and then looked in this three or four servings so that's where we're at you know and the storm just started. At that gives you an indication of how hurricane. Coverage goes ahead also eat an entire bag of film mixes me for a family. In case anybody's mind you know. So I hold my traders now watching that slick that's really a really bad start. Receiving an answer just a couple of questions since Brenner bunker here in this gives you an idea so people always ask how do you guys stay safe. This is highly states say we have rooms I feel really good about this hotel because it's been here for over a hundred years that's always a good sign. Not the glamorous life people think it is. Now nothing glamorous but I will say that I did cut admitted dean a move me tell you that still. And told Carlos before I got them here if we can just get suspension vegetables so we do have some spinach and vegetables available. Riley can affect patents I had just had to show you this but adds it's an interesting part it. 'cause. Yes the and he's come that this plane is built for the sun this panic as people want to know how we stay safe and why why we come out there. All of them are asking that very question I love it I'd love the atmosphere since the kid. I have and fallen in love with putting together this puzzle that is the atmosphere and that's really why did this. Camelot says the provisions around point yet. I itself I think we've probably. Tornado that they expected our area here's the thing about hurricanes and tornadoes he can't ever count them out right so. Winds are really starting to pick up here out of it by the way. Tornado threat anytime he's outer bands are coming on shore liberty seen tornado warnings meaning that rotation has shown up on the radar. Absolutely possible. Not just in Wilmington but inland so those go inland with those outer bands because they had those out events interact with the land that spin up tornadoes that they can do just as much damage to some of the wind gusts. Just says they need beans okay. Thank you Judy. How strong will it be as it goes into Columbia and wet and Georgia so. The track as it goes Westford if it gets into Georgia by that time it is bringing its its you know the winds will have been. Don't be breezy but it's not going to be like anything out of thinks his singling out at a special way. Jon says why are we here because they're telling the story of a lot of people that. Are having a hurricane you know and that's what we deal and this is what I study that's been chasing. So arms and a big reason why I do this. Is like a doctor or works on a patient I don't think that you can understand the atmosphere and less you spend in it that's Lance chase tornadoes since I was in college I started storm chasing. Again my freshman year of college we had a a team about Fraser university called blue said. Some self praise of university storm intercept team. And that team we would go for even a chases. Much like anybody who has flown a plane. Or air hot air balloons you get to know the atmosphere better when you are and it and I think that's the best way to have knowledge we of course always do in the safest way possible. And that is a big reason land here I'm still learning all the time but at the same time I'm able to tell stories of other people. I hope the bunkers waterproof. Good news we are not just two floors up. But the river is way down there we're like we're basically it in Wilmington, North Carolina turns her base that amount. How long to expect hurricane force went to last after it hits and makes landfall depends on where you are as far as hurricane force winds up. They extend about a 160 miles up from the center either way a little bit lopsided. One slightly more to the northeast and some really depends on your location of outer banks stand up seeing them. For twelve or more hours in some spots and that's a long time that's like a washing machine just pushing pushing water from the sensors but also the wind. And then the waves on top of it off. I write some alleged the looks like at them planning at time here taking your time up please do watch world news tonight. Checking out FaceBook and check all of us out as we're right out Florence in the safest way possible. I'll see you all very a little bit later and throughout the night.

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