How Rachel Zoe Built Her Fabulous Fashion Empire

Episode 57: Rachel Zoe talks to ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis about family and what it takes to build a successful brand.
6:53 | 09/25/15

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Transcript for How Rachel Zoe Built Her Fabulous Fashion Empire
Hello welcome to real this I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City and on our radar today the multi talented at Rachel's out she's not just a designer she's up powerhouse on Brodeur. With her own clothing line a brand new reality TV show a widely read fashion web site to publish books. And her just launch subscription business box of style. On top of that she is a mother of two who refuses to go to the office if for kids are sick so how did she do at all take up. Everything well thank you I feel little bit like hamster on wheels and I suspect. You know just constantly in motion trying to tackle every you have cute children. Yes I did it create the greatest thing greatest. I think any a you that they chaos Israel. And then they exhaustion is real bad and the fact is it me constant thing. You've got to show brand new show I am passionately. I could just you like. Local teacher deemed. It's a talk show. Late night kind of break glamorous and won't have a fabulous cast. We're just not laugh alive and talked about everything adds that leads to fashion culture. Style raid card aid and music at everything that is development at Patton. Myself and Eric last frank and Chris fraudulent make an appearance here and there. I have to. That the pact he worked so close your husband writer is this show it likely. Make it work. We've been together for 24 years so. We finish each other's sentences we are abnormally attached to each other. We do baker of course I'm thinking the way we look at it is it's better to baker with the person you up most on the what in the world. Then someone may not ultimately trust with your life in your office some travel together. It's great opener kids a lot of the time and he's really Smart and very different way than I am. Like a laughing my screen and it works. A status that has stepped on my area with picnic stay in your financial business side. Of those arguments happen yes your tree yes you know that the underlying heart for yes but you gotta have money to make yet run out and let them know that election. Yes and eight I think what's happened is I want more into about rob and he's Smart weren't my I don't pretend to you re I'm and I don't really and I've listened to him when Kelly. I know what he's talking about is what if when you start it wasn't there but now there's a lot of people who. But they're put things out to grant today it's a way it. Promoting that kind now it's very strange thing because when I started. Every action there is no master plan such mean it was like one becoming only so much more difficult. I mean it. Honestly I think I was using a psychic eighty cents a new world it in policies and I started it was very night. I've run there was such a mystery. Compassion what's going on what. You know what's that this mining process what's will be missing. Now there's no mystery. There's silence social media and act fast fronts and and I feel like it's there is no mystery and that really fuels pop culture mean. With her apartment was on. You. Look at he's the associate with are actually an advance plan so others. And I think it's amusing and the world says. Fashion in art. On music surges so synergistic now it's like all one thing now matches. Than anything. That's up as it. It's between in place if you can mean the lab someone on a personal level with them you mean high. Do you mean great job and evening you have to kind of think I had him. I hear this it's no comment may ask every entrepreneur that question. And it comes over and over it's about the people and as you can have it is business in the world earth but you have to surround yourself with the best people. 100%. I can do nothing. Without tonight the greatest thing. I think past I. Think you were not purport to start but getting into becoming a brand as a legal and into clothing brand and huge difference you have so much more risk you're putting so much more money on the line. Yes yes to all of us think when you need that. What was it that you ready. Is very similar to becoming. I was very aware before hand what was involved in the process in knowing have to give it. A 100%. You can't half do it I can't half do anything so it Mimi has a long time for me to meet that we and you know when I dated a terrifying but obviously when it's lynching was at the whole new career that I got had an it is. Vastly different from smiling there are overlaps of course right. It's very different it's very different I need is such an. This mess as opposed to like when thinks that this you know glamorous. Designer world traveling he guaranteeing nesting going on it. It's it's alive it's it's a lot all the time but it went for it on some updates such as creative and. I would do the real is rapid fire when dad and I brought the. Number one piece of advice from lawyers don't thanks for asking how important. You have to work hard we got our. Worst fashion trend of all after Washington one thing every woman's Hafner lot one fashion rule it's time to break. No way after that over hello. Weighed on there. Smartest business decision you've ever. Luntz and Howard. Speaking of the boxes style and act on its way we work yeah. I felt in nineteen I'm very carefully carried box and on thing I want everything happening in all of this box what. And the consistency and ringing like I really need different. If but Dora. They recently. Really great I mean when you and so. Think so much to Rachel's though for hanging out with us here on real that is so what do you say which trend is it time to retire continue the conversation with me on Twitter at Rebecca Jarvis. And of course on snapped chat and instant Graham and be sure to like us subscribe. Can comment below. And thanks so much for watching have a great day.

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{"duration":"6:53","description":"Episode 57: Rachel Zoe talks to ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis about family and what it takes to build a successful brand.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"34037935","title":"How Rachel Zoe Built Her Fabulous Fashion Empire","url":"/US/video/rachel-zoe-built-fabulous-fashion-empire-34037935"}